I’ll Be Your Huckleberry: 1969 Ford Bronco Sport

This first generation Bronco is in decent driver condition, but could use a little love! Although it has been repainted and refreshed at some point in the past, the seller says that it is all original sheet metal. If you aren’t aware, first generation Broncos succumbed to rust early in their lives and those that remain today typically require substantial sheet metal repair. Since this Bronco has been repainted and been in storage for 35 years, it has managed to avoid harsh weather! Find it here on eBay in Pennsylvania with bidding at $10,100 and reserve not met. Thanks to Matt W. for sending this in!

Under the hood is what looks to be a Ford 302 V8. According to the ad, this Bronco has had headers, dual exhaust, and a two-barrel Holley carburetor installed. This truck was originally a 3-speed on the column vehicle, but has been converted to floor shift with a Duffy floor shifter. This truck runs well, and sounds good! How do I know? The seller has included a handy video found here on YouTube.

The interior is in serviceable condition similar to the exterior. The column shifter was removed, but the column plastic was not changed out. A minor detail, these are the details car people will notice! However, the four wheel drive shifter has been made to match the upgraded floor shifter. This is a nice touch that makes this look almost factory. Coupled with a smoothed out column, this would be a clean conversion.

I would be tempted to restore this Bronco, considering it has been painted before and had other upgrades performed and is no longer original. As far as first generation Broncos go, this nearly rust-free example is the perfect starting point for a quality restoration. If this Bronco brings a fair price as it is, it could be easily bought and restored for less than its restored value as these trucks are sought after by collectors and even the general public. Would you enjoy it like it is, or restore it?



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  1. tasker

    AS a wise man once said….”if you can’t afford a good one, you definitely can’t afford a bad one!”…..a lot of crust will be found upon entry, ask me how I know……still love all of them though!

    • half cab

      Cheep Charlie’s uhu.
      That’s a big foot. Bronco for sho.

  2. John T

    I can not believe the incredible money that these first generation Broncos are getting nowadays. I frequently see them crossing the auction block in the high teens and low 20’s. I remember years ago when these were a dime a dozen, you could easily find one for under $1000 … Who knew back then that these would become the hot golden commodity that they are now?

  3. JW

    Tailgate definitely will need replacing and most likely there is more rust hidden but these are going for big dollars, which is ridiculous because they are nothing but a fun toy not a rare musclecar. I could still kick my own butt for selling ours in 1995 for $5500.

    • Steve R

      The pictures of the interior, especially the rear, hint that there is rust on the floors. For whatever reason, you can’t see the floor and there are no close up pictures of any rust prone areas, the description is a bit vague also. It’s 48 years old and has been in storage for 35 years, that means it could have been subjected to 13 years of Pennsylvania winters. While not as bad as many Broncos, a wise seller would have been more thorough with their picture selection and description, it would add up to more money in their pocket.

      Steve R

      • CATHOUSE

        I would question it being a PA vehicle and being stored for all those years. There is what looks like some type of inspection sticker in the middle of the windshield. PA does not place their stickers in that location, they are always placed in the lower left corner. So that sticker is not a PA sticker. It is hard to read the sticker but it kind of looks to me to be from 2008. Plus this Bronco would not pass PA inspection without the front bumper and the correct side lights/reflectors.

  4. XMA0891

    My parents owned one of these when I was young enough to love riding in it, but old enough to know that all it did was break down. Look at this generation Bronco long enough and you can almost watch them dissolve on front of your eyes. As a dyed-in-the-wool Ford fanatic friend of mine once told me, “They were junk when they were new; they’re junk now.” I have to say, their appeal has always escaped me. But who am I? I love the J-Series Jeeps – Better build-quality, but same problem with the rot. Love can’t be explained.

  5. Paul

    I think Ford got it right with the early Bronco’s minimalist lines

    They seem to be pretty stout rigs to me. What features make them junk?


    Is Barnfinds turning into Broncofinds? Seems like everyone for sale ends up here.

  7. Pugsy

    It’s an absolute rust bucket.
    Buyer beware.

    • Denn

      No it’s not, jealously will make people say and do things to try to put others down. Put the bucket over your head and mouth, you will sound better. I will offer to send anyone any photos they want to see. Your name explains everything !

  8. Robert G Thomas

    So admired that ICON sells a fortified replica for well into six figures

  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice rig. Not for me at 10K. Looser says what?

  10. Pugsy

    Does the name Pugsy make me a schmuck? Nice.

    I can afford your Bronco. I could easily outbid anyone if I wanted it. Don’t understand the hype for these trucks.

    Sure, lets see a pic of the rust under the gutter after you take a wire brush to it. Poke around a bit with an ice pick while you’re at it.

    If I’m wrong, I don’t mind eating crow and an apology will be forthcoming.

  11. John T

    WOW!!! According to the Company Website http://www.icon4x4.com not only does this Monster come with a hopped up 5.0 V8 Mustang motor, but you have your choice of a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. While I would be perfectly happy with a 6-cylinder/3-speed, I want Santa Claus to know that I suppose I could get by with the V8/5-speed … HoHoHo!

  12. Todd Zuercher

    I wish we could see pictures of the floors – they’re usually the first to go. The inner fenders near the cowl look like they’re rusty too – #2 spot I usually look. Looks pretty good for a Pennsylvania truck but far too rusty for us Western US Bronco fanatics.

    No, these weren’t junk when new, and they certainly aren’t junk now. One needs to look at the competition when new to understand why Ford did what they did when they initially offered them.

    My ’69 is still bucking along at just a tick under 355,000 miles. I’ve been enjoying it since I was 12 years old. I get a lot of smiles, thumbs up, and compliments on the roads and trails these days even though it’s not a show piece.

  13. chad

    some Qs about it as advertised – #1 – no “302” in ’69.

    • Todd Zuercher

      ’69 was the first year for the 302 in Broncos.

  14. Allen

    That is a Virginia inspection sticker

  15. Ivan

    The interior is in serviceable condition similar to the exterior.

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