Immaculate 1986 Eagle Limited Wagon

This has to be one of the nicest Eagle Wagons out there! It’s been listed for sale for several months, but it would appear the seller has finally decided to be realistic with their valuation of it. At first, they were asking over $20k for it, an insane number for any Eagle Wagon. They must have decided it’s time to just let it go, so they have listed it here on eBay in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as a no reserve auction! Bidding is already up to $7,800, but that seems much more realistic to me than $20k.

The odometer is showing just 32,764 miles and the seller has paperwork dating back to when it was new. Given how perfect the interior and paint is, I don’t question the mileage one bit. Clearly it has been well cared for since day one and hopefully, it goes to a good home where it will continue to be maintained and preserved. In another 20 years, there won’t be many Eagles left on the roads and even fewer in this kind of condition.

AMC built less than 200k of these Eagles, over a 9-year run and across 5 different body styles. When you think about it, that really isn’t very many. Given their 4 wheel drive capabilities and overall practicality, it’s amazing they weren’t more popular. This would have been the perfect vehicle to get around in Rapid City during the winter months. Given their ride height, it seems like they would have been easier to get in and out of than most of the other cars on the road at the time.

I know it’s strange, but I really want one of these rigs for my winter beater. They are so strange that they are cool and there’s no denying the effectiveness of their 4 wheel drive. And that’s where this one becomes a bit of a conundrum. It’s too nice to be a winter beater, heck it’s too nice to be a daily driver. So then what do you do with it? Perhaps one day it will be worth more, simply because of the oddness factor, but I have my doubts. What are your thoughts on this Eagle?

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  1. Gunner

    Another beautiful AMC that I would love to own, even if it is an 80’s model. A great color combination. I have always been a wagon guy, even if my wife thinks they are look like a Hearse, lol. The new owner better give it as much love as it has obviously got up to now. 4WD can make all the difference in inclement weather.

  2. Sam

    Great commentary on a great find! Not a winter beater in an area that uses salt heavily. This would be a great long-weekend driver, car show, home improvement/big box errand runner.

    I would take this over a used Jeep Wrangler any day of the week!

    • JLS

      I recently drove the Jeep Wrangler, and OMG, what a beater. Brand new 4 door, and drove like a POS.


    I love it. And I bet its really comfy to drive on a long trip. Someone’s going to get a nice car there.

  4. Rabbit

    Wow. Just…….wow. Talk about loaded for an 80’s car. The only option missing is a tape deck (like anyone still has a use for one). Beautiful car!

    • JW454

      I use the 8 track in my old ride every time I take it out.

    • Tim Rusling

      A cassette deck is almost mandatory for me, although my Pacers don’t have them. My Nakamichi home system from the seventies through nineties is tape-based, so when I found my ’04 Toyota Solara had a factory JBL tape/CD, I jumped.

  5. misterlou Member

    In the eBay ad its much more brown.

  6. dj

    I love it too. If I didn’t have so many, I’d bid to buy. Our mail woman had one of these. We live in the rural part of the state and always got our mail. That thing would go through any kind of weather.

  7. JW

    I really love this car, color and all.

  8. Charles

    Went to Denver in mid-80s for a conference in February. Snowed while I was there, these Eagles were everywhere, plowing down the streets! Impressive!

  9. Puhnto

    Wow. So far ahead of their time. Just goes to show that being ahead of the curve is about as bad as being behind it! Kind of sad. Now everybody’s making this kind of vehicle and it’s all you see on the road.

  10. Mr. TKD

    It’s sharp! It wouldn’t see snow if I owned it. It would be strictly for weekend duty.

  11. Guggie 13

    Several of my family members had these , they all loved then , some even bought seconds . I stuck with Wagoneers .

  12. That AMC Guy

    A quirk of the 1986 model year Eagle is that it comes with an open-differential type transfer case. So if one wheel loses traction your 4-wheel-drive vehicle will sit there spinning that one tire! (All other years Eagles came with a viscous coupling in the transfer case that would transfer power to the axle with the best grip.)

    This one is too nice in any event to use in snow and foul weather.

  13. CCFisher

    Very, very nice! These were everywhere in the hills of Pittsburgh at one time. The region’s “steel city” heritage made Subarus taboo for many, so the Eagle was welcomed. People here were able to overlook the ancient platform and heavy, truck-based 4wd system because of their stellar abilities in foul weather. The non-snow-belt parts of the country, not so much.

  14. W9BAG

    I would cherish this Eagle. Keep it in the garage, fussing over it to keep it as clean as in the pictures. However, in the event of snow, which we have here in Indiana, I would put on a set of Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires, and use the car as it was intended to be used. I’ve wanted one of these for a very long time. I just may call my bank to see how much they are willing to loan for purchase. This is the one for me ! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Tim Rusling

    We had an ’81 Eagle wagon, not a Linited, special-ordered from Adam Keller Motors. That car got better highway gas mileage than my front wheel drive car although it was permanent AWD. The car was unstoppable in heavy, high snow and slick icy roads. You could do a hole shot of sorts on glare ice, and be through the intersections before anyone else got past the walk lines.

  16. XMA0891

    If only AM could’ve hung on. If this were a 2017 Eagle, it’d be considered a “cute ‘ute”. AM really did make some great vehicles – wood-grain and all.

  17. Cubs win

    It will neve be a good looking car to me but it’s a comfy workhorse.

    • Tim Rusling

      All the best cars I’ve ever had throughout 46 years of driving were what others called ugly.

  18. Miguel

    I had the sedan version of this in almost the same color. It was a pleasure to drive.

    On this car I wonder how they got around the mandatory third brake light (CHMSL) that was required for all 1986 model cars.

    The VIN does say it is a 1986 model, so…

  19. RJ

    I had a 1987 Eagle wagon with the woodgrain as my first car. It was not a Limited and was a darker root beer brown. I don’t think it had a 3rd brake light either.

  20. John T

    This beauty just sold on EBay at 11:35AM EDT. With 5 minutes remaining, the bidding had reached an unrealistic $14,500. When it was all said and done, the hammer dropped with the car SOLD for an astonishing $16,200! WOW!!! Are you kidding me?

  21. Tim Rusling

    When we bought our ’81 lesser Eagle wagon, it was $14,000. . .that was not in our vastly devalued currency. If you love AMC cars, and Eagles especially, and have the money, why wouldn’t you spend sixteen on what is virtually a new car? Buy what you love, no matter what it is, with whatever you can afford. Too many of have non-buyers’ regrets.

  22. Jamie H

    Had a 1985 blue AMC eagle that was given to me by my mom and stepdad years ago, but ended up selling it because not having the funds to do the work it needed to the engine, body was rust free and great shape, worst car selling decision I have ever made wished I still had it to fix up

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