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Impressive Fins: 1960 Imperial Custom

Front End Long Shot

The seller of this 1960 Chrysler Imperial Custom purchased it from the original owner. It has 75k miles on the clock and appears to be in extremely good condition. Service records going all the way back to when the car was new are included in the sale. It engine runs and the car is ready to be enjoyed. The most impressive feature though could be those huge tail fins! It’s located in Edgewater, Florida and is listed here on craigslist for an equally impressive $25,900.

Front Seat

Imperial was Chrysler’s luxury brand and any car lucky enough to wear that badge was something special. This car was built to compete against the best that Cadillac and Lincoln had to offer. The interior was cushy and the materials were high quality. That means that things usually held up well over the years. The interior of this car looks to be in excellent condition from I can see in the photos. When I first looked at the listing, I assume the car had been restored, but the more I look at it, the more I believe it’s original. You cant see it in this photo, but the steering wheel is squared off the the dash looks like something from a spaceship!


The interior and exterior may have been futuristic, but things were tried and true under the hood. A huge 413 cubic inch Wedgehead V8 provided the power needed to move the land yacht down the highway. Chrysler touted how carefully they built these cars in their marketing material. I’m not sure if they were more carefully put together than any other car on the road, but you do see a lot of these still around so maybe it really was true.

Left Rear

There they are! Wow. Those things are impressive. Chrysler must have wanted to counter Cadillac’s wild styling statement when they went with athis tail treatment. I’m not sure which version I like better, but there’s no denying that this thing is striking. The price tag on this one is sort of striking too. These have been known to go for big money and survivor cars are all the rage right now, so you never know. One thing’s for sure though – you’re getting a whole lotta fin for the money!


  1. Al Varlson

    When we first saw the tail lights we called them sparrow strainers, may not be politically correct now but it was 1961

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  2. DAN

    still to ugly…maybe in another 50 years,lol

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  3. Ed P

    Wow, this car does not look like it is 56 years old. The lack of A/C must have been brutal in Florida summers. This looks like a good buy for a collector that does not want to do a lot of restoration work.

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  4. angliagt

    Ed P,
    If you notice,it’s got Idaho plates on it,so maybe that’s why it’s for sale.
    WHY do people not re register cars before they resell them?

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    • Dave Wright

      You don’t register them because it is expensive and if you are doing several cars, it will not alert the DMV that you are a dealer.

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    • Stang1968

      Kootenai County plates to be specific.
      Nice area. Coeur d’alene is a real nice town.

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    • Buddy

      In this case being a one-owner, why add another owner to the car’s provenance and dilute the ownership list? The seller simply purchased the car from original owner (in Idaho), perfected it, and now offers it as an outstanding example of a well preserved, well cared for vehicle.

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  5. Mark S

    What I like about this car is that it’s a hardtop, its got to be rarer than a post car. This would even be more amazing looking if it we’re a 2 door hard top. I certainly hope that this car goes to some one how will continue to care for it, it would be a shame to see this car donkey or ratted.

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    • Dave Wright

      The 4 door hardtop was the most common Imperial built in 1960, nearly 50% of the total production.

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  6. Roselandpete

    Nice but not $25k nice.

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  7. moosie Craig

    Back in 1959 our dad had a ’59 this exact color combination that he absolutely loved, he always had a smile on his face when he drove it, basically a Sunday drive car. I recently found paper work for it.

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  8. Jim Member

    Car did sell for $22k, now resides in a Miami museum. Nicest older car I ever had the honor and pleasure to own.

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