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Impressive Survivor: 1993 Ford Bronco XLT

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Among the vehicles I wish I began squirreling away years ago is the Ford Bronco. These slightly-nicer-than-a-pickup truck rigs always seem to fetch a fair price when posted for sale and in immaculate condition like this 1993 example here on eBay. Whether it’s because they are truly wonders of practicality and go-anywhere capabilities or simply hard to find in nice shape is up for debate, but the case remains that good ones aren’t going down in value any time soon. 


This particular Bronco may go beyond simply being a “good one” seeing as its interior looks brand new. It’s amazing to me that not too long ago, coating the interior surfaces in the same color was the norm, as we have seen with the Olds Toronado we recently featured. Nowadays, automobiles are practically shunned if they don’t have a two-tone dashboard and distinctive interior fabrics. With only 46,615 miles on the clock, it’s not surprising this Bronco still looks so good, but the lack of any visible defects is impressive for a vehicle designed to be a workhorse.


The 5.8L V8 is known for its longevity with proper maintenance, and my guess is this Bronco has been loved. I’d have plenty of confidence in the long-term health of the motor, but from what I’ve read, the E40D automatic transmission can be a bit more troublesome. Later models received some updates to improve longevity, but I’d want to scan the maintenance records for reports of regularly scheduled tranny flushes as recommended by Ford. Plenty of owners have rebuilt them, however, and gotten sufficient life out of the 4-speed unit.


This Bronco was spec’d out with the towing package, so there’s a chance despite its unmarked original paint that it still performed heavy-duty hauling of boats and other trailered loads. Bidding is over $12,000 and the reserve remains unmet; it wouldn’t surprise me if this survivor reaches $20,000. Similar to cars like the 993-series Porsche 911, the Bronco has hardly lost any value when compared to the price it sold for new. Of course, your typical ratted-out example can be bought for pocket change any day of the week, but preserved specimens like this one are a rare find.


  1. racer99

    Now THAT’s a set of pictures. Not fond of the recent undercoating added to the chassis but there is really nothing to complain about. Your pricing projection may be a little low as it’s already $18K. I had a Night Edition Bronco like this and really loved it — went anywhere I wanted to go, pulled a loaded racecar trailer without complaint, and looked good doing it. Lots more attractive with gas under $2/gallon than over $4/gallon. Probably well worth whatever it sells for.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I liked all full-sized Broncos from the first ones in ’78 to the last ones in ’96. It was really too bad that I worked for a GM dealership when they came out or I would’ve been driving one sooner.

    I had an ’85 Bronco and it was one of my favorite vehicles. It was a near perfect family vehicle. I put over 200K relatively trouble free miles on it and actually had plans to do a complete restoration and keep on driving it but the situation changed and I ended up selling it and buying a new 3/4 ton truck. I still know where the Bronco went and am happy to report that the new owner is restoring it. Mine had that 5.8 HO engine. I often said that if this was the high output I’d hate to see the standard one. However I got reasonably good fuel economy as long as I kept it under 75.

    I do NOT encourage people to undercoat their vehicles. The layer of undercoating cracks and that allows moisture (and road salt) in behind it making a perfect breeding ground for rust. Best way to keep the rust under control is to wash the underside of your vehicle as often as possible, especially in winter.

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    • Howard A Member

      Like geomechs, I too had an ’85, but I didn’t have the rosy feeling geomechs had, but in all fairness, it’s how they are spec’d out. Whoever did mine must have had their head where the sun don’t shine, because it was an awful truck. Mine was the 300, in line 6, carb, and non OD automatic. To this day, aside from my semi trucks, it has the distinction of getting the worst gas mileage of any car I owned. In 4 wheel drive, you could actually watch the gas gauge drop. I figured between 5 and 6 mpg. Now, the truck itself was a nice truck. Comfy, roomy, well built, dynamite heater, but I tell ya’, I just got sick of feeding it, and down the road it went. I heard the fuel injected 6 cylinders were a bit better, and I like the 300, as a truck motor, but mine really should have had the V-8 and OD. I agree on the undercoating. Kind of a false hope for people thinking it will make their vehicle last forever. It won’t. Besides, years ago, with as badly as cars leaked oil, that in itself was a good undercoating. Pretty clean truck here. I’m sure this Bronco was never buried up to the frame in a mudhole.

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  3. Eric Hare

    The seller also has a two tone 96 Bronco with a 5.0, and 61k that looks as good or better than this one. I wish that you would stop posting Broncos on this site, they put my wallet (and marriage) in jeopardy.

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    • racer99

      The other 3 Broncos he has for sale all look pretty good.

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  4. boxdin

    I have thought about making a bronco like this late model luxury model into a lowered 2wd cruiser using a crown vic front end and maybe the rear end too. No one has done it yet unlike blazer and ramchargers bronco has never offered 2wd.
    I’m still thinking…….

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    • Rocco

      I’ve been wanting to post my ’96 2WD Lightning Bronco on Barn Finds, but I thought it was too new.
      How about it Jesse, is my ’96 a candidate for BF? If so, I’ll make an ad and submit it.

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      • boxdin

        I want to see a 2wd full size bronco, I may build a luxury one someday….

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      • Rocco

        I’m having a problem trying to post an ad with pics. Plus, it says there are error’s that are “marked below”. I don’t see anything marked.
        Please help.

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  5. Michael V.

    That battery must be twenty years old. Ford hasn’t used one of those labels since the early nineties.

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  6. Skip

    I’ve always loved the Broncs, especially the Bronco II. When I was with a volunteer fire dept. in Lubbock County, one of our lieutenants drove a B-II, and I loved riding in it. It had a good deal of get-up-and-go, and was very good for emergency responses. The guy was an Airman at the time and ended up going back home to Indiana, taking the little critter with him, darn it!

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  7. Rob

    I had a 96. Kelly green metallic, we called it The Beast. XL, tan cloth seats, black vinyl floor. 5.0 and a 5 speed. I did love that truck, still regret getting rid of it. I will also testify to the gas gauge getting closer to E the further you go over about 70. Got close to 18 mpg if I was minding manners.

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  8. Tom P.

    A true time capsule. This is when SUV’s were true trucks. Meant for off-road and hauling plus carry the family.

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