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Impressively Immaculate: 1988 Ford Econoline 350 Falcon RV

From the phrases I’ve never uttered file: “I kept it in my airplane hangar when not in use.” While I can’t truthfully speak those words, the current and previous owners of this two-owner 1988 Ford Econoline E350 Falcon RV can, as they did keep it parked in their hangars when it wasn’t out on the open road. Sent to us by an anonymous Barn Finds reader, this Class B RV can be found here on eBay in Chico. California. This no reserve auction has seen 30 bids push the price to $12,100.

I find the Class B RV to be very appealing. They’re simple, compact, and would do most everything I’d need an RV to do. Typically not much larger than a full-size van, they’re ideal for weekend getaways and short trips. The current and previous owners of this Falcon RV must have even kept those short trips to a minimum as it’s covered just 64k miles over the past 32 years.

This is a California van and appears to live up to its rust-free claim. The seller describes it as “one of the nicest vintage camper vans on the market” which is a claim that would be difficult to dispute. The seller says there are a few scuffs here and there, but the paint looks like it shines and the chrome is bright.

Albeit in a simple way, inside you’ll find all of the niceties expected in an RV. Across from the kitchen a sofa folds down to a 74”x45” bed. All the way back is a full bathroom.

That kitchen is nearly fully equipped, only lacking an oven. The seller has added a microwave, but the 2-way refrigerator and two-burner stove appear to be standard issue. It looks like there will be plenty of storage for those short getaways.

There is an upper bed that measures 72”x55” and offers 17” of headroom.

While we don’t get any photos of the 7.5L V8, the seller does offer some detail. They say it runs and drives great, just having completed a trip with no issues. It is equipped with dual gas tanks and cruise control and the van has just been serviced.

While this RV is used to it, I don’t believe the buyer will be required to store it in a hangar as the previous owners have. If you’re into weekend getaways, but like the comfort of your own home, this may be just the thing for you.


  1. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    Nice rig- 7.5 liter means 460 in English. 2 fuel tanks, you will need them.Good luck and stay safe!

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    • Avatar photo Philip Hall

      At least gas is cheap right now.😎

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      • Avatar photo Charlie

        Gas … cheap? Where do you live? In Hawaii near me it’s $3.79 for regular unleaded.

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    • Avatar photo xrotaryguy

      A 351 or 302 would be unlikely to get much better mileage. The fact that you’re pushing a huge brick through the air mostly determines your fuel economy.

      I had the same conversation on a half ton chassis, and with a 302. It never got better than 10 mpg.

      My 28′ Class A with a 460 gets between 7 & 9.

      It’s not the engine size that kills motorhome mileage. It’s brick size.

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  2. Avatar photo CFJ

    WOW! Very nice, would be great for a weekend getaway! Looks to be in excellent condition. Lots of miles left for adventure!

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  3. Avatar photo David

    Yes, 460 is a thirsty beast.

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  4. Avatar photo Jasper

    Hope whoever ends up with it has a tall garage or barn. Be a shame to see something cool like this, and so well preserved, succumb to the elements and neglect in short order.

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Nice unit. You can tell a “mom” type took care of it. I think it’s odd it is an Econoline Falcon. Originally, from 1960 to ’62, I believe, they were called Falcon Econolines.

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  6. Avatar photo Al

    I do not understand the perceived problem with fuel economy on a rig like this.
    It is not as if you are going to commute every day to work in it.

    I have an 1981 Dodge Ram 350 Royal Frontier Camper Van, it gets 22 mpg at 65 mph (conversely I get 14 mpg with city driving, that is why I don’t commute with it).

    I think my rig is terrific, as I can go into areas in the back-country that I would NOT haul a Class A or C, nor even a trailer into, plus the turning radius is superb.

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    • Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

      I have a friend who is a notoriously tightwad. When I got a performance car several years ago to use as a ‘toy’, his first question/comment was “I bet it gets lousy gas mileage.” I smiled and told him I didn’t really think he got the idea.

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  7. Avatar photo bikefixr

    I like this!

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  8. Avatar photo hatofpork

    So a pre-millenium Falcon,then?

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  9. Avatar photo John

    These class B campers are in demand and this is a good example at a bit of a premium. Rubber shrinkage is an issue so you have to really watch window seals. Lots of small niggling issues all the time. I just got sick of chasing everything all the time. Brakes, wheel bearings, axle seals, radiator, heating core, air conditioning, valve cover seals, crank seals, etc. Echaust that rots from the inside. If you are traveling with 2 people it is a pain to get past each other. Not really fun to drive and it certainly isn’t quiet. Everything is rattling around when loaded.

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  10. Avatar photo Brian Tannehill
  11. Avatar photo Tammie Foley

    Same scam in South Dakota. Wish I hadn’t given the jerk my email.

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  12. Avatar photo xrotaryguy

    My ex wife and I had an “exciting” experience in the 302, half-ton version of this rig. (This trip may have typified why we got divorced haha)

    We went from Phoenix to Las Cruces, NM to sell an ’85 Mazda Rx7 GSL-SE, then on to Dallas to purchase a retired road race ’74 Mazda Rx2.

    The buyer in NM turned out to be younger and less responsible than I realized. I talked to his dad and we agreed I could leave the Rx7 there and hopefully his son would show up on my return trip.

    I bought the Rx2 in Dallas, returned to NM, and still no Rx7 buyer. The Rx7 had never been driven much but I knew it had a bad alternator. Luckily, the buyers dad said I could check out his son’s parts stash. What luck! I found a pile of 6 alternators.

    I installed the first one and it was good. Not real happy with the buyer, I took the other five as well haha!

    My wife drove the Rx7 to a nearby fire station, blinked her eyes as pretty as she could, and ask to use their computer and printer. The fireman, unable to refuse a pretty woman, allowed her to print a temporary Arizona registration from the state of New Mexico.

    We made it back without further problems.

    The van averaged 10 mpg.

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