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In A Barn Far, Far Away…

Barn Find at Anchorhead

Only Star Wars fans will get this one, but I actually thought it would be funny to feature a speeder barn find when the new movie came out. Well, we never found one of those, but here’s a drawing of what one might look like if someone found Luke’s abandoned ride. Just imagine stumbling upon this while out sightseeing in the deserts of Tatooine! Joe Johnston did the artwork and that’s impressive considering the fact that he came up with many of the ships and creatures in the original movies. This guy was responsible for Boba Fett’s armor!  This find may not be for everyone, but I sure got a kick out of it. Find it here on eBay where the auction end tomorrow!


  1. Jeffstag

    I don’t know. Ever since the X-38’s came out, there just hasn’t been that much demand for these old X-34’s

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Haha! There are a few Star Wars fans on here.

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      • Brady neros

        Jesse, did you break up with me? I haven’t gotten a barn finds email for a week…

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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        I’m showing that you are still subscribed Brady. Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes the email providers filter things that we actually want to receive.

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    • Matt A.

      Please! We must be correct here. XP-38s.


      Reminds me of that great exchange from Airplane 2:

      Ted Stryker: “They’re launching the XR2300! Do you know what that is, Doctor?”

      Doctor: “The muffler bracket to a ’79 Pinto?”

      Stryker: “No, that’s the XR2200. The XR2300 is the lunar shuttle!”

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  2. Gary

    Of course with the cash sale and no title it might just become a parts speeder.

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  3. JW454

    Where am I going to find a motostumfer for a T16! I heard the plant that made them on Alderaan is there anymore.

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  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Seriously cool! But I’ll bet the Jawas would pick it up first…those dang Jawa flippers!

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  5. RON

    I don’t know never had one but those who did said they were a piece of crap when new!!! Never was much of anything any good from a company with a name of OBAMA-NADER!!!!

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  6. Dairymen

    That all went over my head. I’ve never seen any star wars movie, so that might explain it.

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    • Matt A.


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  7. pbryantr

    No barn find is complete without a few droid parts and storage bins on the hood. This one doesn’t have either.

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  8. Hoos

    The seller could have at least gotten it out, washed the dust off and given us decent pictures.

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    • Bob

      Remember, water is very scarce on Tatooine.

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  9. redwagon

    holes in the floorboards, missing trim and most of that stuff is unobtanium. and i’ll bet the ac needs a recharge.

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  10. van

    I checked
    Rockauto nothing
    Autozone nothing
    Orily. Dito

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    • Jeffstag

      There’s a pretty good salvage yard on Jakku…

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  11. OGWagon

    I’d simply clean it up, get it running, keep it original and go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters.

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  12. jim s

    the seller has 32 listings and there are almost a million star wars listings on ebay! i do not remember seeing any of the movies. great artwork and find.

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  13. ydnar

    “This is not the speeder you are looking for”.

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  14. Donnie

    Has great patina.

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  15. unclehotrod13

    Depending on how many were made,what options it has, its hard to say where this would sell..parts are hard to find too..

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  16. Mark L

    Dairyman, Admit it, you’ve never seen American Graffiti either, and you found this website by accident while searching for post mauls.

    we don’t serve your kind in here. You’ll just have to wait outside!

    I’m soooo funny! (good looking too!)


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  17. Don Andreina

    Cute. Joe Johnston also designed the Millennium Falcon after the original design was considered too similar to the ship in Space:1999

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  18. Marty Member

    Where did the black plates attach to this?

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  19. Ed Williams

    The bottom is probably full of holes from scraping on the ground during take offs and landings. I stay away from this one!

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  20. van

    Explain this to your father in law

    Ah it was ah well your daughter ah and ah grandkids
    In twenty years it will be worth a lot

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