In the Barn Since ’93: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

This 1969 Ford Mustang looks more like a ghost ship than an actual vehicle, as it’s photographed hiding in the barn it’s been parked in since 1993. The seller describes a genuine, Mach 1, M-Code car underneath the years of dirt and filth, and notes that it will come with some desirable parts, like a genuine Shaker hood, trim ring, and shaker assembly. An original fold-down backseat is also included, but there are no drivetrain parts available. Find it here on eBay with bids approaching $2K and the reserve unmet.

The seller details a curious history with the car, noting that the local community had a thing for drag racing on the weekends. This car was in the midst of such activity when a fire was sparked and the rear of the car got hot. The fire was put out before it spread, but the taillights and rear panel do suffer from some moderate fire damage. Of course, given the cozy confines, it’s hard to tell for sure just how much repair work will be needed.

The interior does not look like a nice place to spend time at the moment, with what looks like years’ worth of animal droppings and God knows what else. The dash is also coming apart around the instrument binnacle, and I find it hard to believe there’s much here that’s salvageable. The seller notes it comes with the Mach 1 interior, whatever is left of it, and that he will be removing 8″ rear-end out the car as it belongs in his father’s Mustang. A 9″ rear end from a 1971 Mach 1 will be installed in its place.

While I remain somewhat skeptical as to this car’s real value, the bids seem to indicate there’s more than one person that feels it’s worth saving. As I’m not necessarily super well-versed in what constitutes a worthwhile project in the Mustang world, I can’t say for sure whether this Mach 1 is worth saving, or if it’s simply a matter of a desirable VIN and some special parts attracting bidders to the auction. Would you take on a project like this, or start with a better (but more expensive) foundation?


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  1. William Shields

    Wow! I’ve seen some grungy interiors on this site but never one to that level!
    I’d say wear a hazmat suit but that interior looks like it would even dissolve that.😷

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  2. Mike

    If someone told me these pictures were taken by deep sea submersible at the bottom of the ocean, I would believe them especially the interior shot. It’s got that dark fuzzy look like you see when they find a shipwreck.

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    • John B

      Does look like it was found below deck on the Titanic. I expected to see fish nearby. Creepy.

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  3. Classic Steel

    The pictures are taken to hide the right rusted crumpled Fender.

    Low lighting also hides mouse feces 👀

    If the car has s 3000 reserve someone is set for NOM never original. car with a shaker.
    I suggest a 351 Cleveland , 428 big block or LS From a newer Mustang..


      I do not see a crumpled fender. I see a fender that a fire has burned most of the paint off and melted part of the front extension.

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  4. JohnfromSC

    This is parts only in my book. If that is a rim blow steering wheel, it appears uncracked and cleaned up nicely is worth over $500. Perhaps the other parts add up too. But as a project I cannot fathom the cleanup and restoration effort to make this a presentable vehicle.

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      All 1969 3 spoke steering wheels are rim blow wheels. Plus they are a 1969 only part.

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  5. Del

    Junk. Part it already. This is No Find

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  6. Roger Hackney

    Dragged up from the bottom of a river

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  7. jerry z

    Why do people even photo a car this bad? Is it a right of passage? Hey look at me, it’s a barn find! Can’t take the car out of the barn and clean the crap loaded all over it! SMH…

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    • Mike

      That would require effort. They are probably already exhausted going into the barn, trying to get pictures and posting them on EBay.

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  8. TimM

    If there’s no motor no transmission all interior parts are wasted!!! Is it really a Mach 1????

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  9. Stangalang

    Looks like a flock of sick birds came in and stayed a while..honestly though if I was in the market for another mustang project these that look like this would stay where they are..I mean really these folks are trying to get good $$ for pieces of a vehicle that they can’t even take a few good pictures of…like the X33 Z28 I just looked at..these guys are serious about selling that Z they pulled it out of the horse pen and looked like they hosed it off..who would you guys rather buy from?

  10. Maverick

    Pos.plain and simple.

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    The dash is not coming apart, that is fire damage. You can see that the plastic has started to melt. You can also see on the firewall photos where the wiring has been burnt and the rubber grommets are completely gone. This car will require a replacement wiring harness, along with many many more parts.

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  12. Jay

    Mach zero

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  13. bobhess bobhess Member

    Big engine fire there….

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  14. Gaspumpchas

    Another candidate for the worlds worst listing. You can see more bird $hit than you can anything else. no pics underneath, since the wheels have sunk into the dirt floor I’m sure its crackers. up to 2950 reserve not met. SMFH.

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  15. Daniel

    not much left of that mustang defiantly not worth trying to save unless you have all the parts and not even then its not worth saving id take to the junk yard

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