In The Field: 1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

We’ve seen plenty of field finds, but this Camaro Z/28 isn’t just sitting out in a field, it looks like it might be on it’s way to becoming a permanent resident. It appears the seller used it as a parts donor, so it’s missing its drivetrain, suspension, and rear end. Given its location, Jerome, Idaho, I’m going to guess there is a ’50s Chevy truck currently cruising around town with a Camaro front clip, engine, and rear end. If you just happen to have those pieces lying around or need parts to fix up your Camaro, this one might be worth a look and can be found here on craigslist with the option to make an offer.

1981 was the last year for the second generation Camaro. While these later cars don’t fetch the kind of money early ones do, they are starting to come into their own. I’ve driven a few of these cars and have always been impressed with how much fun they actually are to drive. They might lack some of the grunt of their pre-emission ancestors but there is some performance potential waiting to be unleashed.

I highly doubt anyone will want to track down all the needed parts to make this a driver, but you never know. The seller suggests that it would make for a good circle track racer. I think a better use is to use it’s panels to save a rusty Z/28. We’ve looked at quite a few classics in this part of Idaho and they tend to be quite solid, even after spending decades out in the open. Being a late Z/28 means it has the functional fender vents and air induction hood, so it could provide some good parts for another car. So how much would you be willing to pay for this Camaro field find?

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  1. Pa Tina

    1981 beer cans

  2. Sanity Factor

    Nothing left…..ill take the fender vents but thes nothing left

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      What he said, except I don’t want the vents

  3. ruxvette

    Good circle track project??? The only thing circling is $111 down the drain.
    It looks comfortable. Let it be.

    • AMXBrian

      It’s the typical response for sellers on craigslist. They know it’s too shot to be restored, but it sounds potentially more promising as a race car. You add your race drive train and with it already stripped down the work is mostly done. You just add back the necessary pieces and some safety equipment boom, potential pipe dream.

  4. Steve A

    Scrap. Let it rust in peace.

  5. dgrass

    I call dibs on the ultra rare aftermarket sliding Aldis brand sunroof. These were only available through a rigorous mailer campaign. From what I understand, you had to collect 1000 Aldi’s brand bologna proofs or purchase just to be put on a lottery list for these!

    • Mark C

      Lol, that’s one sweet roof

  6. Classic St eel

    Leave it as art work….

    Mini Cadillac type ranch …
    Plants some 🌲 in the dog house area👀

    Donate the windows for free 😎

  7. CanuckCarGuy

    “Ran when parked…”

    • Pa Tina

      “Parked, then ran”

  8. PackardMike

    Just needs a police tape barrier to mark the crime scene………

    • glen

      Or chalk lines!

  9. Flmikey

    Junk. That is all.

  10. Mark

    Does anyone else ever wonder why cars being left for dead end up being parked so randomly on the owners property? I mean, I get stashing them out of sight but why in the yard where you spend the rest of your summers having to weed whack around stuff like this?
    Maybe the intent was to use it as a planter….looks like it’s off to a good start.

  11. Howard A

    IDK, if someone is rebuilding a Camaro, this seems like a great buy. At least they aren’t asking $10g’s for it. I’d have to think you’d have a easier time selling this than a rusty Studebaker fender.

  12. RoughDiamond Member

    Being the owner of an ‘81 hardtop Z/28 if I were close enough I would take a serious look at the car for parts alone. Doors and front fenders that are not rusted out are getting nearly impossible to find if you are trying to stay GM. That nose piece looks to be in good shape too and I see a rear spoiler quarter panel section as well.

  13. Brian K

    I can’t believe this heap made barn finds. Slow day?

    • AMXBrian

      Considering the comment buzz these heaps draw, I’d say that it’s worth posting. To most it’s scrap and a way to rip on what’s left of a part’s car, but to those select few this could be the right parts car that’s cheap and local enough for them.

  14. Rustytech

    There’s an old saying, “let sleeping dogs lie”. This is the poster boy.

  15. 1st Gear

    Not worth the effort to even think about

  16. Cleric

    The nose would look good on my garage wall.

  17. Lance

    I have a 1979 Z28 Camaro. Since purchasing it several years ago, I put in a brand new engine, new transmission, new shocks, coils, leaf springs, traction bars, tires, starter, radiator and several other parts. The car now needs body work ( a lot) and interior. I have a lot of money in this car. I am not sure if it worth spending anymore money on this car. Do you think this car will gain in value? Is it worth it? I have gotten a quote of $15k just for the body work and paint. Any thoughts?

  18. Gavin Tittle

    When I first saw the picture I though for a split second I was looking at what was left of an 80’s N/FC (Nitro/Funny Car) fiberglass body, with its elongated fenders and roof hatch… talk about a moment of disappointment
    like was said, it looks comfortable, let it sit

  19. Alexander

    By the way, it’s not called a front clip if you are talking about the Camaro subframe being used on a 50’s Chevy truck. Learn the lingo.

  20. RichS

    You CAN’T fix this car Spicoli!


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