In The Hedge: Pair of Jaguar E-Types

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Whenever I flip through a few of my favorite magazines published in the U.K, I go right to their respective sections of barn finds or ran-when-parked specials. Almost every time there’s a vehicle that’s been pushed into a garden or buried in a hedge. It makes me wonder if there’s a moment in British car ownership when your love/hate relationship with a car leads you to casting it out of the garage but not disposing of it entirely. These two Jagaur E-Types here on eBay UK have just recently been unearthed after a long slumber in overgrowth, and will need a sympathetic owner with a well-stocked billfold to bring them back to life. 

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As you can see, the vehicles’ roofs have essentially collapsed into the interior, revealing almost immediately just how much suffering these Jaguars have undergone since being left in a small forest. The level of corrosion is appropriate, however, given these E-Types were parked in the bushes 20 years ago and haven’t moved since. The interiors, as you might expect, have succumbed to the elements.

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Perhaps amazingly, the drivetrains are still with the cars. The Jaguars will come with their complete running gear and their wheels still attached. No word on if the numbers are matching. It really goes to show you that every car at one time was just a used vehicle, especially those manufactured at any level of mass production. Although E-Types are increasing in value fairly steadily, I don’t know that these two have a future beyond being donor cars for a more suitable restoration candidate.


From the rear, you can see the unmistakable shape of the E-Type coupe’s rear door and the horizontal tail lights. It would appear the bumpers have rotted clean off and much of the glass is missing. I wonder if the seller knew these Jags were hiding among the trees and shrubs or if they’re a recent discovery behind a long-shuttered workshop. Whatever the story is, I would love to witness the extraction to see if the Jags come out in one piece. The asking price for the pair is £19,999, or about $28,913 U.S. Is this duo worth rescuing or have they been in the hedge too long?

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  1. Blueprint

    Bring a Hedge fund.

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    • MikeK

      Ok, that’s funny!!

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  2. DolphinMember

    Auction ended. NLA.

    Apart from some evil thoughts about what the person who stuck these two E Types in the bushes should receive as punishment, after reading the nearly incoherent description on Ebay UK my thoughts about this deal are that I am very glad that I am not in the least tempted by it. Life is too short to deal with the many problems that will come with this purchase.

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  3. Mark S

    With that much rust I’m surprised that the price is that low. A mere 28k what’s wrong that the seller isn’t telling us.

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    • Horse Radish

      Did he possibly mention that you cannot just turn the key and drive off,…..

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  4. grant

    Wow. 28k for what is essentially a pile of rust? I know they’re E-types, but I don’t see anything here but a few odd bits and a scrap load. Would be surprised if they came out without pulling apart.

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  5. Stewart

    2 new roadster body shells from Martin Robey (yes they are still made, but no sale without a valid VIN) given the price when finished well worth it

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    • grant

      So, basically two new cars with a VIN swap?

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  6. Roger Owen

    No way to treat a cat!

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  7. Van

    I should think the only value hear is two engines and transmission.
    Not running of course.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen vines rip the doors off.
    Are they worth more because they belong to Hogwarts.

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  8. JW454

    I wonder what else is buried in that hedge? A rusted out Lamborghini perhaps? Who knows?

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    • Van

      Platform 9 3/4.

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    • Ed Willaims

      Maybe the former owner of these cars is buried there as well?

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  9. Joe Nose

    Remove the fluids, fold along the former location of the windscreen frame, gently place back into a six-gallon smelting pot and turn them into something of value.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

      As a multiple British car owner, I’m guessing any fluids have leaked out long ago.

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  10. Steve

    The original owner is probably in the boot of one of these.
    If not, he should be.

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  11. Charles

    WHOA! $29k for rust buckets? $500 each would be plenty for these hulks. If the drive trains are salvageable, maybe make a few bucks…… Knew several guys who owned these and they were under them more than in them or they were in the repair shop. Notorious for electrical problems……

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  12. j.boyd

    Possible the drivetrains can recoup the investment, these are parts cars, Unless Steve McQueen owned them.

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  13. Chris In Australia

    Willing to bet they don’t come out in one piece…..

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  14. Glen

    I don’t understand the thumbs- down on these comments.

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  15. Van

    Would have been a great place to store my Stag.
    This should have been bring a goat.

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  16. Icos in Oz

    Looks like they are not alone, I wonder what the 2 cars are behind the tree in the background and how many other cars there are in the undergrowth.
    What kind of nutter dumped them all there?

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  17. Comatoes

    Surely there’s a matching early 911 in there as well

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  18. Reynard

    How about some 356’s?

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