Includes Owner: 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback

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This 1968 Mustang is a very desirable GT390 Fastback, and it is complete. It will need a complete restoration, but the rust issues in this one aren’t as extensive as in some of the examples that we have seen. The car is also being sold with a slightly unusual extra, and we will get to that later in the story. You will find the Mustang listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and is being sold with a clear title. It is hardly surprising that bidding has been spirited on this car. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $22,600, but the reserve has not been met.

Rust in a Mustang is hardly something new, and this car is no exception. There is rust in the torque boxes, and front clip, as well as in various areas of the vehicle sheet metal. However, the rockers, firewall and driver’s side rear frame rail are solid. The car also originally was finished in a special order of light blue and silver paint. All of the original exterior trim, including the original wheels and caps, are present, and they all look to be in pretty reasonable condition.

The interior of this Mustang is a source of some good news. It is complete, and it is also largely in pretty decent order. There is a crack in the wheel rim, and the instrument surrounds have lost their chrome gloss, but the rest of it does look good. The owner states that the interior is in good shape, and these minor issues aside, I tend to agree with him.

Now we’re getting serious. As I understand it, this is a numbers matching car, and under the hood is an S-Code 390-4V engine, which is hooked to a 4-speed manual transmission and a 3.25 limited slip rear. The car is also fitted with power brakes, although the master cylinder is missing. The original owner used the car on a regular basis, but at some point during the 1970s, he experienced an issue with the engine. He had the engine rebuilt, but it apparently still didn’t run right, so he parked the car, and that’s where it sat until the current owner purchased it. It is not clear what this issue is, so it is going to require a full investigation.

So, now we get to that unusual extra that is included in the sale. The original owner must have really loved this car. Sadly, he has passed away, but the new owner of this Mustang will also receive a sealed mason jar containing his ashes. That may be a strange thing, but I think that if I were to buy and restore this Mustang, then I would find a place in the car to permanently store the ashes since he apparently really loved the car. Would you do the same thing?

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  1. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I hope when I check out my ashes do not end up in a cheap Ball jar with my name scribbled on the lid. Not sure about sending the ashes with the car, maybe if a relative got the car? I remeber what one of the Stones did with his Dads ashes.

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    • On and On On and OnMember

      Hey Mike, How bout in 6 bottles in a cardboard container you can carry?

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        LOL! Thanks stud! And you will get a bottle Gregg! Take care and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Mike.

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    • Paul Grumsha

      Youre dead…makes no difference unless youre on Ghost Adventures!

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  2. Nolan

    I feel like if I actually put the ashes in the car it would cause the car to get possessed so maybe not just mail the ashes back to the owners family.

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    • David Ulrey

      Christine situation. Don’t piss off the original owner and you’ll have a self repairing car. Seriously though I would honor the first owner’s wishes. Doesn’t hurt a thing and honors and pays tribute to a former gearhead.

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  3. JerryDeeWrench

    Put ashes inside inside right front tire for the ride of his life.

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    • Shayne

      Sure would be fun balancing that tire.

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  4. Mountainwoodie

    Okay now we’re getting weird…………

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  5. grant

    Well, that’s a little creepy. If I purchased this, which I won’t, a condition would be that the ashes did NOT come with the car.

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  6. Jon


    …always be riding…..with private Malone….

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  7. Solosolo UK ken TILLYMember

    I don’t think he loved this gorgeous Mustang very much otherwise he would have parked it in a better place than he did, and never let it rust this badly.

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  8. Dean

    “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if it weren’t for Fords…” you know the rest. Very odd….there’s a Porsche 996 that has been on Ebay for a while with a buy-it-now, but the new owner felt it necessary to divulge the background ..”purchased from the owners son after the owner committed suicide” Last time I looked it was still available.

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  9. Theodore Donahue

    Well, a longtime friend of mine who may be a kleptomaniac and was banned from her parents house after the death of her dad, asked me to store a large bag of her clothes. When I opened it I found a jar of what looked like ashes. I asked her about it and she told me it was her dad’s remains, she had taken them and told me to take care of them because she didn’t have a permanent home yet and Dad would be safer with me. I had put the jar in a 91 Civic I have had parked in the driveway a while, & when I remembered how much he loved the 2 Civics he had owned, I decided to let him stay there until someone in the family picks him up.

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  10. Troy s

    Back to the car, someone will probably make a Bullit tribute out of it, perfect candidate considering the beautiful color it is now. I know, boring idea.

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    • CCFisher

      Anybody who makes yet another Bullit tribute out of a car with special-order paint should end up in mason jar of his own.

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  11. Jimmy

    When I die I want my wife to put my ashes in this jar on top of our fireplace mantle. Of course after the candle has been used up and jar cleaned.

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    • GPMember

      Nice, Where can I get one?

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      • Jimmy

        GP, I have no idea the wife sent me this pic a year ago and she got it off facebook.

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      • Rob John

        Hate to say it, just hit Google or Amazon. They have tons of them.

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  12. Mike

    That’s cool. I get it. The guy loved his car. I bleed Ford blue also. I’d add the ashes to the couple of gallons of primer, that it will take, to paint this car.

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  13. geomechs geomechsMember

    I had a ’68 GT 390, similar to this other than mine was an automatic. It was Aqua blue and had 30K miles when I got it. The valve train clattered like it was completely dry. It turned out that the valve guides were shot. I pulled the heads and was told by a guy who ran a ’68 Cougar with a 390 that I should use Manly valves and guides or else I’d be pulling heads on a regular basis. I did that and got a year out of it before I traded it off on a new ’73 Ford F-100 pickup (needed the truck and didn’t need the car). The car didn’t sit on the lot for 24 hours before someone snapped it up. I like to think that it still exists somewhere.

    The ashes: I’m afraid that I couldn’t be very enthusiastic about carting someone’s ashes all over the place. I told my wife to give mine a ‘Budget Burial at Sea:’ Flush ’em down the toilet. Sell the cars, guns, tools and the shop and get a good reliable man. She got quite upset at me for even mentioning that so I guess my ashes will adorn the top of the medicine cabinet–probably in the basement bathroom…

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  14. Elbert Elrod

    If I knew the person..
    Otherwise this is just creepy.

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  15. Maestro1

    I’m not a fan of this iteration of Mustang and I think the price is too high, no matter what its attributes. You are North of $40,000.00 to get this done to the level it deserves.

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  16. Arnie cunningham

    Ive seen the movie christine…dig a big hole and properly bury him and his beloved blue oval…just saying

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  17. Gaspumpchas

    That Pony is really rotten, up to and including the top of the inner fenders. Parts available bla bla its just how much pain you want to put yourself thru. Neat car tho and complete. Good luck to the new owner!


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  18. Brad W

    Oh yeah .. I forgot to mention she likes to be called “Christine”

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    • Solosolo UK ken TILLYMember

      Why Brad W? What’s the connection?

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  19. Jamie

    A little ode to Chamillionaire (a rap artist for those that don’t know)

    They see me rollin’
    They hatin’
    Patrollin’ and tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty
    Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty
    Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty…….🎶

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  20. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    You can put my ashes in the car’s ashtray and sell it to a smoker. That way I can put on a little weight.

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  21. SquareLeft

    Several years ago a good friend of mine, who was a very well-known rally driver, passed away. One of his last wishes was to have his ashes scattered along his favorite rally stage. After some discrete checking, it was found that, in the state where this road is located, there is a law against scattering human ashes on government-owned property. (Who on earth came up with THAT one?) Not being easily deterred by nonsensical authority, a group of his friends planned a ‘celebration of life’ at a resort not far from said stage. I was in attendance and the celebration was just that – perfectly in keeping with another of his wishes. After darkness fell, a small group of his closest friends and family quietly disappeared from the party. Not one of the group would divulge where they went, but I think our departed comrade was definitely smiling down on his friends’ efforts. Rest in peace, Rex.

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  22. Dirk

    If I bought that car, the jar of ashes would be the first thing to go as soon as the wheels of my trailer cleared the seller’s driveway.

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  23. bruce baker

    That is a lot to ask or expect without a same size jar of real gold dust sitting next to that jar of ashes.
    I could just hope some day to purchase a used car like this one with no mention of ashes.
    Short fiction story: Then a couple weeks later, i am contacted by a Will Trustee at my driveway as i am standing next to the car. The Trustee would tell me of my recent purchase of his late Uncles favorite car after checking my I. D.. I tell him the cars not for sale as i just got it delivered today. He tells me he can’t even get/fit into the car no more so he don’t want it. He opens a metal case with two full quart size jars, & paper work for me to sign. He shows me the gold filled jar first, telling me i can have this gold if i sign this paper work. He then shows me his obese Uncles full ash jar with all his ashes. He tells me the ashes must stay in the car the rest of my life. I sign the paper after i feel how heavy that jar of gold really is. I ask him as he’s leaving, why he just didn’t sell the car, & keep the gold? He said his Uncle left him his huge estate with strict instructions, and a tough Will Lawyer keeping an eye on him. He then points at my big potbelly telling me if i sale the car for any reason, both sealed jars must go to the next owner. I told him i would spend some of he gold on restoring the car better than new, and keep it for my ashes too. He tells me that would make his Uncle very happy, plus also by driving it a lot. He then points at my belly again asking me to see if i even can fit in the car. I suck it in enough to easily fit while moving the seat forward, satisfying him. He tells me there is more gold for the next owner when i pass away. I say Cool, I thank him again.

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  24. R.J. Knight

    Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Soon all to blow away and be forgotten. Once you pass and if your soul reaches it’s destiny which hopefully is the promise land all other things regarding ones life is part of the dust.

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  25. Jack Quantrill

    A lady loved her caddy so much she was buried in it! Had a pit dug on her estate, was placed behind the wheel dressed in her favorite dress, and covered over. Most unusual. These ashes can find a place somewhere in that Mustang, out of sight.

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  26. FOG

    LOL, The owner’s request gives validity to my own request to have part of my ashes “ride” along with my 40’ Willy’s coupe when that time comes. The adventure continues!

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  27. Del

    Bizarre. But got the comments going.

    To far gone. Especially at asking price.

    No thank.

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  28. FOG

    If, just if, I became owner of the car, it wouldn’t be too unkind to honor the previous owner’s request for his eternal/spiritual road trips. A nicely machined heavy bronze tube with engravings, along with his name, short message, and then securely bolted to the inside frame. Let him ride, let him rest.

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  29. cyclemikey

    OK, since we’ve gotten this far down Creepy Lane, let me just add that I’ve seen human cremation remains on several occasions, and what’s in that jar does not look right at all.

    Looks like Betty Crocker cake mix to me.

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    • Jimmy

      I agree, had my dog cremated and when I spread him out in his favorite spot around a big rock on the hillside in our backyard it looked like he had been granulated.

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  30. Fiete T.

    “Why is this car haunted..?”

    I pop the glove box and pull out ol’ Dave’s ashes and says,” Dunno..”

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  31. Ric Parrish

    I have seen a lot of cremation ashes and these don’t look at all like they should. I was staying on a liveaboard at Pier 39 in Frisco, parked beside the NIAD a large cruiser that took cremation ashes out beyond the Golden Gate and dumped them in the sea. I got to know a gal who worked on the boat and went out with them on several occasions to help dump a large number of ashes, none looked at all like this.

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  32. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    R.I.P. Ended: Nov 25, 2018 , 4:25PM
    Winning bid:US $23,300.00
    [ 39 bids ]

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  33. Del

    If indeed anyone followed through and pays that for this reusty relic , I would be extremely surprised.

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  34. Joe Mac

    Way too much rust for $23,000.Looks like a major restoration project to me.Probably end up cremated before completion of the project.Rather buy one ready to drive for more money.Maybe worth the effort if she were a Shelby.

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