Incredible Fuelie Project! 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Before computerized fuel injection became as common as round tires, advertising and owning a fuel-injected car demonstrated your commitment to cutting edge racing technology! Chevrolet’s Ram-Jet Injection came to market in 1957 when it made the 1957 Corvette the world’s quickest production car. This 1962 Chevrolet Corvette in Cardiff by the Sea, California comes to market here on eBay after a long slumber. Don’t bid unless you have the resources and passion to put this special ride back on the road for the first time since the 1970s. At least nine bidders have thrown their hat in the ring for that privilege, pushing the value above $28,000. Thanks to readers Patrick S. and MattR for spotting this Golden State gem.

As the owner of a mechanically fuel-injected car (1972 BMW 2002 tii) I can attest to the complexity required to do everything today’s injected cars do with computers. Modern cars rely on the computer to read sensor data and vary injector pulse duration to account for varying throttle position, temperature, and RPM. Building a mechanical system to handle those variations requires a whole other world of engineering. Some frustrated owners discarded the complex systems and fitted cheap replacement carburetors, and this system has been rebuilt by a California specialty shop, though the seller is unsure when that occurred. When properly maintained and tuned, they are truly superior, and having the right one for the right car can double its value.

Credit the seller for including a ton of information including good and bad points. No rust! The fiberglass nose is not original. Both hard and soft tops come with the car. The seller notes details that tend to authenticate the car as an original “fuelie,” but intelligent buyers will do their homework.

Though removed and not likely original, the car’s engine wears a date code appropriate to this car’s production schedule, according to the seller. The 360 HP fuel-injected 327 set topped Corvette engine options that year. The original T-10 four-speed manual remains, along with the original shifter and knob.

Picture the original black over red color combination with the Fuel Injection badges; this would have been one potent and attractive ‘Vette. Did you know Chevy sold fuel-injected cars before the 1980s?

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  1. Racer-X

    Which fuel injection was released first, Corvette or Bonneville?

    • gbvette62

      The Corvette, Bonneville & full size Chevy, were all available with FI for the first time in 1957.

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    • Irvin G Nelson

      Dodge had one in 1956!

  2. Dan

    Fuelie emblem is in the wrong place….

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    • gbvette62

      The holes for the emblems look like they’re in the right place to me. 62’s had a small rectangular Fuel Injection emblem on the forward area of the cove, just below where the cross flags mount. 58-61 FI cars had the Fuel Injection script, above the cove.

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  3. JohnD

    Does anyone really believe that fuelie unit has been touched in decades? Rebuilt and left out in the rain???

    Would this car have had a cast iron t-10 or aluminum cased one? I was thinking Vette cases were aluminum by then, with cast ones for the big cars???

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    • Phil Love

      A Borg Warner super T10 would have had a cast iron front housing with an aluminum tail housing. Rebuilt many of them in my day! Most of them were also close ratio.

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    • gbvette62

      I agree, 62 T-10’s have an aluminum case, both in Corvettes and full size Chevy’s.

      This car is rough, but it’s interesting too. That it’s missing the original block is a shame, though not surprising. Black over red is a desirable color combination, but really only on 63 and up Corvettes. Other than some hidden crayon marks, 53-62’s don’t have anything on them to identify the factory colors, while the later cars all have trim tags, showing the original colors.

      If the reserve isn’t to far above the current bid, this could be a good project for someone.

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      • MattR Member

        This car is also on Craigslist in southern California. If memory serves, he wants 31k for it.

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    • chris Rodenberg

      The one in my 62 was aluminum

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  4. John Polacek

    I love the 62s, I’d get one if I had the funds. My dad in his collection of odds and ends had a complete FI unit of a 62 that was like new back in the mid 70s.

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  5. Bill

    By the time you spend $80000+ bringing this corvette back to be a drivable weekend car you might have a $50000 corvette

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  6. dogwater

    Wow, Bill $80k you are out of touch,you could put this car back together if you did some of the work yourself for around 30k and have nice car….

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    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations North Alabama

      …………..30k and “some of the work ” …. to have a nice car
      …………… HaHa maybe 25 years ago …… , not in 2020

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    • Dennis6605

      @dogwater get a parts book for a C1, I think you will get “sticker shock”.

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