Incredible Survivor: 1993 Chrysler Imperial

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The Chrysler Imperial name is one of the foremost in the company’s history for its top-tier luxury models. However, by the time the seventh generation model came out, the landscape for big body luxury sedans was quite different than when the model was first introduced. Gone were the miles-long bodies with V8 powerplants, replaced by what would be a mid-size car by today’s standards and V6 engines. The Imperial shown here is in outstanding condition, with 16,500 original miles and beautiful paint. The interior is likewise mint. Find the Imperial here on eBay with bidding up to $10,600 and no reserve.

I can remember when these Imperials were a fairly common sight, as it was a very typical choice of retirees and snowbirds. As that demographic has shifted its driving behaviors (or stopped driving entirely), you simply don’t see these any more. I suspect they were also less popular than some of the Panther platform cars that you still occasionally see, as an Imperial with its flip-up headlight doors would certainly stand out in a crowd today. The body on this one is beautiful, and it’s a serious bonus that a car like this with super low mileage also has a gorgeous shade for forest green paint. Most of them seemed to be painted tan or white in my experience.

Leather or velour interiors were available, and this one has the latter. No matter which one you choose, you get seating for six and tons of space and comfort. What I never realized was how Chrysler actually offered some very upscale options for the Imperial, including air suspension, digital instrument cluster, Infinity sound system, and keyless entry with alarm. If you were looking for a luxury car from one of the Big 3 with all the trimmings, you could clearly option an Imperial to the hilt. This one doesn’t appear to have a ton of optional equipment, but these were still very well equipped even in base model form. The seller reports that it even retains its original R12 air conditioning that still blows cold.

Gone were the days of thundering V8s, replaced by more fuel efficient V6s. This Imperial is a later model equipped with the larger 3.3L V6 that only made 150 b.h.p., but came with far more torque than the earlier models, kicked up to a healthy 215 lb-ft. While it wouldn’t knock your socks off, it could get out of its own way. The bidding on this one is a surprise, because even though it’s a time capsule-grade survivor, these weren’t on my radar as an emerging collector car. But nearly everything from the 80s and 90s that has survived in near-mint condition is hot, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this Imperial crest $12,000 or better.

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  1. Big_FunMember

    To paraphrase cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation…”I don’t know about the car, but I sure enjoying it!” The barn, that is….love the two levels, color, landscape, etc. It could be a great place for everything automotive and manly…

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  2. Steve Clinton

    Nice try Chrysler, but sticking a big ‘nose’ on this New Yorker does NOT make it an Imperial.

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    • DN

      Then exactly what would? 🧐

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  3. Arby

    I rented one of these back in the day. They forgot to change the turning radius when they lengthened the wheelbase. It reminded me of that old country song “Give Me 40 Acres and I’ll Turn This Rig Around”.

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    • Tman

      God yes that turning radius. My mother in law got one used in 2004 for $800. It was comfortable but it constantly had fuel injectors go out, transmission problems, and part of the electronic gauges would go haywire. The above information center wouldn’t shut off and drained the battery. She was a former GM employee but would never by a new car. Her last 2 years she drove it while the tranny only had 2nd gear and reverse never paying attention to the poor engine screaming at high RPM and the time she passed she must have put new car money into that thing twice.

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      • MikeH

        I think Chryslers have had transmission problems as long as there have been Chryslers.

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  4. TimS

    Interesting for its condition, the attractive exterior color, and an interior that isn’t black or “charcoal.” Baffled at this being a 5-figure car today.

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  5. Mike D

    The nicest K-car money can buy

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  6. Bick Banter

    A sure Radwood champion.

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  7. Dave Brown

    This Chrysler sold poorly when new. It was a Fifth Avenue with a different snout. It fooled very few. The asking price of this car should be $3000 max. Few will want this car in the future. It’s like a Crosley…who cares.

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  8. Patrick Curran

    Who thought the Imperial badge would ever be placed on a stretched K car? Iacocca (forever the salesman) gave it a try. I actually find this car kind of appealing to look at but not sure I would actually buy it. No question that it is in beautiful condition. The colors work perfectly!
    You certainly don’t see these too often, but then again, you didn’t when they were new either.

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  9. Jim

    A guy at a dealership that I once worked at bought one of these new and traded in his corvette and took off for home about 90 miles away and never made it the 604 transmission grenaded not a happy customer They took a transmission out of another new stock vehicle and put it into his and he made it home on the second try

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  10. Mark

    My dad had the 5th Ave version. It wasn’t great looking but, it was super comfortable. The seats were like sinking in a crush velvet couch. Better ride charatistics than my 09 DTS Cadillac.

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  11. John

    So I am also surprised to see that this Imperial has bid up to a five figure car, but the comment saying this is a $3,000 car is more than just a little off. Get real!!! Just because it doesn’t trip your trigger, no need to say this well maintained beautifully original example is a $3000 car.

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  12. ADM

    I had a teacher who had an all black ’62 Imperial. I’ll take that one.

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  13. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    Pretty much, Mike D

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  14. Troy

    I’m shocked at the current bid, I hope for the seller that the winning bidder actually follows through with the purchase before they sober up

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  15. CCFisher

    These were bought by retirees to whom the “Chrysler” and “Imperial” names still meant something. They had no idea that they just paid $30,000 for a car that was related to the Plymouth Sundance they bought their granddaughter for high-school graduation.

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  16. jwaltb

    “Nicest one left?”
    POS when built, POS now!

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    • Tman

      I wouldn’t give 12 cents for it. $12,000 could get you a nice 94-96 Impala SS

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  17. Geo

    Not a bad ride. The 3.3 is definite plus. Tranny’s and suspension were the worse culprits on these. Over 10 G’s is a big wow. Watched these cruise through auctions at a grand a piece back in the day. Not sure why anyone would want one at that price!?

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  18. Glenn Barnett

    Beautiful Imperial! I owned an 93 for 8 years and thoroughly enjoyed it style and luxury! Id sure like to give this one a good home!

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  19. Gerard Frederick

    Good Lord, practically nothing but negativity. I think the color combination is awsome, the styling is handsome. I have no idea whether the quality is a problem, some of the comments about the tranny make me wonder. Nevertheless,. she is a beauty.

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  20. Dan Dickey

    Try to find parts for one of these things. I have a 93 New Yorker that does not run. It was a great car to run errands locally but for some reason it said no more after fifteen years, no spark or no gas. It would make a great parts car.

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  21. Ian Carlton

    I had one of these a few years ago as my daily driver. Fully loaded including the most comfortable leather seats in any car I ever owned. However, it had air suspension. And all I can say is if this one also has the air suspension, RUN don’t walk away from this car. It won’t matter what you pay for it. You will spend the rest of your retirement money fixing and maintaining the air suspension.

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    • Tman

      So true. My mother in law had the air ride system disconnected had her mechanic put overload airbags. However, when you drove over a speed bump or dip in the road it made the rear end hop up then smash back down. Every mechanic refused to fix the system.
      Another problem all those cars had is if you drove thru any standing water it will knock the alternator belt off
      The only good part of that car is the engine.

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  22. Tman

    So true. My mother in law had the air ride system disconnected had her mechanic put overload airbags. However, when you drove over a speed bump or dip in the road it made the rear end hop up then smash back down. Every mechanic refused to fix the system.
    Another problem all those cars had is if you drove thru any standing water it will knock the alternator belt off
    The only good part of that car is the engine.

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  23. Mike

    Price is insane.

    Did the 3.3 smoke like the 3.0? I grew up seeing Dynastys leaving smoke trails.

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    • Geo

      Mike. The 3.0 Mitsubishi engine had bad valve guides. Ran well but smoked insanely.The 3.3 was a Chrysler engine and a very good one.

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