Incredible! Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle

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We see a lot of different vehicles as Barn Finds writers, and to be honest, it’s rare that one leaves me completely speechless. This “Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle” (hereafter T.A.C.V.), however, did! It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is listed as a 2006 “other” Chevrolet pickup (although the ad states it was based on a 2007 Silverado 3500). And before you start giving me too much grief, I know it’s not a “barn find”, but it was too good to pass up sharing with you! The T.A.C.V. is located in Kaneohe, Hawaii, so figure in at least $6,300 shipping (according to the seller, who might split it with you) on top of the buy-it-now price of $65,000 (unless you live in Hawaii already). There is the opportunity to make a lower offer to the seller in the ad as well.


Most wild creations like this that I’ve seen suffer from rough edges, so-so design, low-quality parts, and inadequate execution of the concept. However, the T.A.C.V. doesn’t seem to have any of those issues! Some of the build’s features are:

  • Constructed from sheet metal, not fiberglass
  • 2″x8″, 2″x2″, and 3″x3″ tube body framework
  • 1/2″ thick shatter-resistant glass windows
  • Optima battery
  • Class 5 rear hitch
  • 4-wheel Porsche disc brakes
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Air conditioning (new components)
  • Full new set of dash gauges
  • DOT headlights, tail lights, and tires (said to be street-legal in most states)
  • New $5,000 Axletech 4000 series axles
  • $26,000 worth of Michelin tires
  • $12,000 worth of new wheels
  • Power steering
  • Baja “trophy truck” suspension with digital on-the-fly air ride height adjustment

The doors are all “gullwing” type. I should point out that the seller states the vehicle is not finished. Here’s what remains to be done:

  • Install suspension travel sensors and sync air ride system
  • Synchronize door actuators
  • Plumb and charge ac system
  • Complete sway bar links
  • Install hood hinges
  • Have the front driveshaft extended to fit
  • Minor wiring completion

The interior features custom-stitched cow hides in saddle brown, perforated suede, and even “marine-grade” carbon in certain areas. Everything I can see in the pictures looks brand new.

The three-across seating might be useful during your next invasion–you can carry one additional mercenary!

The drivetrain consists of a 2007 6.6 liter Duramax LBZ attached to an Allison 1000 6-speed transmission. A new, high-performance exhaust system was installed and the EGR system was deleted.  The seller assures us that the engine has not been tuned or modified apart from the above. They suggest showing the vehicle or perhaps using it in movies. I’m not sure where I’d use the T.A.C.V. (I’m not planning to invade anywhere this week!) but I’d love to hear how you would in the comments!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Grant

    Why not finish it? Something tells me we are not getting the whole story.

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    • rodknee

      Divorce? That’ll do it every time.

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  2. Ike Onick

    Elon Musk, what a character!

    Like 9
  3. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    What for the sequel to Battleship and rent it out.

    Oh, wait, they sunk my battleship…

    Like 9
  4. Will Fox

    Thought I’d seen this thing before. I pulled one of these out of a box of Cheerios once as a kid!

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  5. George

    Will it haul a gas oven?

    Like 14
    • Stan

      Wood stove too ? 🪵

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    • Vin

      It’s equipped with the gas stove AND wood stove heater converted to pellet.

      Like 4
  6. Mike B

    Because someone was tired of having to wait in line to drop off the 30 pound kid at school?

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  7. Kenneth Carney

    Wow! I can just see this thing roaring
    down I-4 and the shocked looks of the other drivers as you pass them!
    Add a couple of fake .50 cals on top
    and you could scare away any bad guys too! With all the crime here, some rental car company could clone
    this and rent them out to tourists here
    on vacation. I can just see the looks
    on our customer’s faces when we bring them their orders from Door Dash LAMO!

    Like 13
    • Steve

      HA, you don’t pass anything on I-4. It’s a perpetual parking lot!!

      Like 5
      • Sam

        The only thing they need on I-4 is extra PORTA POTTIES about every 3/4 mile. Can’t remember how many times I had to pull over and check a flat tire on my work truck.

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  8. Matt G

    $26,000 for tires??!!

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    • Louis Rugani

      And blackwalls at that.

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  9. Jack Burton

    Shoot a hole into the tire sidewall and it likely will be undriveable…

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  10. Mutt

    I tried to bid – but it would not let me enter a negative number.

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  11. Bullethead

    The daily commute sure would be more interesting.

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  12. Lee Wells

    This is what Batman drives when he has to chase The Joker over mountains

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  13. angliagt angliagtMember

    Fly in & drive it home? – Looks like it should float.

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  14. nlpnt

    GM-powered and Porsche chassis components, so why’s there a big Pentastar on each door?

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    • Jeremy Epstein

      Well, you see, in a tactical situation, you want to preserve the element of surprise.

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    • jwaltb

      That’s so the bullets can come in right at you.

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  15. EuromotoMember

    Blah, blah, blah, what everyone else said.

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  16. Milt

    So long Pontiac Aztec!! Hello to the latest “ugliest thing ever to appear on Barnfinds”

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  17. Ralph

    this is nuts! and perfect for the next Mad Max remake. to be able to drive this beast on the street in the area where I live would be a dream come true. the only real change that comes to mind would be a efficent,Corvette ( or perhaps MOPAR HEMI gas engine) with a 6 speed trans. with something this outrageous the ability to move quickly would also be considered an advantage. now I will be spending the weekend trying to ignore this listing and hope my OCD meds work…seriously. suddenly thinking about that long delayed vacation to Hawaii. thanks for a fantastic listing on this one.

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  18. Roger Winstorff

    Is it bulletproof? Then it would be the ideal LA grocerygetter….

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  19. HoA Howard AMember

    Go ahead and laugh, but in a post-apocalypse situation, this will be the only way to get around. Not that I’d want to, I’d have to think the living would envy the dead. It’s clear, someone was paranoid enough to sink, what I still consider, a ton of cash, and for what? Power steering? No foolin”,,,seriously, it looks like something a 7th grader, after years of being brainwashed by violent video games, would design. I don’t know, what do you think? $100grand to make? $200? So, let’s say, by some miracle, they MAY get $20grand, 264 watchers, and no bids, pretty much tells me people want to see what a person can actually pixx their money away on, but not enough to actually buy this monstrosity. I know, THEIR money, but come on, and with a build like this, also tells me, it’s not their 1st, um, project,, clearly the more money than brains club.

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  20. Harvey HarveyMember

    Should come with “free” shipping.

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  21. TheOldRanger

    When I was still working and living in the Dallas area, I would have loved to driven this down Central Expressway… Who’s gonna argue with you??

    Like 8

    I’m surprised Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t snapped this up yet, he’s an avid collector of military vehicles. But for real- if I lived in the Appellation or Rocky Mountains and had money to burn, I’d seriously consider it. The Duramax diesel and Allison transmission are perfect for a vehicle like this and will last a long time, even if it’s abused like most military vehicles are. You’d definitely be the hit of every car show you entered, and I’d imagine it would make an excellent hunting vehicle for getting waaaayyy back into the mountains. I’d probably replace the tires with real military bullet resistant tires, but otherwise I’d drive it just as it is. I bet this would be a blast on the logging roads that even regular 4×4’s dare not go!

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    • Gary


      Like 1
  23. CarbuzzardMember

    Sheet metal? This thing is tactical as a Corolla. It’s an insult vehicle.

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  24. Bunky

    Are the broken pallets and “wheel chock” included? Class-C

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  25. John

    I like it. One problem, once seen cannot be unseen, is it reminds me of the Queen of England’s carriage.
    Shake off that image and it’s an amazing bit of work!

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  26. MilitaryGuy

    My best hope is that this was some sort of a movie prop build. Besides that it’s a lot of gucci-pretenda-quasi-tacticool-mods.
    This stinks to high heaven of failed homebuild.
    I hope you guys didn’t seriously think this would be in any kind or form a military prototype. If you do, y’all need to stick to what you know.

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  27. RDRNR

    Looks like the calipers are rubbing the rims, wheels look so wide you can’t turn. 40g in wheels and tires. Broke, can’t finish it, probably can’t register it in most states. But like they say, you do you lol

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  28. James

    The guy does some pretty nice work. his other auction.

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  29. James

    and if you want to meet the guy here he describes his other car that’s for sale. Suspect he has other things on his plate.

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    • Steve RM

      I agree that this guy has some amazing skills when it comes to metal work.
      Not my kind of vehicle but I’m always impressed with metal working skills that can build something like this.

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  30. Howie

    Another BF joke.

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  31. Wildfire

    it looks like that tactical vehicle they built for the movie ‘Tango & Cash’

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