Indy 500 Time: 1965 Pace Car Replica Plymouth Fury


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We at Barn Finds don’t typical feature restored cars, but since it’s Indy 500 weekend you may see some exceptions! As reader Drew V. told us, it’s appropriate! Thanks for the find, Drew! This one of 1,500 replicas produced of the real 1965 pace car has been nicely refurbished and is for sale here on eBay. It’s located in Lithia Springs, Georgia and the seller is looking for almost $25,000, but is open to offers.


I love the clean styling and slight rake of this car. A new blue power top has just been installed, and the blue boot covers it nicely. While the rally wheels may or may not be original, both they and the blue stripe tires really look nice.


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I notice in this picture of one of the real pace cars that it had hubcaps and white wall tires, but the decals on the featured car look spot on to me. I appreciate that someone took the time to get the fonts right; that’s a pet peeve of mine on some “restored” race cars.


As you can see, the underside of the Fury is nice but not perfect; this isn’t a concours car but one that someone can be proud of and cruise for fun! It is nice to see such high-quality pictures in a listing. Closeups of the underside are there as well. I guess there are advantages sometimes from buying from a dealer.


The interior is reproduction, not original, but looks very nice. It would be nice for once to own a classic car that didn’t need anything, and I’m a huge Indy 500 fan. Maybe I’ll need to look into one of these someday. Any of you folks out there own a Pace Car replica (or heck, a real one)? What’s it like living with the larger than life graphics they usually have?


Here’s the 383. Again, nice and clean but not perfect. Let us know if you’d be interested in this or any other Pace Car replica? And if so, what is your favorite one?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Ed P

    Plymouth returned to the full size field in 65 with this C body car. Handling and performance were good. Fit and finish were hit or miss.

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Every Memorial Day, these types of cars seem to surface for some reason,,,,,just kidding, not a big fan of Indy 500, however, this car brings to mind a cool story. In my hometown of Lake Mills, Wis. there was a man that collected cars, had a huge collection, his name was Dick Tarnutzer. ( lienedude may have heard of him) He ran the local dry cleaners, but also ran the Wis.Dells Auto Museum. He boasted one of the largest collections of Indy Pace cars in the country. Every Memorial Day weekend, there was a parade, and Dick would bring out several of his cars, and this could very well have been one of them. ( I think he had over 40 pace cars, mostly original ones, not replicas) Dick was a wonderful man, and gave back a lot to the community. Sadly, a storage facility caught fire from a faulty heater, it was determined, and many of his cars were lost, although, many of the pace cars were in another facility. It just devastated Dick, and his health declined, and he died. His son sold many of the pace cars, so like I say, this could have been one of them. Happy Memorial Day to all BF’s friends, and have a safe summer.

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    • Lance T


      I’m his grandson, lance! We still have the 65 Plymouth pace car in storage, of the 60 cars that burnt up, 35 were pace cars sadly! Feel free to contact us and I can take you out and show you the collection!


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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Hi Lance, wow, this site gets around. I have many wonderful memories from L. Mills, especially your grandfathers cars. I had a 1950 Packard that he liked. My daughter still has an apt. in L. Mills, but lives in L.A. I’ve moved to Colorado, but thanks for the offer. I’m sure you remember me, I worked at Wisco as a driver, my ex-wife is Mary Doyle. Thanks for the reply

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  3. SSPBill

    ’65 was the first win for a mid-engine car at Indy. Roadster drivers would never again drink the milk. It means nothing to the value of the car but if you onwed one you could always throw that nugget into conversations.

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  4. Moparman ElliottMember

    I am biased having owned a ’66 Sport Fury, but IMO the ’66 refresh made the car appear to be longer and lower and sleeker!! :-)

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  5. Brian Cody

    Took my drivers test w a neighbors 66 Fury 383 4 spd and heavy clutch. Passed well but left 15 feet of rubber on a steep hill by the DMV. Good times

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  6. Joseph Balogh

    I miss my 67 Camaro Pace Car. 396/375 hp. Wonderful ragtop. To think how much it’d be worth right now!

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  7. stillrunners

    thinking these were 426 wedge cars….- so engine shot would be wrong – so maybe a clone….like so many 1969 Camero’s claiming to be “pace car”…..

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  8. Doc

    A pretty good deal for a restored convertible

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  9. DON

    july ,1965 i became owner of one of these, gold color & white conv. top powered by 383

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