Indy Festival Car: 1975 Buick LeSabre Convertible

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I love seeing a nice convertible in the winter, with actual snow on the ground in Anoka, Minnesota, with the top down. It’s hard to not see snow on the ground in February in Minnesota, come to think of it. The seller has this beauty posted here on craigslist and they’re asking $24,980. Thanks to T.J. for sending in this tip! Here’s the original listing.

This wasn’t an actual Indianapolis 500 Pace Car or a tribute car, it was apparently an Indy 500 Festival car used during a parade and other pre and post-race festival activities. It’s too bad that it wasn’t used in this Hurst photo, then we’d be talkin’! I believe that it was most likely one of the cars used in this photo, or would have been in that pack of cars at some point. Our own Russ showed us one about a year ago here. I don’t know if this has been a Minnesota car its whole life but they have included some underside photos which is always nice.

A Buick Century was the pace car for 1975 and I have to imagine that an actual Pace Car Replica (is that an oxymoron?) would be more valuable but this is a Buick LeSabre convertible first and foremost and they aren’t exactly cheap cars anymore. Hagerty is at $14,100 for a regular LeSabre convertible in #3 good condition and $21,300 for a #2 excellent car. There are a few issues with this car, mainly in the detail areas, and kudos to the seller for uploading 111 photos (!) on their website here. There is also a video here on YouTube.

Speaking of photos, which I often do because what online sellers typically upload is shall we say, not exactly on the generous side. This seller also included a looking-down drone photo which is fantastic! The details are the only things that are holding this car back from being an absolute jewel, but the seats look good front and rear other than some tearing at the driver’s side power seat controls. And, some cracks and crevices are showing their age, some cracking on the top of the dash, some missing paint, and other issues. If the asking price is a little too high, here’s a paper one for $8

The engine is Buick’s 350 cubic-inch V8 with around 165 horsepower. This is reportedly #36 out of 40 cars allowed on the track for that festival, according to the seller. This one runs great and it sure would be unique to see one at a car show. Have any of you seen a LeSabre Festival Car?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Huge car in nice condition. Top fabric big enough to cover wife’s Mine Cooper. If the underside is as good as the top side it’s probably worth the 25K.

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  2. Chris

    She’s a beauty . I would drive that all day long .

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  3. Stan

    Id love to take this car and cruise coast to coast in no hurry, no timelines, zero itinerary and just follow the sunshine.

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  4. John Oliveri

    If it was a 455, worth all the money, 350? Nah

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  5. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    It’s a nice Buick 75 being a lackluster year. I don’t care about the graphics, but I like color and the overall condition of this convertible. Perhaps by the grace of God I might yet get to own a drop top Buick but it has to be one built in the 60’s.

    God bless America

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  6. Larry

    No. Just, NO! Never had any business pacing the Indy 500, and still looks like an abomination 47 years later.

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  7. Jim Benjaminson

    The actual pace cars were ’75 Buick Century’s – I was working for a Buick dealer at the time and all the promotional material centered around the Century. Don’t ever recall seeing any Indy 500 promo material for the full size LeSabre’s.

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  8. Jim in FLMember

    Had one of these in ’82, although with the 455.
    Needed everything, mechanical, interior, cosmetics, top, etc.
    Was my first foray into rehabbing a car from the ground up.
    Should have learned my lesson then, still learning it now.
    “Just say NO!”

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  9. CenturyTurboCoupe

    Love anything pace car or related from this era. I have the Century Pace Car factory replica with the Hurst Hatches out in a field for the mice to enjoy. Even my ’87 GN resides in a field….if only I had storage!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Mopey

    After a couple of years watching VGG, I can’t help but call this a Buick Le-sab-ra.

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