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Indy Speedway Truck: 1979 Ford F150

While we often see the official Indianapolis replica pace cars show up for sale, the official truck appears far less often. This is one an F150 from one of the few years a GM product wasn’t used, and it was officially dubbed the Indianapolis Speedway Official Truck Package according to the dealership brass. Like so many other pace car/truck tributes, performance didn’t vary that much from stock, but it was a better looker. Find this F150 here on eBay with an opening bid of $7,500 and no action yet.

The F150 featured special graphics and a roll bar in the bed, along with some other visual tweaks mandated by a combination of options in order to “unlock” the Speedway trim. Basically, you got an F150 with the Ranger trim, and then you had to order a rear bumper and auxiliary gas tank. There’s a great write-up on these trucks on the site CurbsideClassics that explains how dealer stocked them with all sorts of desirable upgrades in order to get the Speedway package trim.

This example remains in excellent condition, with the original factory graphics in excellent condition, along with the special interior trim. The seller doesn’t explain how this example remained as nice as it has, especially considering mileage isn’t particularly low at 81,563. There’s some light surface rust noted in places but nothing catastrophic. Overall, it appears that this Speedway F150 has been gently used and never modified.

As an F150 with 2WD, this Speedway edition is the one with the highest total production with over 4,000 ordered. The 4WD trucks are far rarer, with the F250 variants rare in either drivetrain configuration. Rarer still are the wrecker-bodied Speedway trucks, which Ford offered so you could imitate the actual trucks used to haul wrecked racecars off the track. Would you choose one of these F150s over the more commonly seen Corvette and Firebird tributes?


  1. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Nice find and write-up, Jeff! I would 100% pick this truck over a Corvette or Firebird of any type. Very cool.

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    • Mathew Pruett

      What is the pick up worth fully restored..with 4×4 package..and the original engine

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  2. Troy s

    Got to admit, I really like the square trucks of old sooo much more, regardless of brand. Never liked F150’s from ’97 on up, just could never warm up to that style or engine for that matter.
    Smogger 302 in this was no ball of fire, but nothing else was too warm in ’79 anyways. Just a cool looking truck in decent shape, if it has 81000 miles I’d consider that low for a forty year old pick up.

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    • Dave

      Around here the dealers were hawking Steeler Specials, done up with black and gold trim. Anyone out there recall if dealers were hawking trucks in the color scheme of your local NFL team?

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      • Troy s

        Only trucks I remember in blue and gold, San Diego Chargers of course, were done by the owners, which kinda sucks seeing how those bums moved to LA, hah!

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      • Alex Redding

        Used to see a lot of maroon John Riggins Specials in the DC area.

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    • Chris hart

      I had one back in 88 but mine came with a 351 modified in it was it a special order?

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  3. Jake

    Cool truck. I restored one year’s ago and now reproduce the decal kit for these trucks. I used the truck to pull my 79 Indy Pace Car on a trailer that had ultra low miles to the Ford show. https://jakesgeneralstore.com/indy-pace-truck-decals/

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  4. Richard

    I agree.. The 70s were great for Ford trucks. The later body style were not at all attractive. Especially the 90s, god awful. The inline 6 300 were amazing engines though. Bullet proof for sure!

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  5. Bob McK

    Really Nice.

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  6. Mike

    Do you think one could get into Indy driving up to the gate and say you’re on official business?

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  7. Howard A Member

    Got a burned out headlight, the deal’s off. Getting harder and harder to find seal beams anymore. Nice truck, not sure the graphics are worth $3 grand, apparently 2 people think so,( unless the seller is “shillin”) this a $5,000 truck, tops. IDK, for being a special package truck, it’s pretty basic, no A/C or radio. I never gave a hoot about Indy, so nothing special for me here.

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  8. tasker

    Went and looked at a Bronco years ago and the guy had one of the F-350 wreckers! His dad went to the race, they had a raffle and won an actual wrecker they used during the 500. Was still in real nice shape as they did use it at their garage doing tows and jump starts…neat piece!

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  9. scott

    I found a 4wd one last year out here, it was extremely rare, as it was the only known 4 speed truck it was pretty rough, and was missing the roll bar. It went to a friend to restore in Minnesota.

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  10. Maynard Reed Jr

    I know a guy that had the 4 wheel drive version of that truck brand new in 79. Sweet looking rig as I recall.

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  11. Jeff Harner

    resto rod it with a Coyote comes to mind.

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  12. Steve

    Hmmm. 2wd here In wv is useless as socks on a chicken. And 7000 plus ? Sorry Charlie , can’t buy that one.

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