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Infernally Optimistic? 1964 Ford Mustang Project


Reader BentleyGuy writes: Someone ought to start a website for hopelessly gone junk or infernally optimistically priced CRAP!! I nominate the above! I have to admit, I think he’s right. Believe it or not, this tired 1964 Mustang is listed here on craigslist in San Elizario, Texas for…get ready…$2,000!


Just look at that beautiful front valence.


Nope, not any better back here either. Apparently someone thought there might be some value in whatever was in the trunk. There’s no accounting for taste, I guess. Even the rare optional concrete block mount Continental kit is missing it’s tire!


I tried hard to find something good to say about the interior beyond the fact that it sort of exists. It does have a steering wheel, although it’s not original either. That’s about it.


Things don’t get a whole lot better under the hood. There’s a few things missing here. I do see some relatively solid shock towers. There, I found something good to say about the car. It only took me five pictures to do it! Of course, there’s no title either, but the seller will write you a bill of sale! Have you seen another project car lately that’s way overpriced? Tell us about it in the comments!




  1. Howard A Member

    They are ALL over priced. Which is why I’m glad I did the old car hobby thing years ago. This clearly shows how out of line the hobby has become. While this makes for good conversation, on a much more serious note, it’s people that have stuff like this, and want a fortune for it ( sorry, 2 g’s is still a lot of money to me) that have helped ruin the hobby. And what’s even more unreal, is someone may buy this, and think they got a good deal. Sorry, piss poor, if you ask me.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Mostly agree, Howard, although there are some good buys still out there (I just purchased a group that I’ll be writing up shortly). Did you look at the two TR6’s I posted for you in the comments on the green one?

      • Howard A Member

        Thanks Jamie, sorry, messing with poor running lawn mowers today. That will put anybody in a bad mood. 1st ( and foremost) thanks for the links. When I get closer to that time, I’ll definitely look you up. 2nd, I’d never buy another car with wire wheels. ( but it does need to have OD) While I do like the looks of wires, I had nothing but trouble with the wires on my MGB. Lot of flats ( I had it down to less than a minute to change a tire) they didn’t run true, ( and shook the occupants) and if by some miracle, I didn’t have a flat on a certain wheel for a while, it was almost impossible to get off the splines. (Never seize helped though) I’ve always thought the wire wheels, and NOT the Lucas electrics, were the Achilles heel of British sports cars. The yellow one, although, not my favorite color, would be more for me. Thanks again. Now, where were we,,,,oh yeah, parts car Mustang for 2g’s,,,,sheesh.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Sorry you had issues with the lawn mowers! As a former product manager for a lawn mower manufacturer I can sympathize! Bear one thing in mind — Triumph wire wheels are mounted differently from MG’s — the adapters are bolt-on. You can easily knock out the studs from the back, replace them with longer ones and install regular steel wheels or any of the aluminum ones available now. I know exactly how you feel — I still have two with wires, but both of them would look really stupid without them. Any time you need help finding a Triumph, I’m happy to help. :-)

      • jim s

        you bought more cars, that is great. are they gt6’s?

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Nope. I’ll write them up once I get some good pictures. There’s actually a good reason why I did, but it’s a long story. I promise I won’t wait too long, Jim :-)

    • paul corrado

      People are hopelessly in love with the potential of a car they could not even care about to keep it covered. BUT they think the car is worth big bucks if fixed up. YEAH FIXED UP they have no concept unless they don’t a FIX UP themselves even a gasket change is hard work Imagine trying to rescue that heap from t he owner for 2gs he should pay someone to luv the car the way he should have. From THE KING OF MUSTANGS. I do luv that model I have one

  2. Mark S

    I agree with you Howrd but back in the day there was a different crowd. More do it yourself guys. Different culture today a lot more people that are speculating on investment cars as apposed to peaple that are just gear heads. This car is a lost cause and the seller needs to drop at least one zero from the price. What a POS.

  3. MacVaugh

    Maybe it is serial number 3 or something?

  4. St. Ramone de V8

    I get the point Howard is making. The hobby has been invaded. True car nuts are squeezed out of the gems out there, I think. However, there is an up-side IMO. The car hobby has never had so much activity, good or bad. The Internet has created sites like this! TV shows have created crazy expectations of quick rebuilds. I’m just glad to see the hobby continue. This poor old Mustang is evidence of it all, I think. Someone thinks they can get a couple of grand for something they had to avoid in their yard for years, and don’t even really own!

  5. Stang1968

    I thought maybe it was a D code Coupe or something… nope. And that 6 isn’t original. Original 64.5 six was 170ci and painted orange and black iirc.

  6. Van

    This car has the rare front and rear vent windshield and open rear hatch. The interior is the can’t damage with open window option. Not to mention the, in the weeds lowering option. Add the quick fill gas kit and the no maintenance paint edition.
    Just add the missing but optional tow truck/ trailer, available in your school colors.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Nice catches, Van, I missed that vented windshield and rear window package! And oh, if only there really was a no maintenance paint edition!

  7. Frankie

    Being that prices for most classic cars and trucks keep going up and up we can’t afford to junk, part out cars like this. It doesn’t help when some hillbilly- sorry, sons of the soil looks out in his back yard as his kin eating mud, he strains to open his good eye in his alcoholic haze thinks he’s struck black gold like Jed clampet, he then makes his way to the light box (computer), he tries to think of how much he wants he somehow comes up with what he thinks his “rare” car should get.

  8. Christopher

    I’ve restored worse, but I have to agree that it is overpriced. It would be nice to see the underside. If rust free, it would be a great project.

  9. jim s

    if the seller had a good title ( which seller does not have ) and vin plate that would be worth something. interesting find.

  10. youcanrunnaked

    Are we sure this car is in TX? Where are the bullet holes?

  11. D 4man

    Evidently some one has been out in the sun as long as this poor vehicle has and is showing the same type of ware on the brain.

  12. George

    You guy’s also missed the run flat tires. LOL Unlimited mile’s between air fill-ups.

  13. Danno

    All I see is potential

    • Kent

      Potential frustration? Re-abandonment?

  14. Adam Wright

    Everyone always complains about prices and wants to roll prices back to the “good ol’ days” until they have something they want to sell, then suddenly they are market experts and want every penny. I see this so often on Porsche forums, guys scream about the crazy prices and the people profiting from a hobby that pushes people out. But wait, when one of those angry guys has something he wants to sell, he forgets all of this and sure enough, he wants all the money too. I always challenge these guys if they want to roll back prices, let me know when to come by and buy their cars at 1974 prices, I’ll leave right now!

    • Dave Wright

      I am convinced you are my lost brother….,,,,,

      • Adam Wright

        There are already 2 Wright Brothers, and the girls at Subway say Big John is a wanna be Wright brother, not sure if we have room for one more, but I’ll ask.

      • Brakeservo

        Reminds me of my grandmother who used to say that two wrights don’t make a wrong . . . or something like that . . .

  15. Ed P

    The cinder blocks are not part of a Continental Kit. That is a redneck trunk locking system.

  16. John

    In his previous career, the guy who posted this used to write political campaign speeches.

  17. Dave Wright

    It seems to me that if this is the car you want to own. The difference between starting with this car for 2000 instead of say 500.00 is neglable. It will be a 30,000 rebuild in any event. We strip them in the rebuild process so some of the work is already done. I am not a Ford guy at all but if this is a minimal rust chassis, everything is readily available, why not. 2000 is no money these days. We spend that on a weekend fishing trip.

    • Mark S

      I’d have to admit Dave you are right when you talk about this car and today’s prices. If you strip out that nasty interior and gave this car a good pressure wash it will probably show that it’s better than it looks right now. As for the 200 engine once rebuilt it will be back to the bullet prof engine that they were, it might even have a bit more horse power. So I’m going to have to back peddle a bit and say right now it’s still a POS currently but there is potential.

  18. Mike Williams

    is that a rare bench seat?

  19. Mike_B_SVT

    Ok, i’m going to play “devil’s advocate” here… Have you priced the Dynacorn ‘64.5 Mustang body? Here you go… That’s $17.5k!

    A person could do a lot of body work for the difference in price, and come out with a true VIN’d Mustang. With this one being a dry car, there is probably very little rust to deal with.

    It could be a great deal for someone who does a lot of thier own work… But I would still haggle hard on it, or shop around for a better priced example :-)

    • Brakeservo

      I live here in the southwestern desert, it rains here, we have a monsoon season every summer. The floors on this will be rusted to the point that they look like lace doileys where there’s metal left. So, IF there’s a title, that’s all you’re getting, and for a six cylinder at that.

      • Greg S

        My wife has lace doileys everywhere,
        Hate them, and no way do I want to go out to a newly purchased car and have to look at then AGAIN!

  20. keith clark Member

    I have to say,unless your’e scared of the work Mike_B_SVT is right

  21. Steve

    No pix of the floors or trunk. I would think the condition of those would would be paramount in determining the value of this rusting heap of a mustang. If those are in good shape it might be worth $1k? If not its a parts car.

  22. Kevin

    I saw this car about 2 years ago when a meandering back roads trip from Tucson to Austin took me through San Elizario. It’s only about 4-5 blocks from the U.S./Mexico border. Anyhow, very weird place. Also saw a pile of dead pit bulls on the road into town and a high-walled compound with a fleet of identically colored Hummers and M-B’s, plus some very unfriendly dudes at the gate who didn’t like me slowing down to try and get a better look.

  23. Brakeservo

    It may be in Texas, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be rusted, it’s sunk in the mud, there’s no windows to stop the water. Bury a piece of sheet metal for a few years and then see what’s left after a couple of years. This is no longer a car, but merely the idea that a car can exist here if you replace absolutely everything, and two grand is too much just for an idea. I have ideas on my own, I don’t need to pay for ’em!

  24. Steve

    “This is no longer a car, but merely the idea that a car can exist here if you replace absolutely everything..,”
    LOL, I read that with the sound of Rod Serling’s voice in my head. Yes, this might a Mustang, but only within the realm of someone’s imagination in The Twilight Zone.

  25. Pete

    Such a deal, I was going to suggest take the gas cap off and slide another car under it. Butta there be no gas cap, so there goes that idea. I think what happens is people see a 289 Mustang selling for silly money on ebay and they get it in their head that well mine has gotta be worth at least 2K. There just isn’t enough meat on this bone to fill a spoon. All your getting here is a really lousy looking yard ornament for that kinda money. I would not be surprised if this wasn’t fished outta the galveston flood some years back. Be ready in a couple years for some Houston Flood cars appearing on the market. They gotta dry out first ya know.

    • Ed P

      A keen eye might find a few good parts, but not $2k worth.

  26. motrbob

    Rattlesnakes gotta live somewhere

  27. Paul

    I agree with Howard A. Thanks to televised auto auctions, the hobby has been blown way out of proportion. However, I would call attention to the year of the car. In 1966, the Mustang sported the round instruments, unless, in 1965, you purchased a GT. 1964 1/2 had the same instruments as the 1965. With a 6 Cyl, this is not a GT. My guess is a 1966, which, by no means warrants the asking price. Ad should read, free for the hauling…

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  28. Mike Williams

    @ Paul, you got the round speedo with the deluxe interior too in ’65. So it didn’t have to be a GT.

    • Paul

      Hi Mike, I did some checking and I don’t believe there was a deluxe interior option for the 641/2 Pony.

  29. Steve

    Well the listing is finally gone, so it must’ve sold. We’ll never know what it went for, oh well. :(

  30. Ron Bowles

    Cut it in pieces and hang it on wall of your local bar

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