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Inline-Six Power: 1969 MGC

MGC Project

When the Austin Healey 3000 was killed off in 1967, BMH needed a replacement. But, instead of updating the AH, they just shoved an inline-six into the MGB. With 50 more horsepower it may have seemed like a good idea, but the extra weight upfront threw the balance off a bit. MGCs are still good high speed cruisers though and there are not many around. This particular one was parked 12 years ago so it is going to need some work, but it does look like a worthwhile project. Find it here on eBay where bidding is already up to $4,000. What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo scottski

    It was good enough for Prince Charles, as I recall.

    Plus… load all of the tools in the boot that you’ll need?
    Balance problem solved!

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  2. Avatar photo Rick

    those big fender flares weren’t standard were they? I’d be losing them quickly. The photos show paint peeling off in big strips romwhat appears to be the flares’ seams. Neat cars though.

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    • Avatar photo paul

      No flares, I do love those Minnilite wheels. I wonder if they can be brought back up?

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  3. Avatar photo Tom S.

    The flares are not standard. Seller says they can be removed easily, but that doesn’t address dealing w/the damage left behind which will be difficult. This car needs absolutely everything.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    why did they need 2 brake boosters and is the cloth sunroof on the yellow mgc gt on ebay aftermarket? the bidding on this one must be for the ” c ” parts because that body has a lot of holes in it and other parts missing. great find

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  5. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Can’t see it. There are enough of these left so that you don’t have to buy a rusty, molested one like this with real bad patches on the paper-thin rusty floors. No, the flares are definitely not stock.

    I mentioned this on here recently—I found a lot of 3 MGCs, 2 good drivers, one for restoration, together with lots of new and used spare parts for a price that would make the buyer of this car regret shelling out $4K+ for this one for the rest of his life.

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  6. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    I don’t know the value of these done up right, Suspect one would be underwater doing a full blown resto even with under 1k built. Cool ride and a one up at most British car fests.

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  7. Avatar photo ConservativesDefeated

    I think this car was marinated in a punchbowl along with the seller. Are 4 Minilites worth 4k? Whats up with the Minilite love anyway. I never got that. The poor car is toast

    Long ago as a college freshman, I had a roommate from Brazil who had an MGCGT……..in a beautiful baikal blue like color. And he had the bitchinest glass panels in the roof.. I wonder where that car ended up………..

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  8. Avatar photo Jim-Bob

    It’s interesting, but for $4,000 I can think of many other cars I would rather have. It’s not that I mind the beater aesthetic this thing has as I actually think it looks good as-is. No, it’s the rot that gets me. The rockers and floors are rotted pretty badly and so it would be hard to restore structural integrity if you did even the slightest thing wrong. Plus, one of the doors is either no longer fitting right due to the structure having sagged, or it is full of filler. Where there is one panel full of filler, there are plenty of panels full of filler. The same goes for pop riveted roof flashing for a floor, as I think that stripping the car will reveal more pop riveted flashing where metal used to be. Likely it was owned by someone who knew a little about cars and threw it together as a cheap toy back when MGs were plentiful. Preservation and classic status didn’t really play into it any more than it would to someone with an early Miata today. Likely then it will require every single system to be rebuilt, and at the present price it isn’t cost effective.

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  9. Avatar photo reckless

    the easy way to go would be a new body shell from British motor Heritage $12,006 primed painted in color of choice is extra, also, all the interior bits like seats, carpets shiftknob etc.& top are available from aftermarket suppliers & & no the chrome strip across the hood bulge was not factory: seller’s history is a bit incomplete the MGC was sort of intended to repace the Big healey 3000 which given incoming U.S. crash requirements would have required a complete redesign, but British motor Corp BMC merged in ’69 with Leyland group forming British Leyland: most of the top brass were Leyland people & Mg’s big competitor was Triumph part of Leyland Triumph’s TR5 (TR250 in U.s.)came out in ’67 & the TR^ was about to come out at the time of the merger so the Leyland people @ British Leyland didn’t see the need for two entirely different 6 cyl. sports cars & decided to quash the MGC in favor of the TR6!!

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  10. Avatar photo rancho bella

    They still make Minilites, they aren’t rare. Order from the U.K and have in a week.
    What few friends I have, have stated the four pot engine is a much better option……..balance.
    I now want the steel dash model GT.

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    • Avatar photo paul

      Yeah I was thinking about a set of Minilites for the vair until I got the price plus shipping.& am with you on the BGT, they handle better then these.

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  11. Avatar photo automobeel

    My son and I restored one these ( a GT version ) about 10 years ago, he still owns it and drives it regularly, its a brilliant car with a few subtle mods. Unfortunately British Motor Heritage do not make shells for them, its similar to a “B”, but from the front seats forward its a different car. The “chrome” trim on the bonnet (hood) is actually stainless steel, and was standard. The only other production car to use the engine was an Austin 3 Litre, a bit like a BMC 1800 on steroids but rear wheel drive. The Austin Healey 3000 shared some of the engine components such as crank and cam but the “C” block and head is a different casting altogether. Properly sorted they make a really good car even having been much maligned in the past

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  12. Avatar photo Cameron Bater UK

    A few things here, 1st the correct anagram is BMC for British Motor Company (or Corp. If you prefer) Second the engine that was forced into the B’s engine bay was a commercial inline 6 which unfortunately meant that the C was a knuckle dragger – I dare say it was like the British Corvaire.
    I prefer the much prettier, much more refined Triumph Stag – It was sort of like the Mustang of the UK

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