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Inspect Cars For Fellow Barn Finders!

Buying any car online can be scary, but being able to have a fellow Barn Finder check out a car for you first could help ease some of those fears. It might be a good way for those willing to inspect cars to earn a little cash too! If you would like to be listed in our inspector database, please fill out the form below. This information will only be available to our members and will not be published publicly.

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  1. John Cole

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy getting your emails! As an avid car collector with my son (please check out The Cole Car Collection on Facebook), and in the process of considering making classic cars a business, your emails and what they contain are both fun and informative! Additionally, I will be selling some of our cars soon to make more room for other classics, so you’ll be the first to know. Keep up the great work!


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    • Daryl Roe D-Man Member

      John, I just looked you up. You are a real collector. Nice stuff to look through at. I am a long time collector myself. I have VIlla Argento Carriagehouse out of California on facebook. I see some stuff of yours that would look good in my collection… nicely done sir.


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  2. Jeff Staff

    Signed up – great idea. Eager to help out our readers looking at cars in Southern New England!

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  3. Greg

    I just signed up to help others inspect vehicles they may not be close enough to inspect personally. I have been in the restoration/refurbishment end of the classic car business for the last 35+ years. There’s not much of anything on an old car that can get past me. I’ve been around, over, and under too many to mention. I am presently in the Midwest for the next month or so and then on down to Florida for a bit. Should be back in Phoenix shortly after the holidays. I can scout out whatever and inspect all along my travels. This is a good idea on the part of Barn Finds. I cannot stress enough the importance of a proper visual inspection before laying down the cash. After over 35 years of buying and fixing and selling…… Unless you’re downright stealing it…. Never pay market for something you haven’t inspected personally or paid to have inspected properly. It’s an investment you’ll never regret!

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  4. James Doherty

    I just signed up as well to be an inspector, I am a degreed mechanical engineer and I have restored a 1965 Mustang Convertible as well as built (and continue to do so) other cars for daily driven use as well as upcoming racing adventures. I have a bunch of tools, borescope, magnetic sheetmetal gauge, etc. I’d love to help others in the hobby and keep these beautiful cars working. I live in NJ but I work in Manhattan and can drive to most places in the tri-state area.

    Thank you

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  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    More than happy to help…been doing this now since I was 8. That was a long, long time ago. I’m an ex-engineer with plenty of restoration experience, and I’ve made enough mistakes along the way that I’ll be MORE than happy to try to help others not make the same ones!

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  6. Kevin Harper

    Hey happy to do this. I wish more of my customers had their cars checked prior to purchasing them.
    My specialty is British and Italian cars, and like Jamie above a former engineering. I do find it interesting the number of former engineers involved in the classic car business

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  7. Pat Housel

    Just signed up….been at this nasty addiction we call a hobby for 45+ years. Being in the Reno/ Tahoe area, there is a huge pool to buy from.

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  8. bonneville 64

    been restoring/selling cars since 1975. I have an extensive library on makes and models, along with some online auto clubs. I can cover Eastern Oklahoma, SW Missouri, NW Arkansas, and SE Kansas. Being sort of retired, but still dabbling in cars and parts to supplement income, will keep me out from under my wifes’ feet on any given day. Have several different sources for evaluating price and condition (doesn’t include hagerty, as I personally think they are to high on some cars). Will also negotiate price for serious buyer, may be possible to effect delivery in some cases.

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  9. patrol

    This is a great idea, i would like to add a bit on it please.
    I suggest to open this inspection service to other countries. Think big go global, classic cars are all over the world as well as BF followers . I ll be happy to provide this service here in Dubai if you agree. If that idea is acceptable just allow other countries in the form.
    Thanks guys for the great site.

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    • Josh Staff

      Great idea patrol! We will get some other countries added to the list!

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      • Birdman

        I’m happy to go check out cars in the Southern Alberta, Canada region… for some gas money and maybe a hotel, I’d be happy to expand that to regions beyond!

        I have an eye for classics and hot rods, and muscle cars!

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      • Trevor

        Can you make it to where there’s more than one city listed I travel quite a bit through the northern Virginia area and in in and out of the DC Metro all the time?

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  10. Scot Carr

    ~ St Louis MO. I look at and photograph cars endlessly. I personally know quite a few classic and collector car dealers, racers, and enthusiasts around the mid-west, several of whom have had their sales featured here and on other sites.
    . One service which I find helpful is for the inspector to conduct a walk-around while the prospective buyer asks specific questions, over the phone, about condition of the areas of concern. That can potentially avoid disappointment upon delivery and I recommend that all of the inspectors offer to employ the same procedure.
    . This is a terrific idea, although I am sorry to know Ian is no longer participating.

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  11. Robert Amundson Member

    Have owned 12 MG’s…..TD…A’s…B’s..TR3.. AH3000…Sunbeam…Opel GT..TR4… I know alot about British cars and more I may have forgotten, also Fiero….Miata ,Alfa. Can tell the descent from the bad.

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  12. Robert Amundson Member

    Forgot to say greater Seattle area.

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  13. sunbeamdon

    A service I can provide; and something I can use vis-a-vis a certain 850CSI in Vegas!

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  14. jaygryph

    Neat. Will look into this after the move to the Bay Area of CA. Taking up my time this month and making things like that UltraVan write up get put on hold a bit, but will see.

    All kinds of neat cars down there.

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  15. waynard

    I’m a Certified Appraiser of Collector Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, RV’s in the Albuquerque / Santa Fe, New Mexico area. Looking forward to working with all of you.
    Wayne Mikosz

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  16. Henry Parker

    Signed up as inspector. I can cover the Inland Empire. Experience in restoration, British cars and watch all the car shows on cable so you know I know cars.

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  17. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Wow, I’m surprised by the positive feedback on this. With over 150 inspectors signed up and counting, I think it’s safe to say that this is a service we are going to be able to offer to our readers. We are figuring out all the details and will keep everyone updated. Thanks guys!

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  18. dj

    Signed up. I was signed up on the other site and never got one email or call. I’ve restored BMWs, Jaguars, GTOs, Corvettes, Military Jeeps and most GM cars. I was ASE certified for 10 years and now restore autos and trucks for folks in my off time. I’ll be happy to help anyone out in the Northwest Alabama area.

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  19. DanielDC

    Signed up, I’m just outside of Chicago. Been wrenching on cars for myself and others for over 30 years. Know a little about a lot, and would be happy to help someone out. I’m no professional, but do know what I”m looking at and looking for.

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  20. Nick

    I have done this for friends and associates a few times. More important than the actual condition of the car is confirming the title and other documentation is correct.

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  21. Kyle

    I just signed up and think this is a great idea. I am an owner and restorer of a barn fins from 1998. I restored a 1968 Mustang hard top and still have it. I have carried this love into a job with an insurance company as an adjuster. I would love to use my knowledge and experience to help other barn finders.

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  22. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    As a many time buyer, owner, restorer and driver you know what to ask about the basics of an old car, and you know about all the different models of cars you have owned, and the specific problems of each, I think that’s part of my carholic addiction, is owning a car I’ve liked and wanted, then finding another one after that model’s lust has been satisfied, time to move on. My recent acquisitions and trades are a 944 Porsche, trade for Chrysler Crossfire, and tomorrow I’m swapping it for a red 1991 Lotus Elan. Google it and drool LOL, although it’s a semi project.
    I could go on and evaluate it, but I’ll leave that for a paying customer, sign me up. No wait, I did sign up, never mind. I wish we got paid for being a BF contributor, I would write way more articles.

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  23. Stu

    You can count me in. Lots of experience with international transactions.

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  24. JACKinNWPA Jacob P. Member

    What a great way to give back to the old car culture and maybe even have a car checked out for me. I’ve been a self employed bodyman/restorer for 30 years and can look at cars in NW PA, NE OH and SW NY areas.
    My junk list,
    1971 Kustomm Karmann Ghia
    2002 Continental custom ( HAUT ROD)
    1946 Ford coupe V8 on the front burner (barn find)
    1979 Lincoln Town Coupe pick-up conversion on the back burner.
    1961 MGA roadster vintage race clone, fell off the back of the stove.
    Thanks Jesse for this endeavor.

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  25. Charles in TX

    I just signed up! I’m on the north side of the Houston area. I hope that I be of some help to fellow Barn Find members.

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  26. chris

    Hey Guys,

    I just signed up to be an inspector for the Boise Idaho and surrounding areas. I’m eager to help. Know my way around the area and constantly have a camera on me to take lots of pictures.

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  27. ksis

    Just signed up also. Use to look at cars for members an a few if the British car sites I belonged to. Also enjoyed helping others. Usually did it for parts for my restorations.

    Happy to help!

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  28. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    My field of mid-expertise lies in late 60’s Mopar & C10’s of the same era, but I’m sure that translates well over to all makes & years with the right pointers from the potential buyer. Another Seattle-ite on the roster, actually a bit east in Preston.

    BTW – as a buyer, how does this work?

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  29. Rufus

    I’ve been fooling with British Iron since 1970, from SCCA racing to owning and operating a Collectible Auto service in the 80’s to recently liquidating a small but varied British collection, I know my way around most marques world round. I have conducted appraisals on everything from a 39 Chrysler, to a MkIV Ford GT for the Shelby Museum. I’m in the DFW area and am available (like a couple of others here) for appraisals, in depth surveys, transport and restoration services (on select marques).
    Let me know how I can help.
    Have fun

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  30. Birdman

    A thought just crossed my mind…

    Are you going to set up a link on the site for people to go to so they can find someone or how will this work?

    Just wondering.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We are still working on that, but the process should be a simple one.

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  31. cory

    Happy to sign up. I love looking at cars I can’t afford. Lol. I’m in the Indianapolis area.

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  32. Darren

    Just signed up . I am a professional mechanic with over 25 years experience . Looking forward to poss helping people in my area with some great finds.

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  33. Bobsmyuncle

    I’m in. I limited my personal info until I know more. I’m in southern Ontario and roam far and wide.

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  34. Charles

    Signed up for Western North Carolina area. This sounds like a good idea to me! Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. I am a 59 year-old who is primarily interested in 60’s-80’s American Muscle cars, however anyone with a keen eye can check for rust and accident repair on any sort of car. If someone is looking for a particular make and model and the person doing the inspection is not 100% familiar with that sort of car others on this site should be able to provide a list of specifics to look for.

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  35. Joe Hacker

    Just signed up! I’m inbeetwen Tampa and Orlando Fl. This is great opportunity for anyone wanting cars checked out. Purchasing cars long distance can be scary!

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  36. Dennis Newman

    Very interesting concept! I would be willing to help in the Denver and surrounding area… Having collected my fair share of older muscle cars, mostly Ford, and a few GM and even a American Motors car, have to say the Ford cars and trucks are my passion. I echo the caution of all of you with distance posting validation and most condition. I think the best of all is getting a close up look by someone that has heard minimal rust to see great body panels but underneath the horror of rusted unibody, incorrectly repaired, inch deep bond in panels or worst yet the traces of something that was put together with traces of dented, broken or non existent inner panels or firewall damage. The point: Some things better just left in the barn. It is safe to say travel time is of value, flat fee not so sure, and if you walk upon a “Gem” that turns out to be a rust bucket there is no major work other than a quick not telling the person who has interest.. Forget about it. Love to hear what an inspection would be worth..

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  37. bobhess Bob Hess Member

    Signed up a couple days ago. Live in the Florida Keys and can cover from Key West up through Key Largo. Lots of interesting stuff down here. Gas money ok with me. First frame off restoration at age 13. Still doing it. In business 80s through mid 90s for restorations and race car building. Now only race cars. Sports cars and American iron. If it looks like a car….

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  38. bob von Rinteln

    Qualify your inspectors. Charge based on time, distance and cost to travel, materials used to do the necessary inspection. Charge for sublet cost such as a trip to the local shop for a lift inspection. Some inspectors may be able to offer there shop if the seller can bring the car to the inspector. A national rate my be hard to do as many metro areas have costly shop rates, but 100.00 an hour is still only a little over 300.00 for a two hour inspection with an hour round trip, and a fuel surcharge

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  39. Mark Andreas

    What a great idea. I am a buyer/seller and restorer and I will definitely be using this service to look for purchases far away. Helping out fellow car guys and gals to help someone on their first or 100th car would be a privilege!

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  40. Ike Eisenhart

    Must be carefull disclosing if you are going to inspect or verify numbers…getting very difficult. ….might be some liability issues. It’s still buyers beware….might have to sign some type of release ? I have done many inspections and drive vehicles for clients. Great idea , just have to make sure what level of inspection the buyer expects.

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  41. Brakeservo

    I used to appraise/inspect cars for Auto Appraisal Group in Oregon. What I liked most was doing eBay pre-pay inspections and absolutely 95% or more of the cars I looked at had been seriously and significantly mis-represented. I think at the absolute least a potential buyer should do is TALK with the seller – if he won’t send you his phone number or call you RUN don’t walk Away! Over the years I’ve bought dozens of cars online and the only two I was ripped-off on were the two where I violated my own rule and bought from a seller I had not talked to – I think the internet makes it easier for ‘basically honest’ people to lie and misrepresent because of the anonymity offered by an on-line transaction. For significant money though – by all means get it inspected!! I had a good friend who bought an $85,000 Rolls-Royce from an eBay seller with impeccable feedback. I offered to inspect first – all i wanted was him to pay my expenses only – air fare, car rental etc but he chose not too. When the car it was tremendous disappointment – he overpaid by at least $50,000. Another friend bought a $40,000 Bentley without even speaking with the seller and again, it was worth less than half what he paid.

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  42. Fred W.

    I’ve done appraisals for a major online inspection service for about 4 years. Available to inspect cars in middle Tennessee- southern Kentucky area. Owned over 150 cars by age 25, that was in the 70’s, have owned and restored several classics.

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  43. Mike C


    A little info on me,

    I have 12 cars and trucks in my collection. I am very critical in my purchases and I have enough knowledge in vehicles to assist you with your purchase. I am NOT an appraiser just a car nut. Let me know what you are interested in and I hope I can help you. Good luck with your purchase.


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  44. BMW4RunninTundra

    I guess I missed this one!!!! I just signed up. I have, since I became addicted to this site, offered to look at any car within reasonable driving distance from either of my homes. As of yet, I have not been taken up on said offers. I will say that among friends and family, it usually me who receives “the call” when one is considering a used car, for me to inspect, or a new car, for me to negotiate. I have and will not offer the latter service here but am willing to offer the inspection part. Having just read the latest post, I agree with a Form of some sort. I think a “pre purchase insp” is THE most important component to purchasing a used vehicle, from anybody INCLUDING dealers!!!!!!!!! I have no problem helping out Barn Finds Partners out and most likely would do it for N/C. (unless it’s a “hike” from either of my locations!

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  45. GJH

    This is an awesome opportunity for those needing someone to look at a car for them, or for those of us who may be offering the service. My territory would cover New England and parts of NY.

    I have bee messing with cars for nearly 40 years, starting with some American iron; my first car in High School was a ’68 Chevelle with a 327/325 black on black, Cragars, Muncie, 4:11 and Fuelie heads.

    Ended up in foreign after taking a job in a foreign parts store in 75.

    I was exposed to all the Euro and Japanese vehicles and have been there ever since.

    Owned a number of British cars, still do, mixed in with a few Swedish and Italian. An ’82 911SC is my TR6’s stable mate right now.

    As I approach retirement I would like to offer my services as a “set of knowledgeable eyes” for those looking for something interesting but don’t have the knowledge, or they are remote to the seller.

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Sounds like fun.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


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  46. Nolan Brandsma

    I would love to help, but I’m 15 years old…

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  47. Evan

    I don’t have the pedigree some other folks have, but I’d do my best! I’m in Las Vegas, where quite a few cars seem to come from, but we don’t seem to have a lot of readers.

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  48. rick Member

    Hi. I’ve owned over 150 cars in my lifetime. I’m now 70 years old and still very active in the hobby. My main interest is motorcycles. Mainly 70’s and 80’s Japanese bikes. Owned over 125 of them. I’m located in north west Texas, home of the rust free ones. Glad to help as I look everyday myself.

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  49. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    I’m in! I hope any prospective buyers in the Mpls/St. Paul area don’t mind an avalanche of photos, the more the better in my opinion.

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  50. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Count me in! Just signed up.

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  51. Scott Marquis

    Hope someone has investigated potential liability issues for either providing an inspection / opinion (“inspector”), or making a referral for such services (BF).

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  52. MattR

    Submitted. What I lack in hands-on car rebuilds beyond my Ford Ranger, I can make up with my photo skills.

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  53. just signed up for the central valley in California. Been collecting for 35 plus years. I am personally in to Mustangs and Shelby’s, Porsches and BMWs, Chevelle, Corvettes and Ferrari. I know enough to know what I would certainly look for when purchasing any of these. I am a licensed VIN Verifier and follow many market trends on many many cars for value. Hope to help you and I hope to utilize others on my next out of area car purchase

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  54. cidevco Member

    Signed up. Im in Southern California. Can get to your new ride in Orange County (Disneyland Area) and the Inland Empire ( Riverside ) My car collection consists of Ford and Mopars. I will look at any vehicle, very knowledgeable in OEM condition and Hopped up Vehicles. Good Luck

    I like this idea, It can help everyone!!!

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  55. Howard A Member

    Who wants a gravely old, pixxed off truck driver to give them the REAL 411 on this stuff? Oh,this is going to be sweet,,,( crickets), what? I know, many are shaking their heads, but I’d probably be the best darn inspector one could ask for, tell it like is, I would. 23K miles my butt,, Probably end up with ceeement overshoes, I can hear it now, “this guy is costing us a fortune,,take him out”,,,just having some fun, lot of stuff in Colorado, but the place is just too darn big, and halfway to the “inspection”, I’d get bored and come home. I drove enough. I think it’s a good feature, as much as I hate to say, people do have money to spend, and with older folks gone, they really are in over their heads, but still want to enjoy the hobby, and I think that’s great. Good luck to all.

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  56. ChingaTrailer

    Years ago I had an automobile inspection/appraisal business. The bulk of the activity involved independently verifying the condition of cars on eBay for people that had “won” an auction but wanted an inspection before sending their payment off.

    Fully 90% of the eBay cars I looked at were significantly misrepresented and my fee was for those people, the best money they spent all week.

    There is a well known car auction website (the name rhymes with mine) that sells dozens and dozens of cars every week, and I’ve learned about many misrepresented cars there, where the buyers ultimately refuse to pay for such closed auctions.

    This particular website simply relists said cars for auction again, always with the explanation that the sale failed to close due to “no fault of the seller” and that the buyer has been permanently banned from further activity on the website.

    People who bid and pay without inspection are quite foolish.

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  57. Bill Colleran

    Glad to help have looked at several vehicles on line really help with eyes on

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  58. charlie Member

    I am NOT a mechanic, but have owned 30 or so vehicles, British, Japanese, and US/Canada made, can see rust, wawy body panels, detect Bondo, listen to engines and transmissions, and have dealt with fire engines, so some famiiarity with trucks, mostly diagonsis, in my background, and a little wrenching. If it can go wrong, in my driving history, it has. Am on the Eastern side of the Sierra in CA, south of Reno NV, cars here are mostly not rotted but sunburned, we get snow but it “dries up” as much as it melts. The barn finds leak out of the woods and barns as people die and as property changes hands – “and the old car comes with the house, and no, it does not run.” No diamonds, but some reasonably well preserved every day cars.

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  59. Paul G

    I just signed up! Mainly GM muscle cars and corvettes up to 82.
    Have been a lifelong collector, drag racer, and “barn finder” before it was a thing!
    Be happy to help in the MA, RI and eastern CT!

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  60. Mark Ruset

    I am a retired Automotive Service Manager with 46 years of experience, also I was an ASE technician. I can assist in evaluating your barn finds .Located in southwest Florida.

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  61. Jim C

    Great idea. If anyone needs help in the Coastal Carolinas give me shout. I currently work as an independent certified auto inspector for several auto inspection firms.

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  62. CCFisher

    Nice idea! I do suggest that both Barn Finds and the inspectors require clients to sign a waiver releasing you from liability in the event that the inspection does not reveal the true nature of the car. I wouldn’t want any of you guys to get sued because “it didn’t look that bad in the inspection video.”

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  63. billy1

    I am in. Available for inspections from Palm Beach, Florida south to the Florida Keys.

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  64. Jeffsautomobilia

    I just signed up and happy to help out a fellow Barn finder. I am in Northwest Ohio and have restored many British and micro cars over the last 35 years.

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  65. Stevieg

    I am always willing to go look over a vehicle if needed. I will take lots of pictures, and if the vehicle is drivable & close by, I will try to get them over to my repair shop so I can get the subject on the lift.
    I might ne opinionated & maybe a bit rude sometimes, but I am honest & will protect all fellow barnfinders & their interests.

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