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IROC Two-Fer: 22,677 Mile Camaro Z28 + Parts Car


This seems like a relative bargain for any Z28-hungry readers in our audience. First, you have a genuine 22,677 original mile ’86 Camaro Z28 here on craigslist, and the seller is also allowing a buyer to strip an ’89 Camaro Z28 bare for parts if you desire. Two interesting catches: the ’86 retains a clean title despite a slight mishap in its past; as per the parts car, the seller does not want it removed from his property for some reason, so you’ll need to conduct any and all parts removal on his premises, after which it’s going to the crusher. He’s asking $5,500 for the Z28 and all parts.


Now, you may be wondering why a full parts car is needed for such a low-mileage example. I don’t know either! (Wink, wink). The blue ’86 was bought by the seller in 2007, and the Camaro was owned by his friend up until that point. All said and done, it has been in storage for the last 20 years. The second owner bought it from the Ed Rinke Chevrolet dealership, where the dealer owner (Ed, I presume) had held onto the car since new and never did much with it. It’s well-optioned, with T-Tops, an OEM keypad theft deterrent system, and dual exhaust. It was also never insured!


Ah, here’s the issue: it turns out that the second owner’s son drove the Camaro into a parked construction trailer. Ouch! I can only imagine what his father must have wanted to do when he saw his unicorn Camaro wrecked for such dumb reasons. While it may seem unfortunate that the owner hadn’t taken out an insurance policy, it did keep the low-mileage Z28’s title status clear and clean, which likely makes it more valuable than if it had been repaired and the insurance company declared it totaled – a likelihood in the late 2000’s and on a non-collector car policy.


Here’s the parts car that’s in the seller’s garage. It looks like it attempted a barrel roll at one point in time, thus sending it to an insurance auction. It is curious why the seller doesn’t want this car to leave his garage – any guesses why? Effectively, if you buy this combo platter, you can take all the body panels you need to repair the blue car – but then you’ll have to repaint it. So you’ll emerge with a super low mileage Z28 but it won’t be original paint. What do you think of this deal, and why does the seller not want the maroon car to leave his garage except to go to the crusher?


  1. Mark H

    Could be a title issue with the parts car – maybe the insurance company intended that it never leave the salvage yard, that it be crushed. Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.

    • RichS

      He says he has the title for the parts car so I dunno.

    • Robert

      I watched gas monkey garage, one episode, they were given a brand new hellcat, they could not drive it anywhere, they had 3 days, they could take any parts of it, butt it had to be out front in 3 days to be crushed…they switched engines and tranny. I suspect this is the same deal…you can take anything off it, butt you cannot keep it and it has to be crushed…a prototype car…never intended for the road, just to see what things they had to change before letting the public buy it.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Only the Manufacturer would care about that, not a reseller decades later.

      • RichS

        If it was a scenario like that, then the seller wouldnt have a title. That might be a plausible scenario if the parts car had EXTREMELY low miles and no title but with the higher miles and a title it just doesnt wash.

        Manufacturers often donate freight-damaged and buyback vehicles to vocational schools for training purposes and those are almost always forbidden to be resold and don’t come with titles.

        As to the GMG thing, I go to Chrysler once a year for work and it’s very interesting to see all the test and prototype vehicles running around. These are not sold to the general public and are crushed at the end of their testing. The GMG Hellcat was one of those test cars. GMG is sponsored by Chrysler, so is RoadKill and they did similar with other Hellcat test cars.

  2. Oingo

    They both look like salvage saves.

  3. Howard A Member

    To show you how little I care for these cars, I’m much more interested in the IH tractor (looks like an H model)

    So, any news on the server update? Now. my computer freezes up, and “shockwave something”. I know you may be running on a shoestring, but your site is only as good as if the people can access it. Sorry, great site, but I turn it off later in the day. That can’t be good for business.

    • Kincer Dave Member

      It sounds to me like you have a computer issue, I access this site daily on my phone, tablet, and laptop and never have an issue. I’d check to see if you a have a virus or malware.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Negative. The site was lagging desparately for days, however I think its been rectified.

        That said, and guys I know you want to monetize the site, but these aggressive popup ads have me only a few short days away from saying “cya”. I shouldn’t have to close windows 5 times in a row (as I had to do to post this) or download anti ad software.

        You need to rethink your priorities I think.

      • Kincer Dave Member

        I’ve been coming here at least 9 months and never had the site lag or have a bunch of popups, and that’s on three different devices, phone, tablet, and chromebook laptop. I don’t understand why others are having trouble, kinda weird.

        Like 1
  4. racer99

    Easy enough to get VINs and do a little research. Many of the badly damaged cars are sold through the auctions with a “Certificate of Destruction” or just a “Bill of Sale” meaning they were sold to never be titled for street use. Interesting twist is here is GA (and other states) you don’t have to have a title to register a vehicle over 25 years old so there is little to keep someone from from repairing and registering a vehicle like the “parts car”. Maybe the seller doesn’t want to take the risk that someone tries to register and then resell it and his name is in the ownership chain. Car could also have an open lien on it or be an unrecovered theft. There’s enough suspicious title issues here that I’d make sure to do due diligence before bidding.

    • Bobsmyuncle


      “Car could also have an open lien on it or be an unrecovered theft.”

      I wouldn’t touch this, but if you do dot your ‘I’s and cross your ‘T’ s.

      • racer99

        I missed that he said the parts cars has a title — I either read it too fast or maybe he added that after the initial ad. BUT — he didn’t say it has a “Clean” title so maybe it’s a salvage title or the open lien and unrecovered theft issues are still possibilities. It’s also possible the title isn’t in his name. I’d have to be real comfortable with the title status of the parts car before I bolted parts from it onto my vehicle. NMVTIS is a great place to start for title research — it’s a $5 search and picks up the government known title history. Not as thorough as the others but will tell you current title status and registration location.


    It ain’t worth no $5500 in this economy. That car needs a lot of work and it’s not minor so unless your an excellent bodyman this ain’t worth it.

  6. MH

    I’d rather have the tractor. That’s the best thing in the garage.

  7. prowler

    I would be a bidder on the storage lifts


    To heck with the cars, how much for the Garagemahal! What dreams are made for!👍

  9. Alan (Michigan)

    Agreed that the blue car is not a cheap and easy fix. The hood is also damaged, front bumper cover too. And the driver’s seat looks mushed out. I’d prefer the seats out of the parts car, based only on what the photos show. Both cars appear to be automatics. Not my choice, but….

    As far as why the seller won’t part with the ’89….. any number of reasons, including an unreported accident which caused the damage. But since the seller is basically offering any/all the parts off of that car… The ’89 5.7 could be swapped into the ’86 for mo’ power. I’d be stripping the everlovin’ (stuffing) outta that parts car. With some research, you might find that in those three years of development, some significantly better parts are to be had.

    Oh… And, this is not that far from where I live, less than 50 miles I believe. Perfectly willing to hop on 2 fast wheels and get a look with seasoned eyes, if anyone has a serious interest in the deal.

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