Iron Not So Giant: 1956 Lloyd LT600

1956 Lloyd LT600

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My day job has me in Germany at the moment, and reader Markus R was kind enough to send us this intriguing Lloyd “bus” find located in Aschaffenburg , Germany. I can’t really decide what car it reminds me the most of, although I see a little original Mini wagon in the rear, and a little VW Beetle in the hood, but with the large wheels and a neutral facial expression the nose looks a lot like the Iron Giant from the Disney film! It’s available here on eBay Germany at 6550 Euro with reserve not yet met.

Project Lloyd LT600

Surprisingly large appearing despite their small powerplants, the Lloyd series of automobiles, trucks and estates were built from 1950 to 1961. This 1956 packs an astoundingly small 19 horsepower out of its 596cc 2 cylinder engine yet has seats for 6 people. I just hope they aren’t in too much of a hurry! I understand that the seller is the second owner and that the little van has only covered 36,000 kilometers, or a little over 22,000 miles.

Lloyd LT600 Rust

The advertisement is straightforward about the rust repair, noting that the sills and floors have been patched and the remaining original paint, while not shiny enough to keep around for my taste, I would certainly be suitable for color matching. There’s obviously some work to be done finishing off the patches, at least on this one.

Lloyd LT600 Interior

Despite looking a little dingy, the interior is said to be all original and in good condition with an original wood and fabric roof contributing to a rustic but classy atmosphere. Those front seats look like they belong in a 50’s diner!

Lloyd LT600 Engine

Unlike many sellers, this one was kind enough to put the car on a lift and take some pictures. I find the front end mechanical layout fascinating, with front wheel drive and a transverse leaf spring, a feature it shares with Triumphs and some Corvettes! Floor patches can be seen, and although the welds have not been ground down yet, they’re nothing to be too embarrassed over. I wish all my projects looked this solid to begin with!

Lloyd LT600 Engine Bay

Engine? We don’t need no stinking engine! Actually, it’s in there, although I don’t ever remember seeing an engine compartment more empty with an engine actually in there. Remember, 576cc is smaller than most lawn tractor engines! I’m sure it would be sacrilege to any Lloyd enthusiast, but I wonder if a large Kawasaki mower engine would fit? I’m guessing one could double the horsepower without too much trouble! I wonder if there are many of these in the USA? Anyone seen one lately besides the work van we featured recently?

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  1. David G.

    Hey, compare the front end of this Lloyd with the front end of the new Fiat 500L 4 door hatch crossover…very similiar!!
    I have been a Borgward, Lloyd, Goliath fan for years, having owned two Goliath 1100s in the past.
    Very underpowered, but lots of fun.

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  2. Alan (Michigan)

    With that little power, now wonder it has traveled such a scant distance. Not a whole lot faster than walking, I’d think!

    Have to say that it is cute, perhaps even museum-worthy as a rare item. But for the offering price, there are so many far more interesting automotive examples to spend the money on. Just MHO, of course.

    Someone remind me how to type, please. Seems as though I am misspelling my name or email, and the system kicks me out for moderation! :-/

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  3. St.Ramone de V8

    I love the oddball stuff. BF rocks! This thing is amazing. 19 screaming horses to carry 6 people. Ugly as sin. Looks bigger than it is, probably. I would guess parts chasing would be futile, but this one seems to pretty much intact. If anyone would know anything about this thing, I’m sure this is where they would show up!

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  4. DT

    These have a flow through head,overhead cam,roller bearings,these are not gutless ,but you do have to tach them up,which is hard to do to a car almost 60 years old ,I ve had a number of Lloyds,they are always low mileage.Go figure.I have a sedan I want to fix up,and a Combi that I am using for parts for the sedan,I want to make a trailer out of the Combi and pull it behind my sedan.A friend of mine passed away a few years ago,he had a pick up.he always said he would sell it to me ,but his kids sold it back east and it got damaged by the hauler,the pick ups are very rare

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  5. DT

    Lloyd remained in business,after Borgward went out of business,’till the 70s. Making snowmobile motors and owned an airline and a cruise ship line and many may remember Lloyd hapich shipping containers,yep same company

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  6. RickyM

    Weird little thing ! With those uncomfortable looking seats, a top speed of 53mph is probably just as well :-)

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  7. Cameron Bater UK

    This looks fantastic, I’m pretty sure TIG actually ate one of these in the film, it also has the same sort of face at the front. Dont you think?

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