Barn Find Stash: Trio of 1959 Lloyd 600s

The Lloyd 600 was a small car (aka microcar) built by Borgward in Germany in the 1950s. It was designed to compete with the Volkswagen Beetle which sold in far greater numbers. The seller has not one but three… more»

Stalled Project: 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS Micro Car

German automaker Lloyd Engine Works was originally a manufacturer of luxury cars in its early days, with roots dating all the way back to 1908, but the company was folded into the Borgward Group in 1929, with the Lloyd… more»

Microcar Package: Three 1959 Lloyd 600s

I can picture a car hauler heading down the freeway loaded with three 1959 Lloyd 600 microcars all in a row. At around 11-feet in length each, it wouldn’t have to be that big of a trailer but it… more»

19 German Horses: 1960 Lloyd Alexander

When a regular Lloyd 600 just won’t do, we offer you this 1960 Lloyd Alexander! The cool part is that it would probably fit in Santa’s bag full of toys. This little gem can be found here on Craigslist… more»

Small Van Big Project: 1960 Lloyd LT 600

Most of you have heard of Lloyd Motor Works (Lloyd Motren Werke) but you may not have known that they made a vehicle such as this 1960 Lloyd LT 600. This example is listed on eBay with an unmet opening… more»

What The Heck? 1950 Lloyd 650

You never know what you’ll find listed on eBay. Here’s a rare old car, a Lloyd, one of only 15 known to have survived. If you had to guess, the pattern on the grill and the headlights might remind… more»

Two-Cylinder Wagon: 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS

Quick: what’s the most unassuming vehicle name that you can think of?! For me, it’s Lloyd. While this 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS Wagon restoration project isn’t unassuming, you can see how much work it’ll be, the name sure is. It doesn’t… more»

0-60 In 56 Seconds: A Pair Of 1958 Lloyd Alexanders

For a time after the war, Lloyd was the third largest car builder in Germany after Opel and VW. The Alexander is an upscale model with a full synchro 4-speed transmission, windows, a trunk lid, and even a headliner!… more»

Iron Not So Giant: 1956 Lloyd LT600

My day job has me in Germany at the moment, and reader Markus R was kind enough to send us this intriguing Lloyd “bus” find located in Aschaffenburg , Germany. I can’t really decide what car it reminds me… more»

Micro Work Van: 1960 LLoyd LT 600

As we have been gathering up parts and transporting them to the shop for our Mustang, we have been thinking about how great it would be to have a dedicated parts hauler. The SAAB is more than capable of… more»

The Manliest Micro: 1958 Lloyd LP 600

Any car that has had sayings made up about it or in reference to it is in our opinion a car worth learning about. Not many cars can say they received a manlier or more terrifying saying than the… more»

German Micro: 1960 Lloyd Alexander TS

It seems as though the market has been flooded with quirky micro cars lately. This odd little guy is offered for sale by the same seller of the Daimler featured earlier today. This automobile is a 1960 Lloyd Alexander… more»

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