Is Decent Metal Enough? 1965 Plymouth Barracuda


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So how much is a relatively solid body worth? This 1965 Plymouth Barracuda certainly has a lot of issues, possibly enough of them that you’d need another car to merge with this one to have one good car. However, most of the all-important sheet metal is pretty decent. It’s located in Mountain Home, Arkansas and is up for auction here on eBay, with an opening bid of $2,500 or a buy-it-now of $4,500. Thanks to Josh for this interesting find!


At first I thought the seller was nuts, especially considering that this isn’t a perfect shell by any means. But I’ve looked at 64-65 Barracudas off and on as my wife remembers one fondly from her childhood. Almost all of them are rusty in the quarters, and a lot more so than this one. The other troubling thing is the rear window–while they are available, that’s a really large piece of glass to be shipping anywhere, and despite the seller’s assurance that there’s one on eBay for $200, you’d better hope it’s near you. I’m thinking this might be best purchased by someone with a mechanically sound car that needs a body shell!


Despite the dirt, there are some pieces in the interior here that may be worth saving. For example even the cushions on these seats don’t look too bad; an upholstery kit for the seats would be it, and even the center console doesn’t look bad.


Looking closely at the license plate, we can see that this Plymouth was last on the road legally in Arkansas in 1979. Given the generally beat up appearance of the rear valence and bumper, to use this body shell you’re going to have to do some serious metal working back here. I really think the price is too high for what is essentially a donor body shell and mechanicals. I’m not saying it can’t be restored, but that if you are looking for a Barracuda you can find a more solid car for this kind of money. But maybe I’m wrong?


Here’s the engine, although I doubt that it’s worth saving. An open brake master cylinder reservoir and a lot of abused components again point to the future of this car being combined with another car to create one good Barracuda. But that’s my thought–what’s yours?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. TLouisJ

    Here’s one out my way in Oregon.

    Remember them when they were new in the showroom window of the Pendleton,Oregon Mopar dealer. My classmate Donny had a new one that he subsequently totaled. His story was that he was adjusting his seat belt on the (county) highway and lost control. Nobody really believed it. :-) Terry J

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  2. MH

    This is 10X the car for the same money. And you can drive this one home.

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    • PaulG

      Without a doubt, the one MH found is the deal, PLUS it’s a 4 speed!

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      • JW454

        I agree. MH has found the deal if you’re in the market.

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  3. TLouisJ

    Wow MH. That’s a nice one. Could be draggin’ the gut on that one this coming Saturday night. Terry J

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  4. Alan

    Perfect for a “Hemi Under Glass” clone :-)

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  5. JW

    When I had a part time job as a mechanics helper a girl stopped by with a brand new one of these but in gold. I never liked the body style of these as the 70 is my favorite but everyone to there choice. I would take the 65 GTO featured earlier over this car.

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  6. PaulieB

    My first car was a ’65 .. $150 former wreck.. 3 on the tree slant 6 that burned a quart of oil about every 500 miles.. White fish-eyed paint with a jet black interior that was perfect. I loved it.. made the huge mistake of selling it for $150 about a year after I bought it.. that was in 1973!

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  7. Michael RogersMember

    Not long ago they weren’t worth zip, stuff a 360 in (fits right in) then harass Mustangs and Camaros

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  8. Barry T

    I have a hunch those back windows are difficult to find.

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    This old ‘Cuda triggered something. When I was a kid the guy next door who built and flipped cars brought one like this home once. He paid $20. for it. The car was red and had huge Plymouth decals on the quarters and had chrome slotted steel wheels. I remember he needed something from it. Charlie worked on a lot of cars but think he was a Mopar guy. He parked the $20. wonder next to his garage and used it as a dumpster. When full he hauled it off. Keep in mind we lived in the city. Old tract houses built on top of each other. He was always bringing something in. Couldn’t believe he had planned on junking it but he did. His buddy Eddie would hang around had a very bad 69 AMX 390 4 spd. that got respect. Saw him pull the front wheels off the ground more then once. Would have been 1972. Because of seeing that I always wanted an AMX. Funny seeing something can impact you when you are young that affects your life. Have had many AMX’s and AMC’s too. Thanks Charley and Fast Eddie.

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