Is It The Right One? 1969 Dodge Coronet 500


This 1969 Dodge Coronet 500 (does it seem to you that there are a lot of late 60’s Mopars coming to market?) is listed for sale here on eBay and comes with an interesting story, especially about its last 15 years. The car is located in Duxbury, Massachusetts and is available for a buy it now of $14,000 or you are welcome to make a lower offer.


The car looks really nice in pictures, and since the seller characterizes it as a “1 footer” after having been repainted in the early 2000’s and then stored. The seller tells us that they purchased the car in 1999 as a father-son project out of Arizona. By 2003 the car had been painted and had a new interior was installed, but the son lost interest prior to securing a power train.


It has an engine (a 318) and the seller has started it yearly. There’s no rust. Let me say that again–NO RUST! Well, except for the trunk floor, which has surface rust. Interesting how that came out later in the ad. However, that body really does look nice.


The interior does also, although the “stuff” that is discoloring the steering wheel has me wondering exactly how the car was stored. I think I would have spent some time cleaning up the new parts here–I think this car would really present well if someone went through it and detailed it–since things aren’t original anyway, why not clean it up! Actually, the seller says they will post new pictures when it’s cleaned up. Hope that’s soon!


Here’s the 318 V8, which runs well except there’s something wrong with the carburetor–it stumbles under acceleration. So there are a few issues overall. I suspect you may have to go through the brakes again due to the long period of inactivity as well. It ends up coming down to this: is this a car you are interested in? If so, a lot of the work you would otherwise have to do has already been done. But if you don’t like this particular Mopar in this color, you will probably want to look elsewhere. Do you agree?


  1. Howard A Member

    Now this is a really nice car. Doesn’t have to be a Charger. Jamie, I believe you answered your own question why so many Mopar’s are coming on the market in the 2nd paragraph,,,,no interest from the son. Nice color, Cragars, 4 speed,( I think it’s a 4 speed, they don’t say) 318 only needs an accelerator pump to cure the stumbling, price is right. You know, I’d almost rather have this than the Charger. Very nice find.

    • Randall

      I agree. ..I like this one better than the charger too. I had a 70 Dodge Coronet 440 model. The body style of these years of Coronets and Super Bees are some of my favorites.

    • Greg NJ 2 SC

      I belive that’s a hurst automatic shifter

      • Paul. A

        Yes I caught that also not correct shifter so after market , I’ve never seen a coronet with a Hurst shifter

  2. Barzini

    This is so similar to my first car, which I bought in 1978. It was a terrible car that had a bewildering habit of breaking rocker arms and left me stranded many times. But at the time I thought it was the greatest car looking car on the road.

  3. Blyndgesser

    I hate the looks of an aftermarket shifter.

    • Dan

      I hate those shifters too…

    • Randall

      Me too. They look cheap and don’t belong in this type of car. Or any type of car for that matter.

  4. Blyndgesser

    Sold already.

  5. Hank

    It’s an automatic.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Hank, how’d you know that? I didn’t see any pics of the pedals, and just assumed with that shifter, it was a stick. For me, the automatic sweetened the deal. I’m sick of shifting.

  6. duke

    loose the lame ass craiger mags put the stock mags back on it—-re-do the shifter to stock and you’ve got a really nice rare car—

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      I’ll join you in the anti-Cragar camp. The Worst.

    • Jim Williamson

      Hate to disagree but the cragars look great! They look great! Plus the car is a 318, Perfect hot-rod material . Face it, Stock has its place but is BORING!!! Leave stock to the bank roll crowd with the paint dobs and reproduced overspray. Cars like this turn me on! Gimme more!!!

  7. Mtoomey

    Automatic. Shifter and boot don’t have the sideways range of motion for a 4 speed..

  8. Jack

    It is an automatic transmission. It has the letters and numbers P,R,N,D,2,1 down along the left side of the shifter.

    • Big Andy


      Good Call! Great vision.
      Clean it up and drive it!

  9. Scott

    It’s a great car for a Saturday night malt shop and drive inn movie ride, Wow showed my age with the malt shop & drive in comment. I’m thinking there both a thing of the past.

  10. Mike

    I love the color and body style. Think it was a steal for 14K if the underside was clean and not rusted.

    Looks like an awesome daily driver, underpriced with the body and paint in that condition.

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