Is It Worth It: 1970 Boss 429 Shell


Let me start this article by stating I’m a huge Mustang fan. Grew up with four in the family over the years, and I currently have a 2013 Boss 302 that I will never sell. I just don’t get the price on this one. Yes, this is an original Boss 429 Mustang, one of only 499 produced, and it has all it’s original body panels, a Marti report for verification and appears relatively straight. It’s located in Manassas, Virginia and is for sale here on eBay. The seller notes that a restored similar car sold for $400,000 last year at auction, and therefore feels justified asking $125,000 or best offer for this car. But there’s a crucial thing missing! The Boss 429 was created to homologate an engine, and it’s not there! Not only that, the transmission that’s there isn’t the original type either. Considering the rust (and kudos to the seller for showing detailed pictures of it) and the lack of engine, to me this is a lot of money for a shell and a title. What do you think? I’ll be following this one to see if it sells for the asking price.


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  1. booger

    Flipper couldn’t even take time to unload it off that U-Haul trailer before offering it up.

    Seller is out of their mind on that price, but good luck nonetheless.

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  2. RayT Member

    Looks to me like the new happy owner will only have to add the price of a replacement Boss 429 Body, engine, transmission, wheels and assorted small pieces to make this a worthwhile project! What a bargain!

    Seriously, if I were looking for a Boss — and my taste runs more toward the lighter 302 than the nose-heavy 429 — I’d look elsewhere. This one looks bad enough on the surface to make me very leery of other pitfalls that may lurk….

    Heck, I’ll bet the seller doesn’t even have the keys!

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    • bruce baker

      No matching numbers here. Enough rust to sink a ship. I like the white 69 429 much better.

  3. sunbeamdon

    Not sure if “jacking” the serial number plate up is legal, but there’s not much left to salvage this one and not have it treated like a clone!

    Shell maybe worth $30,000

    Motor and transmission – clone maybe $25,000

    Body and paint – done right, maybe $70,000

    Interior – maybe $8,000

    Pay-off to Dept of Revenue – $$$$$$?

    Value – uncertain!


  4. Orlando

    After a 150K resto back to stock, the car will be worth 175-200K tops IMHO

    Show the car as is. It would draw more attention than another restored Boss 9. Maybe restore it after the “barn find” hoopla for this particular car dies down

    Cool find!!

  5. blindmarc

    Even the one that was found on fast and loud didn’t sell at Mecum auctions for $125k. It was running, not missing anything, triple black, and no rust. It had been in a container for 25 years.

  6. MH

    10K tops for it. It needs way more then it’s worth.

  7. dj

    That’s the problem with the Barrett Jackson/Mecum auction crap. Everybody thinks their crap is worth a fortune. I’m sure this flipper lied his butt off to get this car for nothing and hopes to score a retirement check off it. No thanks, I’ll pass on this one especially with that polish my crank attitude.

    • Jason


  8. David Frank David Member

    Indeed not worth it, and there was also a black on black one at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale that went for $176,000 but it was complete, original matching numbers and beautiful.

    It’s good to know not all folks on drugs are here in California. This flipper probably paid less than $10,000 for it.

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  9. hall442

    AND , no. The VIN tag is worth a bit, yes. but, without the original numbers matching motor, and in this condition, HELL no.

  10. MikeW

    Not worth the asking price for sure. the most would be $20k

  11. sir mike

    maybe he meant $1250.00??? what a joke…

  12. ahdriver

    There is an engine shown in the front end in pictures! What’s up with that???

    • Rocco Member

      I was just getting reading to mention that. The bellhousing is connected also. I bet it was a complete car when found, and he’s keeping the drivetrain, ruining another great car.

  13. Dan

    He’s dreaming….sorry……

  14. jeff6599

    I remember a few years back being at a large Pontiac show in Chicago where there was a condition 4 1969 Trans Am convertible; one of eight made. At a seminar during the day with a renown appraiser giving the presentation, the question was asked “what is that Trans Am outside the door worth?” The Speaker said “about a million and a half”. The asker said “even with the obvious need of a full restoration?. The speaker said “Absolutely. The cost of restoration on such a rare, low volume car is almost insignificant relative to the value of the car. Always keep this in mind AND be realistic about restoration costs, both parts and labor.

  15. JW

    The auction houses and collectors have ruined the hobby for the young people. To me this car wouldn’t be worth the cost of a rental trailer to drag it home. JMHO !!! OH and yes his CRANK attitude sucks big time.

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  16. JW454

    It could be that this moron spent way more on this car than we think as he was hoping to still make a big score payday. He may have paid a fair price IE: 10~20k but thought he had more of a deal than he really does. I’m hoping that’s the case. 250 watchers of the auction… there is some interest.

  17. Luke Fitzgerald

    Ha – the same thing happens here – cars that escaped the crusher (and because of that, on paper “rare”) are dug out their hole and presented as the landfill they are – advertised for money that is eye watering. Someone will buy it tho’ – you all know that. That someone will already have what’s missing – for how much? As much to restore it is my guess.

  18. jim s

    looks like he is selling 2 engine parts, maybe for this car, on ebay also.

  19. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    the new owner has tried to sell it before… takers yet……agree with y’all….go buy one built….

  20. Scott Allison

    Knock 120K off of the price tag. This is a rusted out shell.

    Oh.. Hey Doc! I found the rims someone stole off the Delorean!

  21. erikj

    I agree with all. This guy is on a nother planet. Looking at the pics. ,one of the front susp. pics., I think I see a oil pan! Did that boss still have had its motor? What a shame if it was pulled and sold separate.That is said if true

  22. Franimal

    Boys boys boys don’t you know one simple rule? “Whatever you have is junk and whatever the person has that’s selling is gold!”
    I had a mint condition Boss429 in the 80’s that was under 10k. That was when this hobby was fun! Now the car pictured above a Boss302 has now been to 3 deadbeat “car restorers” and 27k later it is now up to a real restoration shop getting done! I will have way more than it is worth into it. But I will know what I have and I will love it! In my eyes there was no choice I have to finish it! Or sell it for 8k? That would be foolish. As far as restoring that boss 9, it really cost the same to restore a v8 mustang as it does a mustang that is worth a lot more…THINK as IBM would say! Is IBM still in America?

  23. Addicted

    erickj, I went back an re looked at the pics. It appears in one front susp pic there is a starter and an oil pan. In another front susp pic it looks like almost a full oil pan with the drain plug in it! Either this guy shot pics of another vehicle and mixed them with this one or you are dead on, he pulled the engine and has/sold it separately. And to all of you that caught the “polish my crank” part, innopriate, unnessacary, and extremely immature. Kind of shows you the mentality of who you would be dealing with! Jacking with the pics and crude comments! Not that I was interested to start but I know I have no desire now………

  24. Franimal

    Joke, he must have took the boss motor out, you can clearly see it, and the car on the trailer sits nicely…There is a word for these guys, “Shlacker”

    Also, real Ford guy does not drive a Chevy truck. As the reverse it also true…..

    I bet there are tons of forum guys going nuts on this one!

  25. Blindmarc

    He’ll wait and see if it sells. Wait another 6 months, then call the owner and say he found the engine. Those headers (if in decent shape) would be some cash too.

  26. Bryan

    At that asking price you would think he would at least swap those Chrysler Cordoba road wheels for some Ford rims!

  27. blindmarc

    Imagine that! It didn’t sell.

  28. Dr.olds1969

    People watch to much gas monkey garage !

  29. bruce baker

    No matching numbers here. Enough rust to sink a ship. I like the white 69 429 much better.

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