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Is The Price Right? 1962 MGB Roadster

1962 MGB Roadster

This MGB is in the Boston area and listed here on craigslist for $1,800. It’s been sitting for 40 years. There’s no word on any of the mechanicals, but there’s no daylight showing through the body. Even the sills don’t appear rusty. Perhaps this could be a reasonable price for this if the engine isn’t stuck and the rust isn’t terrible.

MGB Roadster

There’s no sign or word of a top. What will it take to restore the interior? If the engine isn’t stuck, perhaps it won’t take much to bring this MG back to life. The seller reports he can no longer get the hood open. Hopefully that won’t be a problem. It will be interesting to hear what you who know these cars have to say.


  1. Avatar photo Rufus

    I think it needs to be noted that there is no such thing as a 62 MGB. The official production dates for these cars is 1963 – 1980. Lots of folks find the build date in 1962, and call their cars ’62, but the correct year designation is 1963. I know this is a Major Nit for me to pick, but as these cars are becoming more popular with budget minded hobbyists, lots of folks selling them are looking for a way to make them appear or sound “special”. This car, being first year of production, has enough going for it that it really doesn’t need the rookie mis-representation of its model year.
    Hats off to the seller for documenting the car with photos showing the condition, warts and all. I might suggest listing the other car in a separate ad (after all, CL is free) to cut down on confusion. This car is priced well for a restoration candidate, and should sell quickly to a knowledgeable MG guy, as the 63’s are one of the more desirable model years.
    Normally I just glide by the cars with this very minor fault, but I’m feeling kinda picky this morning. Thanks for bearing with me.
    Rant over!

    Have fun

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  2. Avatar photo Hoos Member

    I would like to have this one, if I only had room.

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  3. Avatar photo rjc

    Rufus, not picky, just information! Thanks.

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  4. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    A ’63 MGB is special to some people for being a first year car, so would probably be worth considering this car if you value first year cars. The owner says he has a ‘huge’ lot of British car parts, so a buyer might be able to get some of the needed parts at the same time.

    But if the car has been sitting 40 years you have to get lucky to get it to turn over and be rebuildable. It may be a first year car but they built half a million of them IIRC, so they aren’t scarce. I would say proceed carefully, and only if you must have a first year car. Otherwise, go for the best one you can afford, because you will likely be driving sooner and cheaper that way.

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  5. Avatar photo Dennis Collins

    I requested the vin from the owner according to my book it is a 65 still desirable but it is not an early car.

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  6. Avatar photo Robin

    Ad is adjusted, it’s a 64.

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  7. Avatar photo Duane

    Hi Rufus. Just to clarify. MGB production started in 1962 and a few thousand were made in the Abdington Factory. I own a Dec 62 built in New Zealand that was imported back in the late 1960s and have the build certificate from the British Motor Museum. I believe its the oldest MGB in New Zealand or Australia (where I live now) I know there are also a handful of 1962 MGBs in the US now and I can imagine they would go for a lot of money. I see this one was relisted as a 64 model.

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