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Is Your Pattern Full? 1977 Ford Maverick


I’ve noticed during the almost two years that I’ve been writing for Barn Finds that cars seem to come out in groups; especially more unusual ones. There will always be Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers for sale, as well as MGB’s and Datsuns. But finding nice Mavericks is more of a challenge. We’ve posted several lately here, but this one may be the nicest of the bunch, and I’m willing to bet there’s room for one more in the pattern without it being full (Top Gun fans will get my reference). This pretty car is available here on eBay and is located in Mount Vernon, Washington (why are most of the really nice cars across the country from me?) Bidding hasn’t really started as I write this as I’m sure the $200 bid will need to rise considerably before beating the reserve.


This does have the larger rear bumpers of the later cars, but I think it more than makes up for it with the stylish 1/2 vinyl top (original) and decent paint with interesting pinstriping (it’s a repaint). I love the wheels and raised white letter radials; very period and nice.


Just look at how clean this looks. The seller rates the paint job as a seven on a 1-10 scale; there is one ding in the hood due to improper closure, but most importantly, there’s no rust! Also, all the trim is immaculate, some has been replaced with NOS parts, and the rest just looks terrific!


WOW! Just wow! No superlative I can write can fully describe how these seats look. Their condition is exquisite and you know you’ll stay awake with this interior, won’t you?


I’m including this dash shot to show just how wonderful, evocative and charming this car is. No, as the seller states, it’s not a Grabber, but it is stunning in it’s condition.


For those hoping for and even expecting a 302, sorry to disappoint you. The Ford inline six, though, is a fine engine and certainly has enough power to hustle this car along. I really like this car, although I’m sure it will go over my budget! What about you? Is your pattern full, or does this Maverick buzz your tower?


  1. Oingo

    Looks to be in great condition but everything else about it is the less than desirable.

  2. 68 custom

    nicest Maverick I have ever seen, all it needs is a EFI-5.0 swap!

    • Rob

      A Coyote crate motor would be a nice upgrade.

  3. gtojeff

    I believe the seller is hinting at $10k as the reserve. I like it but for a 6 cylinder, I think that’s too much. But thats my opinion.

    • Bingo

      A maverick is a maverick and I think about $7,000

    • cyclemikey

      Hinting at 10K? He says that it’s insured for 10K, and that his reserve is much less.

      I like the car a lot, hate those bumpers, but the six-cylinder is a plus in my book. That’s what the car was designed for, and the V8 doesn’t fit well. It’s a royal pain in the butt to work on, and for what? This ain’t a race car, it’s a nice Sunday cruiser.

      Like 1
      • dj

        Someone asked his reserve and his answer was that he had hinted at it several times in his listing.

  4. sparkster

    I kinda was hoping for a 302 rather than the 6 cylinder as well. It lost about half it’s value having the six. The six was a good engine in the 60’s but it’s going to take a V-8 to haul those front and rear guardrails around. Perhaps smaller bumpers could be installed. Perhaps a 5.0 Coyote Ford V-8 could be installed as well after the bumper exchange. Perhaps I should stop dreaming and get back to my household chores.

  5. JW

    I like it as is, it was a sign of the times in the late 70’s. Glad Ford did replace the tray under the dash with a glove box. The color doesn’t appeal to me but I could live with that and the inline 6 cylinder. 7K sounds about right to me also.

  6. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    It’s funny how things change. There is only one reason these are hard to find and it’s because they were throw-away cars by the 80s. No one wanted one except maybe a V8 four-speed car for sleeper value. I didn’t like them much then, but things have changed and I appreciate the period styling and size more now. Novas were largely in the same camp then, too…

  7. jesus bortoni

    This one IS worth a second look. What “grabbed” me was the plaid interior. Good looking car. $7K? Yeah, I can see it. And a two door!

  8. chad

    Some would ‘grab’ it & swap in the Grabber trim, paint’n motor, most don’t know the 1 in it has 240tq at 1500rpm. Not bad for 1969 – 1983 technology. Or as my mechanic friends say (wince) “Straight 6s have longer cranks!”

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