Island Wagon: 1967 Citroen ID21F Break

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Over the years, I’ve found one of the best places to go classic car hunting is an island community. It doesn’t matter which island, just a place where it’s difficult to get old cars out of the community and equally challenging to bring replacement vehicles in. It tends to lead to cars being kept in rotation far longer than places with the convenience of simply trundling down to the dealership for a replacement, and it also means that when a vehicle reaches the end of its useful life, it simply sits on the property versus being scrapped. This 1967 Citroen ID21F Break – a fancy way of saying “station wagon” – popped up for sale in Martha’s Vineyard and it looks like an incredibly complete example of this rare French estate.

I have personal experience removing a long-roof variant from this island community off the coast of Massachusetts, as I rescued a 1995 Audi S6 Avant from the clutches of the donation pile from the original owner a few summers back. Here are some things to keep in mind should you want to bring this Citroen back to the mainland: first, the ferry service currently runs at a deficit, meaning there aren’t enough daily crossings for the people that want to use it, never mind trying to find room on a car ferry to bring a dead car across. Second, you need to not only get this Citroen off the island, but to also put it on the back of a flat bed and get that off the island – which is a trick in and of itself. Also, you’re in peak tourist season, so you’ll have the added bonus of winding your way through crowded, narrow streets to get down to the ferry terminal.

But given how complete this Citroen appears to be, it may be entirely worth it to a motivated collector of French delicacies like this wagon. I would also note that from a completely non-scientific lens, it is very rare to find a project-grade Citroen of this vintage that is not a total basketcase. Yes, the seller calls it a “lemon” and a “….crazy sweet Flinstone car,” presumably a way of describing the condition of its floors, but the rest of the wagon looks relatively un-messed with. The glass is all present, the interior in very good shape (all things considered – I can’t speak for how powerful the scent of mouse pee is, however), and the upper body panels don’t appear to be terribly crusty – we have seen far, far worse when it comes to these highly-advanced oddballs.  From a packaging standpoint, these were fascinating machines: front-wheel drive, a 2.2L inline-four, 4-speed manual gearbox, rear jump seats, a folding second row, and a beefy rear suspension configuration that provided impressive load-bearing capabilities.

Also, does it get any better than this for a true island car? If you’ve ever been to the islands off the coast of the Bay State, it’s of little surprise that such a vehicle has been hiding out there. While these days it’s just hedge fund managers and children enjoying the spoils of multi-generational wealth, Martha’s Vineyard was more artists’ commune than a playground for ex-Wall Streeters back in the 70s and 80s. It’s the perfect place for a wagon like this that is surely remembered by some long-time locals. I hope it finds its way to a home proficient in saving these intriguing long-roofs, also known as a Safari wagon in some countries. The seller has listed the Citroen here on Facebook Marketplace in Chilmark, Massachusetts, for $2,800.

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    Another one of those “So Weird it’s Cool” cars.

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  2. CraigR

    There’s a chance one could get it to run and drive it to the ferry as well.

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  3. matthew grant

    since chilmark as the most expensive property values in the whole state of Massachusetts, id say make a low offer. your narrative about getting the car from up island to the steamship authority in vineyard haven was on target. the cost to renovate will be nearly as expensive as getting the car to the mainland.

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    • Martin Horrocks

      The asking price is ridiculously low if $2800 is correct. How much do you expect to save?

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      • Steveo

        My bet is that they would give it away.

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      • Terrry

        That’s the cheap part. Getting it off the island will require another chunk of change.

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  4. Terrry

    Correct me here if I’m wrong but I think it’s “brake” as in “shooting brake”. Can’t say about the wagons, but those Citroens in sedan form can be driven fine on only one back wheel.

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    • Derek

      The French refer to estate cars as “Break”; you might be right that it originates from shooting brake, though.

      Cheap at the price, though; I wonder if it’s on green or red blood?

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  5. Bali Blue 504

    How about contacting the National Guard to see if they’d employ a double-prop ‘copter, and lift it off the island as a training exercise?

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  6. The Cadillac Kid

    That’s the one with the “weird” steering wheel. It’s funny.

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    • Terrry

      The steering spoke and column were one piece. Very strange-looking but relatively safe in an accident.

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  7. Harry Timmer

    I live in Belgium and are very interested in this car but can somebody help me with transport and shipping and how can I contact the seller? Harry Timmer

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    • Bub

      Ah…skip it Harry.

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      • Bub

        What I mean is log on to your computer, haul out your credit card, and see what happens.

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      • Bub

        You are 8 hours away from France, I need not tell you.
        Exhaust those opportunities and then cast your net wide to the New World.

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  8. chrlsful

    then there’s the salty sea air, history of MA salty winter roads (main land 1st) and we have a car made for different conditions back home (rust proofing? what’s that?).
    I love these cars (see the guy B4 me will pay all sorta money for all sorta services) and love rd trips/starting ol cars/trucks/jeeps/tractors/bikes that have been sitting (w/o damaging). Best model of all they made (in my mind).

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  9. Chris

    My parents started driving them in 1960. Always attention getters wherever we went. A wagon was my daily driver in high school,used to put 6 to 8 pals in.

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  10. Paul Martin

    Some of these in RHD form were manufactured in the UK and used as Ambulances.

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  11. Motorcityman

    Uglier than a Aztec!

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    • Bali Blue 504

      I mildly disagree. To me, seeing one Pontiac Aztec or one AMC Gremlin is seeing one to many. This car is indeed “quirky” but doesn’t quite meet that level of ugly.

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