It’s A Party! 1963 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta

I’m a big wagon fan, there really is just something special about big American station wagons! That’s especially true when it’s something like this Olds Super 88 Fiesta Wagon. You see, this luxurious wagon is a Super 88, meaning it’s powered by the Skyrocket 394 V8, which churned out a mere 325 horsepower! If you wanted to get the family to any destination quickly and in total comfort, this was the wagon to have. You can now find this lovely example here on eBay in Titusville, Pennsylvania with a current bid of $8,375.

I’m not sure if I’d call this Olds a one hundred percent survivor, although it looks to be quite close to it. The seller notes that most of the paint looks original, with a few touch up spots. If the mileage really is just 31k, than it’s entirely possible that the majority of the paint and interior are original, but I would want to take a closer look to be sure. The engine certainly looks original, I wonder how much power it has lost over the years though.

As you can the interior looks to be in very nice shape. Given the condition of the upholstery, either this one has been previously restored or it really is a 31k mile car. Either way, it sure looks comfortable! Having things like air conditioning and cruise control will only make driving this wagon that much more enjoyable.

I really do like this wagon, I just wish it were in my budget and a bit closer. The damage to the left fender is a bummer, but a good body and paint shop might be able to match the paint well enough that it isn’t terribly noticeable. So would you load up the whole family and hit the road in this rocket of a station wagon?


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  1. Anthony

    Wow… i am not a big Olds fan, but this looks like a nice car. It is sure fully loaded for 1963… power windows, power antenna, A/C , cruise…. and that interior sure looks like it could be 31,000 original miles…. a very nice buy for the right person

    • ACZ

      With that kind of equipment it could be an old “brass-hat” car. For the lay-person, that’s a factory executive driven car. They often had every available option.

  2. Mark

    My dad had a dark green 64 version when I was a kid. Would not crank when hot. Wouldn’t stay running when cold. Otherwise it wasnt bad, but our 69 Chrysler t&c was a better car.

    • JW454


      My father had a ’64 version too. His was copper on the bottom with a white top. Being a home owner, with five children a station wagon was his car of choice until the kids started leaving the nest. It hauled kids and made all the trips to the lumber yard. While dad’s was a “Plane Jane” the feature car was loaded up with options. Dad’s car ran very well and I don’t recall him ever having much trouble with it.

  3. rmward194 Member

    What an amazing find! Loaded, white interior and the right motor. I’ll take this over the 257 mile Corvette any day!

    • John

      I agree — Beautiful old wagon. I wish…..

  4. joeinthousandoaks

    Wow, 9 days left and over $8,000!

  5. Keruth

    Mileage looks correct by that interior and pedals, old damage on left front, but peeling chrome on bumpers makes me leery of the bottom.
    PPI on a lift, rubber seal inspection, etc., yada, yada ,!
    But, a check of that drivetrain, oil coolers, a set of air shocks and a trailer hitch and I’d have it on Rt.66 pulling something this summer!
    Just went back and looked again, Fiesta trim.

  6. Joe

    Needs rear springs and shocks probably. Sitting low.

  7. Rustytech Member

    Hey Joe. If you had nearly 4500 lbs sitting on you for 53 years, you’d be sitting low too! Ha. Your right though, it probably need springs, shock, and lots of other stuff. I’m not a big wagon type of guy, but this appears to be a nice example for someone who can afford to keep gas in it.

  8. Mike Young

    Engines don’t “lose power” as time passes. Bet it has plenty.

    • 68 custom

      actually they did/do, remember points, condensers, timing and carburetors? these needed to be adjusted periodically!

  9. Howard A Member

    My old man had Oldsmobiles like this, don’t remember a wagon, though. (he liked Chrysler wagons) Anybody else remember waiting for the green “cold” light to go off ( with a plink) and we could turn the heater on? “Ultra High Compression” means pricey fuel, and a lot of it. ( 7city/10hwy) Is that the cruise control unit? A car like this with a modern, economical motor would be great to drive around. Neat find.

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  10. Bushwick Bob

    What makes this a “Fiesta” and another 88 just a run of the mill day at the office? Is it the motor?

  11. 68 custom

    nice wagon that is well equipped and appears to be a low mileage example. well worth the 8700 that is currently bid.

  12. Pleiku Pete

    I grew up living near the Oldsmobile dealer in Lowell MA. I would always walk the used car line dreaming of what it would be like to drive some of those beauties. Fast forward to today and there are only two of them that stick in my mind, both oddballs. One was a white 1961 Impala SS bubbletop 6 cylinder, the other was a loaded cranberry red 1963 Olds 88 Fiesta such as this one, but it was a THREE ON THE TREE!

    A few years went by and I found myself working there during the summer. One of the office girls was typing out a new car order and must have put the X in the wrong box. Six weeks later what came off of the car carrier? A dark blue 1966 Delta 88 Holiday four door hardtop…..with an M-20 or M-21 four-speed. It sat there a long time but I never got to drive it. One dark night shortly after delivery, the transmission and tires were stolen. I found the car sitting on the ground one morning, not even on blocks.

  13. Michael

    We had a ’63 9 Passenger Olds Dynamic Wagon from new like this, white with blue interior. PW, P/Seat, speed-alert, rear speaker, windshield washers, & factory air, but not the tilt-wheel [did not realize it was offered by Olds in ’63]. I find another difference with the second row seat, ours was solid whereas this one is like a Buick 70/30 split for access to third row; our 3rd seat was rear-facing. Seven years and 70,000 miles we sold it. Only issue I recall was the long wheelbase liked to eat up tires about every 10,000 miles; and would fishtail easily. No AC before or since compared to this Car, you could hang meat!

  14. Randy

    I wonder if this is an Ionia Body car.

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