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It’s Model T Rod Time!

Model T Hot Rod

Most people seem to prefer the Model A when it comes time to build their hot rod, but this 1915 Model T makes a good case for the earlier body style. It features an all steel body and a 327 V8 mated to a 350 automatic transmission.  There’s only 7,600 miles on the car since the build and there’s even a vintage brand heater under the dash to warm your feet! Find it here on craigslist out of Granite City, Illinois for $15,500. That may seem steep, but do you think you could build the same thing for less?

Side Pipes

Rolling stock includes 15×5 wheels in the front and 15×8 out back.  A Walker radiator with a 16″ pull thru fan keeps you running cool.

Coil Overs

The rear axle is held in place by coil over shocks.  The owner claims that “all the welds are smooth and the bottom looks as good as the top”.

Model T Interior

VDO gauges include; speedo, water temp., oil pressure, voltmeter, and fuel which is not hooked up yet.  There is also a luggage rack that is included but not pictured.  The owner does not wish to negotiate on the price, but they may be willing to trade for a Polaris Ranger with some cash

327 V8

So, what you have here a just about a new build that’s almost ready to go. It is an automatic, which may not make sense at this point of your life, but may later down the road. This would be fun to take out on those barn find hunting excursions.



  1. Mark E

    Seems a bit steep to me for something that’s not quite finished, especially with a used engine. If it was a new crate engine or, even better, a flatty with performance parts, this would be a steal!

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  2. Rick Wilkins

    I don’t understand what is model T about it… looks like a model A grill…

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  3. dj

    What’s all that crap on the side of the oil pan?

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    • RayT Member

      It’s a reflection, I think, dj.

      Like Rick Wilkins, I don’t see much “Model T” here. In fact, this looks a lot like many of the “speedster” kits that came and went during the glory days of aftermarket fiberglass bodies.

      Nor is there much here to excite me. Hot rods are a very personal thing, and what excites builder “A” may well turn off Would-be Buyer “B.” My preference is for the old-school approach, not the seamless look seen here.

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  4. randy

    Reminds me of “American Graffiti”. Way before my time, good looking car though.

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  5. Richard Lewis

    This is an all steel car. I think that it would be hard to put something together for this low price. I like it.

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    • Mark S

      I agree with you on the price, and there are people out there that might like to have a car like this but no means to build there own. This car looks like it’s had a ton of work put into it. I seriously doubt that the builder is making much on the sale of his hot rod.

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  6. Jug

    Nothing Model T about this and only thing FORD is the radiator shell which is a ’31 Model A.

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    • z1rider

      The radiator shell is a 28-29 A bone. The shells for a 1931 have an insert at the top that is not part of the shell stamping.

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  7. Mark E

    Okay, there’s the difference in ‘personality’ and the difference between T and A but there’s a nice FINISHED 1929 A Roadster on the HAMB for $16k which I personally prefer…


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    • Jug

      I was there. Agree w you. Really liked the belly tank racer.

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  8. JW454

    Show of hands… Who wants to be riding in this thing when it gets rear ended? Is that a 40 gallon tank? Should make a good explosion.

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    • Mark S

      Gotta die of something

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      • JefffH

        Yeah, but I much prefer in my sleep of old age, rather than trapped, screaming due to being doused in gasoline and on fire….but that’s just me :)


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    • johnforsman

      antique Pinto

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  9. Flash

    wrong,wrong,wrong. I built this car with all new parts in 1996. The body and fuel
    tank are 18 guage steel, hood aluminum, grill from Speedway. Frame is 2x3x3/16
    ,most of the suspension is Speedway. Engine is balanced and blueprinted 267,
    no, not 265, definitely not a 327. The color of the block is Ford Frost Beige. Axle,
    Ford 8″ centered by Curry. Exhaust is Speedway kit.

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