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Red, Red, Red: 1967 Pontiac Catalina Convertible


I think I’d be red, too, from sunburn (okay, yes, I’d wear sunscreen) too if I had the opportunity to drive a convertible like this regularly! Although I’m pretty darn sure it has at least 100,000 more miles than the seller represents it as, this still looks like it could be a good purchase, especially since the auction here on eBay is starting low at $2,500 and doesn’t have a reserve. The crimson convertible will have to be transported to your home from Sikeston, Missouri.


Pontiac wasn’t kidding when they advertised the “Wide Track” look! The 1967 Catalinas featured a face lift of the 1965-66 body with an emphasis on looking low and wide. I think they succeeded! And with almost 4,000 pounds of road-hugging weight, I’m sure they hugged the road pretty well–in a straight line, anyway.


The first thing I’d do upon purchasing the car is sell the Chevrolet SS wheel covers on eBay. I’d replace them with these. Although the seller’s text is somewhat difficult to understand, they do list the tires as being new. While I can’t see any rust in these pictures, they are hardly comprehensive, and with the turn-under of Big Red’s body panels it’s pretty hard to tell without better pictures. Any readers close enough to take a look for us?


Inside, we have more red! I’m guessing under those aftermarket velour covers we’d find ripped vinyl. I’d rather sit on velour in a non air conditioned convertible anyway. I would try to do something inexpensive to cover the dash as well, but this is pretty obviously a driver rather than a restoration or preservation candidate. If I’m interpreting the seller’s ad correctly, they think so as well. The power steering and tilt wheel are the only options detailed by the seller. They tell us there’s a new top, but it’s not shown. I think the top is black, at least it is on the inside.


This sure is a simple engine compartment, isn’t it? The 400 cubic inch V8 was, believe it or not, the smallest engine offered in this car! There is plenty of room for an aftermarket air system for those of us in the South, though. I’ll be interested in seeing what this car goes for. What do you think it’s worth?


  1. Rick

    like the ’65-’66 Impala SS hubcaps

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  2. Terry J

    Had a Pal who bought one just like this new in ’67. Yellow with white interior and top. 428 engine with a 3 speed stick, of all things. I thought that was odd, but it was a tough tranny. Beautiful car. :-) Terry J

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  3. Miguel

    Why does everybody with a 40 year old car ad a 5 digit odometer try to say they are original miles?

    This car would have driven the 29,000 in it’s first 3 year if not sooner.

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    • Roselandpete

      Original miles as opposed to unoriginal miles?

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    • Mopar madness

      In the new age online collector car world, if you don’t have documentation you do not have actual miles!

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  4. Miguel

    By the way, those don’t look like seat covers. The seats look like they were reupholstered in the cheapest material he could find.

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  5. pat k

    I had a teacher that had a 2 door coupe with a 3 on the tree and a 389. we asked him why he didn’t get a floor shift, he wanted the bench seat

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  6. John E. Ropelewski

    My first new car was a ’67 Catalina convert with a 3 speed with a Hurst shifter from the factory. I was told by the salesman that I could not order a 4 spd unless I ordered bucket seats. I did not want buckets as I was a young man and had PLANS !! Great car but I wrecked it 3 times in 2 years and traded it on of all things a VW Beetle. I now own an all original ’65 Catalina. Great road car !

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  7. JACKinNWPA Jack in NWPA Member

    Perhaps some cars have “aftermarket” miles ?

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  8. Terry J

    Yup John, my friends yellow ’67 convert was a 3 speed with a Hurst floor shifter. Lots of grunt in that big motor. I don’t think it missed the 4 speeds at all. Share pics of your ’65? Oddly enough I did the same thing with my ’62 Chevy 2. Started with the stock 6, then Dad and I put in a 283, then a 327. After tearing around, and tearing it up over and over, I traded it off on a ’67 Beetle. :-) Terry J

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  9. Roger

    My first car when I turned 16 was a triple white Catalina convertible. Boy, I sure did LOVE that car – and OMG, WHAT MEMORIES!!!. Back then I honestly THOUGHT I was gonna have that car forever but it was not to be. A friend of my uncles ” just had to have it “. He made me many various offers over the course of a year ( after I had stopped driving it and had a new ride ), and eventually I gave in because apparently HE REALLY DID HAVE TO HAVE IT LOL. He ultimately came up with an offer that was so crazy in my favor I had to take it. Some of the things it included : cash, an F-350 Tow Truck, a camping trailer, a motorcyle, a Rolex and a bunch more stuff lol.

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  10. QB3

    Try urinating over that lengthwise after a few roadies!! Just make sure the top is up. My grandparents learned that after a party at the elks lodge.

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  11. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    It’s up for sale again: here

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