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It’s Shorty Time Again!


Yeah, we know, some of you really don’t like these. Others, do, though, and this one is wild enough that I’ll bet everyone has an opinion! This “1955 Chevrolet” is located in Shelbyville, Kentucky (shouldn’t it be a Ford or a Dodge in Shelbyville?) and is listed for sale here on eBay. The opening bid is $12,000 (not a typo).


Take a close look at this picture and the first one. How exactly do you get in to this creation? And what is that scoop on the side? The seller doesn’t even tell us if this is some sort of fiberglass replica body or an original one. Anyone know? The bodywork looks ok from a distance, but as the seller says needs some help up close.


Based on the finish around this seam, I’m guessing at least the hood is fiberglass. On the other had, from the chips on the cowl I’m thinking it’s original metal. There also appear to be some issues with the finish itself on the fiberglass part, at least in this little area.


The seller says the interior needs some TLC, but I’ll be honest, I don’t see many problems with it in the pictures from the listing. However, I’m sure there are some issues for them to bring it up. Now, some features here aren’t what I’d like, but that’s a matter of personal taste; it may be just perfect for you! By the way, after reading the auction listing through a few times, can we start some sort of movement to disallow any for sale listings of any type that come in block capitals only? Aaarrgh!


Under the hood, I was surprised to find a big block rather than small block Chevy V8. Other items of mechanical note include a Camaro front subframe, new brake and front end components, and a Turbo 400 automatic transmission. I hope that if there is a real 1955 Chevrolet under there somewhere that it was already front ended and messed up royally before this build was started. On the other hand, if I’m wrong and the whole thing is fiberglass, then I’m fine with it, although despite it being said to run and drive well, I don’t think I’d want to own it. But what about you? Is this the shorty that captures your heart, or do you want to run away? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Mike L

    I don’t live far from this car. If you are interested and want an inspection let me know. BTW I can’t look it it until the 18th. Sorry.

  2. grant

    Another one? Damn there seem to be a lot of people out there with what my grandma would call “more money than brains.”

  3. boxdin

    Call Gene Winfield and section this car about 4 inches. Then it would be perfect.
    Too block sided now.

  4. Dolphin Member

    Just no.
    And that would still be my attitude even if the gaps were consistent and the wheelbase were long enough for good stability over 60 MPH and the seller knew how to use image software to get photos right side up.

  5. Wayne

    Same old question, WHY.

  6. Joey

    This car was sold for a hair over four grand ($4,000) a little while back.

    See the attached link, some of the images are not working however it is the same car.

    Someone is joking right? Do you think they are going to triple their money on this one?


    • OGwagen

      Here’s the listing from the previous sale. It gives some further information but seems to leave off the first letter of words at times:

      1955 Chevrolet Belair Custom Shorty Convertible 454 Big Bloc, uto this is One of a Kind !!!! This Shorty has been together for YRS> Built I the early 2000’ss with the best of everything!!! This car runs and drives GREAT!!!! Motor is super tight !!! Tranny Shifts well and goes down the road well !!!She isFast and Loud !!! The car is set up with a 1955 Chevy body that was Shorten and the doors are removed, he Frame is a 1955 Chevy Clipped in the Front with a Camaro front Clip with disc brakes and Power Steering!!!! The Floors are all custom 1X1 Boxed Steal and new everything underneath !!! This car was a nice BUILD!!! No Hack Job!!! The body has a 1 Piece Flip Nose made from the original 55 Parts, ear Quarters are 55 Also, O Doors Or Roof!!!! Rear Wheel wells are tubbed and On and On Too much work to list !!! Paint is still in Good shape, ome chips here and there, ice Interior, otor and driveline are excellent, his is a Turn Key Crusier !!!!Please LOOK at PICTURES this is a Hard car to Discribe. Lots of New Parts, ustom Exhaust, 9″ Wheels and More !!! Being sold with a Bill of sale !!! also a Previous Registration and a Clear and Open Previous title !!! Bid to Own !!! Happy Bidding !!!

    • Jumping g

      I don’t think the car sold on the other site .I think he has it cross posted . It’s some of the same photos. As for the address being different it happens alot when you use a company to help sell odd or modified classic cars because it’s a smaller market .


        This is a great parts car.

  7. Blindmarc

    As I may have stated before; these cars are built to preserve what would have gone to the scrapper. A friend of mine did the same to his 57′ Chevy sedan delivery because it was t- boned behind the passenger door. His was “caged” from end to end, and had a small block in it. Save what you can, they’re not coming back…..

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    • Frank

      if you can cut out the bent up sections of the frame and do the work to make the body seams line up when shortening the car it stands to reason you could also cut out the bent up sections of the frame, weld in new metal that is straight and restore the car that way if you truly want to preserve something that isn’t coming back rather than make a dangerous clown car abomination out of it.

  8. jcs

    Why don’t people understand that you can’t take 4 feet out the center of a car and expect it to look good?

    • Dolphin Member

      Or track well at speed. Any car with a wheelbase that’s not much longer than the car’s track will be very squirrily on the highway.

      And with that giant V8, I wouldn’t ride in it on a bet.

  9. JG

    We need to find this owner a body shop that can do lengthening…

  10. Doug

    To the poster that commented about “people with more money than brains”. Just watch a BJ or Mecum auction on tv. You’ll see an entire auditorium of that!!!!

  11. Carvermatic

    Just cause ya build the car of yer dreams, don’t mean it’s anybody else’s.

  12. Loco Mikado

    In the late 60’s-early 70’s there was a ’55 Chevrolet cruising downtown Portland, Ore that was a shortened 2 dr sedan, the rear window was directly behind the front seat. It had a 265 built to 365hp 327 specs. From stoplight to stoplight nobody could touch it. I often wondered what happened to it. This one looks comical in comparison.

  13. John

    The shriners are looking for a new clown car!

  14. William H

    I see this one cruising around every once in a while. The workmanship on it is pretty darn good.

  15. Loco Mikado

    That is the way the “55 looked minus the flame paint job and naturally a ’55 body. Where is this located?

  16. Brian

    I have seen this one as well. Looks like a fun cruiser. I would get rid of the side scoops and airbrush some trim on.

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