I’ve Seen You Before: 1969 Corvette Coupe

If you follow the classic car market, you know that there is a time and a season for everything.  Some cars are hot, and some are not.  Prices climb, and prices fall.  Sometimes there is a glut of one type of car, and other times only the roughest examples are on the market.  Lately, some fairly original C3 Corvettes have shown up on the market, especially 1968-1972 chrome bumper cars.  Take for example this 1969 Corvette coupe, located for us by the unstoppable Pat L., and found on Craigslist in Waynesville, Missouri.  While this beautiful sports car is due for a paint job, the overall look of this street survivor is kind of cool.  However, is it cool enough to justify its $14,000 price, especially since it was on the market a few months ago for $12,000?

Yes, if you are feeling deja vu all over again, it is because on September 12 of this year I did a write up on this car called Danger Lurks Underneath.  The car was being sold for $12,000, and was located in Wamego, Kansas.  It doesn’t look like much has changed since then.  The aftermarket shifter and steering wheel are still there, but the Eagle GT tires look to have been swapped out for ones that haven’t had as much rubber burned off of them.  Maybe they are on the front now.

At least we get some more pictures this go around.  As usual for a Craigslist ad, the pictures aren’t professional quality.  However, we can see that there are numerous small paint chips and dull spots on the finish that weren’t quite as evident in the previous ad.  The interior looks to be cleaned a bit more, but I am still unsure as to the originality of the seat coverings.  Maybe one of our resident Corvette experts can let us know if they are factory style coverings or the product of the local upholstery shop.

In this picture you get a better look at the seats.  You also get a good look at the trim, which appears to be in very good shape.  While the seats don’t look to be too thick on these models, the driver was inclined a bit more than in the C2 models.  Just the thing to help your back on long rides, especially since the suspension was not Cadillac smooth.

Inside the engine compartment, nothing has changed.  The new seller tells us that the car has fuelie heads with roller rockers under those aftermarket valve covers.  An aluminum aftermarket intake manifold sits on top of the engine, crowned with a Holley 750 vacuum secondary carburetor.  The car is claimed to have been equipped with a 350 cubic inch engine with 350 horsepower from the factory, but there is no claim that the original engine is in the car.

So, why do you think this car is for sale again roughly a month and a half later one state over from the last place we saw it?  My guess is that it is being flipped for a small profit, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Most of us have done something like this in the past.  Unfortunately, this also could be a situation where the car has a problem that the seller doesn’t want to deal with.  It may be a frame problem, or it may be a spouse who has banished the seller from the bedroom until the surprise purchase is sold.  The price increase may be to slow or stop the sale.  Whatever the reason, I still like this car a lot, but I’d be even more cautious if I were considering this second chance Corvette.


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  1. ruxvette

    The seats look original. “Fuelie heads”? From what year “fuelie”? Under hood is…ruff. No air cleaner because the hood wouldn’t close with one.
    Figuring the flipper bot it for $10 it seems like $12-13 would be an acceptable price…if the frame/birdcage is good and if it’s a runner driver.

    • Corey Wadley

      Unless that Holley is substantially taller than a Q-jet, that hood should close with the original air cleaner. I have a similar intake on my ’72 with a SB, and it closes just fine. I really don’t see how those valve covers would fit over roller rockers, though. They are thick cast aluminum, and look to be way too narrow.

  2. Will
    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks again for the saved ad Will, Thumbs up to you! I was going to check the milage on the Danger car, no dice. I see it is about 300 miles between the two Cities so maybe not to far for a flipper to go, on a chance to make a couple of K. Possibly the owner just moved. I do see the air cleaner on the carb in the Danger post. Still a fun car if bought right.

  3. slickb

    So i’m not all that seasoned compared to many about motor knowledge, so could some help me understand what Fuelie heads are and what there meant to do? and also where are they most regularly found ?

    over all great car!

    • KR

      They are nothing to get excited about and whether bruce springsteen realizes it or not they wont fit on a 396.

    • Retired Stig


      “Fuelie” heads refer to ones created by Chevy for early fuel injected Corvettes. They featured extra large 2.02 inch valves. They were much sought after by hotrodders as they were rare and expensive.
      Now you can get aftermarket heads that are far better, so unless you are restoring an early car, no longer a big deal.

      • slickb

        I have been wanting to ask about them for a while so this post fit the my question, so thanks. and I got the question when I needed am motor for an old racecar and I found this 350 for next to nothing and it ran so i took it. and a while later someone came by my car and said “wow where did you get that Fuelie motor” and I had know Idea what he was talking about.
        I’m only 15, so still learning.

      • Mach1joe

        2.19″ 1.71″ are run-of-the-mill Cleveland valves . . .

  4. Francisco

    Jeff, you wrote “…prices climb, and prices fall.” Well in my experience, I haven’t seen any prices fall in the collector car market.

    • John S

      @Francisco sir, one word, Mopar.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Check out Model T’s* and T-Series MG’s*. As enthusiasts that knew the cars when they were new die off, enthusiasm wanes.

      * (normalized for inflation)

    • Francisco

      I can’t wait for those Porsche 356 prices to come tumbling down.


      Francisco, prices climb when you are looking (buying) and fall when you’re selling.

  5. Neal L. McDougal

    don’t see chrome shielding for distributor
    and could. maybe I missed something
    what’s the vin number

  6. 62 Nova

    Maybe my brother would like this, but I’m strictly a C2 fan. A 69 would probably have 1.94 intake double hump heads. Probably not the true 2.02 intake “fuelie”.

  7. Frankie

    I’d be worried about cage rot.

  8. R.hernandez

    Looks like scary business!
    Engine is suspect.wondering what happened to all the original factory parts intake,valve covers etc.
    Whoever buys this vette.needs to go through it very carefully!

  9. will

    My younger sister had one in 72,yellow convertible and my dad had the 350 Supercharged,too bad the suspension just SUCKED!

  10. Frank

    I just contacted the seller via email and got this for a response:

    I replaced most components of the brake system and it needed engine work as well as suspension work so things have changed although its exterior appearance looks the same. I have to sell because I purchased another Corvette and my wife said I can only keep one. I have it listed on multiple sites and have had several offers amd one buyer wanted to hold it for $500 until 1 Dec when hed show up with cash. i understand your disappointment in missing the opportunity to buy when it was in Wamego and I had not planned on selling, I’m just trying to get most of my money back

  11. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Funny…watched a station wagon – which wasn’t that bad – go from the asking price of $800 go down to $600…..the flipper most likely bought it for $500 or less…now said flipper is asking $1800….wth..what the heck – it wasn’t moving at $600……

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