Jacked Up Austin Mini 1000 In The UK


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Gee, I wish some sellers would include enough pictures that you can actually tell what condition a car is in! It looks like this Mini 1000 has seen better days, and although it’s advertised on a US site, it’s actually still located in the UK. Apparently reader Jim S. has a soft spot for Mini’s as I do, and we appreciate him sending this find in to us! I wonder why the car’s rear is up in the air?


The Mini 1000 was one of the more plain models of the ever youthful Mini, and this one will require “extensive welding” according to the seller. Based on the generally rough appearance, I can see why it would. I suspect this is a British MOT failure (standard testing) and someone is trying to make a quick buck–or pound, in this case.


Why would you only post three pictures of a car you were selling, unless you don’t really want to sell it? Who knows. What we can see of the dash in this picture is nice, but with the outside looking as rough as it does, I’m not sure I’d expect much of the car to be in as nice condition as the gauges.


image courtesy deansminis.com

I figured you might want to see what the front looks like, so after a little searching I found a nice picture of a nicer Mini 1000 that happens to be in the same color. So if you squint a little at the top pictures, can you imagine it looking this nice? If you can, this may be the car for you! I should note here that the seller is more than willing to help you ship this to the US, but it will be at your expense. If you are interested, check out the auction here on eBay, which for some reason the seller decided to post on the US site even though the car is in the UK.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Franke

    It’s up on a floor Jack, you can see the handle sticking out on the picture showing the plate. The quality of and lack of pics to me says “pass” I see ads like this for cars often, not sure if the seller wants to weed out knuckleheads, to find someone who is seriously interested and will pick up the Telly or email and ask, or just lazy.

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