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Jaguar E-Type For $1,200!


I wonder if E-Types will see the type of bubble that early Porsche’s have been in lately? This bare body tub would bring a lot of money to the seller if it were a 356! This one is found in Farmington, Georgia and is up for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $1,200. Thanks goes to fellow Barn Finds writer Jeff L. for this intriguing find!


I’m not sure what you’d do with this car apart from yard art. As a 2+2 coupe, it’s what is generally considered the least desirable E-Type configuration. I’m guessing this is what’s left after the car was cannibalized for parts to restore other E-Types? The seller has a lot of Jaguar parts listed for sale on eBay, both from E-Types and other models.


I’m really not sure if we are seeing the ground under the shell or if those are plants growing in the floorboard. Either way, it’s not good! But, I’m pretty sure this one will never see the road again. It’s actually a shame because a lot of this shell looks good and I don’t see any major accident damage either.


From this shot it’s easy to see that yes, that’s the ground underneath. So, we have no floors, bonnet, doors, or mechanical components. Anyone need some rear fender or roof panels for an E-Type? I can’t see even the most ambitious restorer taking this one on, but maybe you feel differently? And if not, what’s the most creative (this does not mean crushing it!) use you can come up with for this shell?


  1. Avatar photo sir mike

    The hinge pillars and part of the firewall area might still be usable.Or if you own a restoration shop mount it on your roof??

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  2. Avatar photo randy

    Ads like this prove we are in a huge bubble, and it is going to pop at any minute. I do not think this will sell at any price.

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  3. Avatar photo Gary I

    Some people just can’t let go. Unless I’m missing something, any part of value (including the floor pan) have been salvaged already. What’s left of value? I would hate to see the project in worse shape that could benefit from the parts on this one!

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  4. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    What is this contagious disease all the foreign car hustlers are coming down with? Let’s hope it’s terminal. I’m starting to see rusty foreign junk in my dreams, instead of 1957 Sunliners.

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  5. Avatar photo Paul b

    If this thing is worth serious money the world has gone truly crazy. What have you when you’re done? A tub with a bunch of repro and scavenged parts to make a Jag. But not an original. And I personally don’t even care that much about original. But this would simply be a build, a glorified kit car that performs as a Jaguar. Just like all those 356s out there. Meaning you’d need to pay very little for the tub, because that is all it would be worth except in this crazy market. Buyer enjoy, but still, buyer beware — of bursting bubbles.

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  6. Avatar photo Francisco

    Surely you jest, Jamie. Are there no limits to how far Barn Finds will go to play a sick joke on its followers? The 356 oxidation piles were enough :-(

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Francisco, I did ask what would you do with it :-) No jokes intended, I’m genuinely curious! Besides, a reader submitted it…

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  7. Avatar photo Darrell L.

    Make it into a Funny Car by hand making a long exaggerated front clip out of fiverglass.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      That is very cool. I cannot resist, I’d use sixerglass instead of fiverglass. ;>)
      That V is awful close to the B eh?

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  8. Avatar photo Coventry Cat

    Crush the thing and be done with it. I blame the shows like Pickers and others that promote this kind of thinking. The worse that can happen is someone WILL buy it and make a hideous looking contraption that we’ll all see here on Barn Finds in 5 years time.

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  9. Avatar photo Rodney

    And it’s a 2+2 tub- not a coupe. The 2+2s are a little ungainly…

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  10. Avatar photo Coventry Cat

    Interesting that a feline dragster would be named “Snoopy”. I like it, though.

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  11. Avatar photo Pete in Tidewater

    Everything of value has been removed. The aluminum wheel under the 2×6 is the most valuable thing I see in the pics but it isn’t likely to be included either.

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