Japanese Fire Truck: 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser


Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

What boy doesn’t dream of driving a fire engine? There is just something mesmerizing about those big red trucks. This 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser might not be the type of fire engine most of us dreamt of as a kids, but I’m sure the child in all of us would love to take it for a spin. It was imported from Japan and only has about 8k miles on the odometer. It is currently in Monterey, California and can be found here on eBay.


Admittedly, this isn’t a barn find, but it’s an interesting survivor that would be fun to own. The seller has all the original paperwork from when it was imported by the U.S. Military and they claim that everything works as it should. It might not be a big shiny fire truck, but it’s one of the few fire engines that you can park in your garage.

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  1. tim

    That would be perfect for emergency truck for drifter track or nope national event I think its nope where all them toys Hondas and Asian built cars go it would fit right in .
    That thing is just different enough to be cool ,not much into Toyotas but hay why not toy fire truck ,especaily FJ MODEL !! I like its different !!

  2. scot

    ~ install a large beacon and a couple hundred feet of ladders and hose … presto-chango – it’s my eighth birthday –

  3. tim

    happy eighth birthday scot ha ha I went back few years to a ride tht set infrount of a store took 10 cents for about 2 mins ..of siren noises and rocking motion ..

  4. jim

    never seen one before. another great find

  5. Chebby

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