Jeep Fighter: 1969 Land Rover

right front

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After World War II, the luxury car builder, Rover, wasn’t selling many cars and it was hard to get material to build cars anyway. They could get materials to build vehicles for export. Inspired by the Jeep, the Land Rover was born. Over the years the Land Rover has built a reputation as being indestructible and even become famous in movies. Does anyone remember the movie “The Gods Must be Crazy”? It was a star of the movie and even became stuck in a tree. Here’s a YouTube video of some of the fun. This Series II Rover is listed on eBay in Fredericksburg, Virginia. At this time the bidding has not reached $500 or the reserve. It’s mostly there and includes many extra parts.


It appears it’s mostly all there and there’s no sign of rust. There is no top included.

LR engine

This hasn’t been run in years, so there’s no reason to be hopeful about the engine. It’s likely the 2.25 Liter engine.

LR dash

There’s not much to the dash, and in this case, not much left. It appears new gauges and a complete rewire will be necessary.

left rear

This Land Rover will take a lot of work to get running. Running examples sell for $7000 and really nice ones sell for $20,000 and more. This would not be a vehicle to purchase and flip. Some would replace the engine for a more modern engine. It could be fun to get this running and drive it as it is. It’s a rugged and simple little truck. What do you think?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Bill

    One of the most fun vehicles i ever owned. This one has the soft top frame too! a good find. I wouldn’t swap the motor. they are plenty good and easy to repair. These are not really highway cars, but the petrol 4 cyl should get you up over 60mph. better with the Overdrive installed. If the frame is solid, this is a gem.

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  2. Matt Tritt

    I love the comment by the seller: “I don’t have a top for it, just a cover”. Then why the hell didn’t he USE the cover? This poor baby has been sitting in the elements with the instrument cluster pulled away from the dash for a long, long time, and will be a (somebody else’s) nightmare to put back in order. No shots of the chassis either. Worry, worry.

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    • Emmet

      I’m pretty sure he just removed the cover for the photos.. interior doesn’t look like it’s been sitting in the elements

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    • Murray

      Its a Land Rover, covers are for Jeeps :-)

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  3. geomechs geomechsMember

    I’ve always had a soft spot for a Land Rover. Won’t win any fashion shows but anyone who owns one would be too busy having fun with it.

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  4. Emmet

    Funny that even though it’s a Virginia car, it has massachusets plates. The only virginia plate looks like it’s covering a rust spot under the gas pedal, lol

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  5. Tom

    I’d bet a shiny silver dollar I could have that thing running in less than an hour. They are pretty bullet proof

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  6. Graham Line

    Of course there is no rust. The body is aluminum. What we can’t see are the steel frame and bulkhead.

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  7. Matt Tritt

    Yep. The carb appears to have been sitting as long as the rest of the car so there will be gummy crud in all the orofices, corrosion, varnish in the tank, the breaks will be a problem unto themselves (remember where the master cylinder sits on the LHD models), the electrics are guaranteed to be buggered up from exposure – and just why was the cluster removed to begin with? Anyone who believes that these are real easy to work on has never owned one, and many procedures require a “helper”. I love them but I know them. ;-)

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  8. Rune Heming Simenstad

    The photo of the rear of the car show that the steel frame is rusted out. If all of the frame look like this you need a new one.

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