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Many manufacturers have attempted to revive old models in recent years, but one that we would like to see make a comeback is the Forward Control. First produced by Willys, the FC looked like a miniature version of the cab-over-engine trucks. Jeep has toyed with the idea, but we haven’t seen anything show up at the dealership yet. Until then, we may have to settle for these. Two FC-170s and a FC-150. There is only one title between them, but the owner would like to sell all three as a package deal. Find them here on craigslist out of Iowa. Thanks goes to Dennis F. for the tip!

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  1. KE100

    My dad has one of these!:)

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  2. Robert J

    Wow, I really dig that Jeep FC concept vehicle. We will never see anything like this in production in the US due to crash protection issues. For the same reason, we never see those awesome FC Mitsubishi vans that ferry everyone around Mexico, or even the really cool modern class B RV’s that rove around Europe. It would be nice though…

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    • Andrew

      Hey Robert,
      U mean the Mitubishi Delica 400 and 300 . Got tons of them in Canada. All right hand drive imports tho. The 300’s were pretty bad without intercoolers. Major motor melt downs. The 400 solved that problem .pretty easy to aquire here. And the Jeeps were production vehicles not Concepts.

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      • Rustowner

        He’s talking about Jeeps new “FC” concept which debuted last year. It looks like a modernized FC; uses a modified JK platform. Look it up as its pretty cool.

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  3. paul

    I think the days of your legs being the crumple zone are over, ever drive a VW bus with the steering column going between your legs & the only thing between you & the road was a thin piece of metal that being the nose of the bus inches above the front bumper.

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    • jim s

      yes i did, no i would not want to do that again and i am glad that we have safety standards. the internet has videos of a lot of vehicles that did not do well in crash tests.

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  4. geomechs geomechsMember

    That’s quite a find. Back in the 60s I saw FCs quite often but now they’re scarcer than hen’s teeth. Someone’s going to have a lot of fun…

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  5. flash

    My dad had a ’57 FC 150 ,F-head engine (intake valves in head-exhaust valves in block).
    Lived in a hilly Mo. town ,climbed most hills in low gear. Transfer case was cracked ,driving
    more than a few miles at a time crack would open and pour grease. I was home on leave from USAF in ’65 and drove it to K.C. for him (after filling transfer case) ,he followed in his ’63 Olds , just in case. Luckily got it sold back in K.C. where he had bought it . Nice looking little truck ,grey and red paint ,ww tires ,full wheel covers ,but mostly worthless .

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  6. Rene

    What does the “forward control” mean?

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    • Don Andreina

      I think Forward Control means a vehicle with the steering and cabin placed over the front wheels. Rover made some FC versions of their Land Rover for the British Army with a similar configuration to these. BTW, never seen one of these, they look fantastic!

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      • Rene

        That makes scense. And maybe it’s a more simple construction with the steeringwheel directly over the wheels. You don’t need the traditionel steering-collumn. Forgive my spelling:-)

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  7. alex small

    Forward control vehicles can be safe..
    Last year I inherited a VW T3 (T 25 for the UK) and was very nervous about driving it until I watched this crash test… After which I felt a lot safer… Turns out that if you engineer them right, they are fine..

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    • Tom S.

      I do adore forward-control vans and pickups. Would love to have one of those Jeeps or a Dodge A100. And it’s a neat vid, but somewhat misleading. They ran a flat thing into another flat thing. The force of the impact was distributed broadly and nothing could penetrate into the passenger compartment. You’d see a whole different outcome if they simulated the profile of a full-size pickup or SUV coming a foot or two over the center line and catching the VW’s left front corner at a combined 50kph like in the vid.

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  8. Kelsey Bradshaw

    I want these!!!! but im in the navy and my ship cant open craigslist how much does he want for them and a phone # would be great!

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    • David

      Kelsey, Here’s the verbage from his Craigslist post: “I have two FC-170’s and an FC-150 for sale. All three are in pretty rough shape, and I only have the title to one of the FC-170’s. Its a 1962 and the others are a 1958 an a 1964. I’d like to sell all three at once, and I’m willing to entertain any reasonable cash offer. Call or txt 515-802-7018 & leave a message” Good luck!

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      • Kelsey Bradshaw

        Thank you! ill post on here if i get them

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  9. rancho bella

    I’m not one to wish for money just for the sake of having it. I wish for money to own a warehouse and have vehicles like these restored “to the nines”……….just friggin’ cool they are.

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  10. OLDSTUFF1941

    These are such Kool old vehicles,…I remember riding in one when I was a kid, about 14 ( I’m 60 today)…It was an unforgettable experience, in that it was a 4WD and we were in the woods where it was right at home…I remember it was very stable on the uneven ground and had great traction…Later in life I saw one and was trying to save money to buy it, but it got away… Always loved these things just for the oddity…and kool looks. If I remember right, some of these that were made for the Navy, actually had Aluminum bodies, like some of the International Scouts,and I also seem to remember a model that was articulated behind the cab…Now, THAT would be the one to have…

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  11. Joe Howell

    Neat thing about these was they were so short for a pickup, being no longer then a regular jeep. Used to see them around here but most used up/worn out/rusted out or junked. Saw one last summer at a gas station, guy was coming back from a show and I got to look it over good. He had restored it to like new condition and it was a sweet bit of Jeep history.

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  12. Kelsey Bradshaw

    No Luck could never get a hold of the guy may be next time :/

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