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Jilted For General Lee: 1964 Corvette Project


I should begin this post by saying that a small block C2 Corvette convertible with a manual transmission is my ideal Corvette. And, heretic that I am, I’d want it mildly modified to turn it into a canyon carver. I find it hard to believe that someone would pass this project on to fund a 69 Charger General Lee project, but that’s what the seller is doing! Nothing against 1969 Chargers, but hasn’t the General Lee theme been painted on enough of them already? Ok, off my soap box. Reader Jim S. sent in this project find located in Fleetwood, North Carolina. It’s up for sale here on eBay, where bidding hasn’t met reserve as I write this, but is close to $8,500.


As the ad says, “what you see is what comes with this car.” And that means there’s a lot missing, like bumpers, trim, lights, a usable top, and many other components. It’s hard to judge the condition of the body, and the wet condition (why bother washing a car like this?) of the body doesn’t help. I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or just my eyes, but it almost looks like it’s in pink primer!


Add cowl vents, door handles and locks, mirrors and probably side windows to the list of needed parts as well. The seller does state that the top frame works well.


The frame admittedly looks pretty good in this shot, and the full suspension appears to be in place. The ad also says the sale includes the differential, drive shaft and brakes. But there’s still a lot of things missing, including most notably the engine and transmission, and I really don’t think that plank of wood is going to power the car very well! With so much of the original car gone, I really don’t have any issues with someone choosing to modify this one. Of course, if you want to restore the car, everything is available for a Corvette from a number of suppliers. So what would you do if you had this car as a project–restore it, modify it, or sell it to someone else and create a General Lee clone? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Avatar photo fred

    Not sure why anyone would do a General Lee these days as you can’t put that authentic final touch on the roof!

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  2. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    I agree with Fred and have to wonder if the seller, being in North Carolina, realizes that times have changed regarding the Rebel flag. That vertical line running down the center of the frame sure looks suspect to me.

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    • Avatar photo Rocco

      Is that vertical line a bracket that holds the brake line in place, with a shadow?

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  3. Avatar photo Cassidy

    well cared for, never left out in the weather…..

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  4. Avatar photo MacVaugh

    That wetness isn’t a result of a washing, at least not in the photographed location. I am betting it was outside and snow covered, or rain wet, and pushed into the shop for the photo session.

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  5. Avatar photo G.P.

    Looks like one of the sheriff cars from the dukes in the one picture. The star on the door and a Dodge or Plymouth.

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  6. Avatar photo Frankie

    We have a meth problem here too…..just sayin, cause that might be the real problem here, not that we need another general lee driving around. Maybe he should buy one instead of making one? Could enjoy it sooner…. Yeah, we have a Meff problem here too….

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  7. Avatar photo Sukey

    If you look way in the back you see you Roscoes patrol car

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  8. Avatar photo Jim

    The vette looks exactly what you need for a driver/road racing project. What’s missing you can get new repop or shop swap meets, the larger meets always have a few guys loaded with used vette parts. I’d check vin and see if it may have been a unique car first but go for it. The charger I think the world has too many General Lee’s already, just like Elanors(?), 64 galaxies police cars and others. The Chargers look so nice restored or at least dressed up nice why another Orange one? That’s just me.

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  9. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Too bad the seller didn’t put the VIN in the listing. Assuming it’s the base model, the median price in the current SCM Guide is $41K.

    I am no expert on Corvettes but I would guess that once you buy the car and then get an engine + transmission + all the other parts that are missing or need replacing like a top, interior, door handles, trim and probably other things you’re over the $41K level. And since it came from New York you probably need to deal with the effects of salt / winter weather on the underside, and hope the frame is solid.

    I’d like to own a C2 but I would find a far more complete one and probably be driving cheaper and sooner than with this car.

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    • Avatar photo Jim

      If I bought it for 20k, I’d try to complete it for an additional 10-12k. I enjoy the hunt for parts, I’m sure I could scare up a small block cheap from a friend, I have a T-10 + a Muncie also a clutch and scattershield in the garage. While I’m re-do’ing the body and chassis that’s the time for swap meets, ebay,craigslist and Racing Junk for all the bits and pieces. I enjoy the time I spend. It’s just my way, if you ordered everything needed from catalogs I’m sure it’s another 30+ above the sale price.

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Jim, I agree the car could be completed the way you describe for about the price you mentioned, assuming the frame and ‘Glas are solid and that you put in the work chasing less expensive parts….and you don’t need a $10K – $12K paint job.

      The median prices in the SCM Guide are for auction sales, which are pretty much always complete cars in very good or excellent condition, most with numbers-matching drivetrains. But I would not need to have a perfect car as a driver, so I would rather get a decent driver and have it on the road sooner rather than later, especially since I’m not getting any younger.

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      • Avatar photo Jim

        Yup, time is our worst enemy! I guess you act on your need, if you want to drive this summer and you work full time, not much chance of completing it. I’ve also(I know I’m nuts) picked up and finished projects just because I wanted to do something different. You guys will have me locked up for this one, about 15yrs ago a friend and I picked up a stolen recovered xjs jag, we scrounged a straight 6 and auto trans from another guys 66-67 pickup and put a turbocharger on it, I think I spent 40 hours just making the exhaust header and downpipe and piping in a small intercooler, nothing fit at first, ran great, we sold it to his cousin, he used it for SCCA racing in the northeast for quite a few yrs. My friend passed away and I lost touch with the car but it was a “let’s see if we can” projects. I love that stuff.

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  10. Avatar photo MH

    This will go for close to 20K. Where else you going to find one?

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  11. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    The General Lee prthis much work.obably doesn’t need

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    • Avatar photo CapNemo

      Do what now?

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  12. Avatar photo OKCPhil

    So here is a good recent example sale for thought. https://www.leakecar.com/vehicle/25741/1964-Chevrolet-Corvette/

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  13. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    Too bad he couldn’t move the car behind it and take some pics while on the lift. That’s the area of most concern here.

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  14. Avatar photo 1Ronald

    Someone poured oil all over it. You can see it running down the driver’s door. Proving once again that when you own it you can desecrate it anyway you want. It’s your money.

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