Jolly Green Project: 1972 AMC Javelin

If anyone watches the drama-injected TV show Fast ‘N Loud, then you’ll know the owner of the shop, Richard Rawlings, loves green cars. I wonder if he’s checking out this claimed-original Jolly Green AMC Javelin here on eBay. The seller seems quite colorful, which may be the understatement of the year as it relates to his candidness and honesty about how little work he’s done to the car. 

For starters, that’s a lot of green! And not in the sense that you’ll be stuffing your pockets with cash afterwards. Quite the opposite, in fact, since this Javelin needs a fair amount of work. Though the car may be an original Jolly Green paint code example, it appears to need the full complement of cosmetic repairs and restoration, from the exterior surfaces to the seat covers. The seller says there have been some disputes as to the car’s true color; anyone agree?

The seller also points out that the car currently doesn’t stop and the front end is very much out of alignment. The motor does run but smokes if you let it idle for too long. Still, at least it runs, though we don’t know if the powerplant is numbers matching. The seller also says due to the car coming from Georgia, there is no title – which I find curious, since the last project I purchased was also from GA and came with a title, despite being over 25 years old.

Among the few things the seller has done to improve the car are new tires, incorrect center caps and a brake master cylinder that doesn’t fit. It will come with a new roll of pre-formed carpeting for the trunk. Overall, I personally dig the paint color but I’m curious as to why the seller calls out those who disagree with him on that particular aspect of the car. Is it a different shade of green? Has it been repainted? I don’t know, but we’d welcome our AMC experts’ thoughts!


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  1. Rebelmachine

    I took a 258 inline 6 bw auto one of these and swapped a 4.0 liter injected Jeep stroker, ax 15 Bellhousing mated to an r154 supra trans and used a wilwood clutch pedal and throwout. It wasnt an elegant swap as i did it mid divorce in 90 degree heat at a house I was no longer able to enter but it turned out to be the best freeway hauler ever. LOVED that abomination so much and need another

  2. Mike H. Mike H

    “Still, at least it runs, though we don’t know if the powerplant is numbers matching.”

    There was never any such thing as “numbers matching” on AMC vehicles. The engines/transmissions weren’t coded to the VIN such as they were on GM’s. Fords, and Chrysler’s of the same vintage.

  3. michael streuly

    So he thinks that the car is worth alot of money because of the color. I think not. He needs to get a grip on reaility.

  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    I love the AMCs of this era. They are always so interesting in terms of color, shape, interior appointments etc. AMC was never afraid to inject a healthy dose of flair into it’s designs. But alas, this and their build-quality issues may have contributed to their demise. I miss them.
    That said, as I read the listing, I see the guy is not the kind of seller I’d deal with. That kind of sandpaper is not good salesmanship.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      I had to read it (3) times to get the full picture of what he is saying. Using numbers in lieu of words makes for difficult understanding to me. My clearest understanding of his ad:

      1. Green is his favourite colour, and that this car is green.

      2. He really hasn’t done anything to it since he bought it.

      3. He bought a suspect brake master for it that doesn’t fit, but a little bit of drilling will fix that (he must not own a drill).

      4. All of the parts needed for restoration are available on eBay, and that any interested buyer should know what that is since they’re looking at his ad there.

      5. He REALLY doesn’t like the cat at

      • JW454

        6. He cracked the new windshield trying to install it.

  5. Jeffro

    Being a Georgia boy, any vehicle 85 or older does not require a title. A bill of sale on this is all that’s required to tag/register.

  6. Rustytech Member

    I like the car, and the color. I think the current bid is all the money in its current condition though. There’s a lot of work needed here, looks like some bonds in the lower quarters, complete interior, and likely at least an engine rebuild. Finished it worth $25k maybe. From his comments it doesn’t look like the seller really wants to sell it anyway unless he can hit a home run.

  7. Moparmann Member

    In Georgia, vehicles older than 25 years do not require a title for selling purposes. One can however, apply for one if so desired. :-)

  8. S Ryan

    A Rare green AMC? I’d wish someone would have told me years ago.


    If you’re referring to the “Houston Texas jerk” he’d talking about Eddie Stakes” whom is the go to AMC expert, not Rawlings.

    Eddie is not a jerk and prolly told him about his car. It has an AMX spoiler and dash overlay along with the go pack gauges which are incorrect.
    The wheels are incorrect but cool Turbo wheels.

    The seller doesn’t post a pic of the drivers door where the paint code would be listed so until we see that the “Original color” is unknown

    I could see $5850 the price is fair.

  10. Rex Kahrs Member

    I this topic has been discussed a lot on this site, but the plain fact is that it can be difficult (or impossible) to title a car in a “title” state if it comes out of a “non-title” state with no title.
    I know twenty guys are gonna post all the ways it can be done, but trust me, I have attempted this feat in Ohio and Florida, and , those two “title” states just won’t play ball. Period. And New Hampshire won’t issue a title on a registered car because….you guessed it….it doesn’t have one! Yes, the car is registered here in New Hampshire, but we can’t issue a title for it…
    That said, you would think auto titles would be a perfectly sound idea for every vehicle of any age, for obvious reasons. This is why I feel there should be a national standardized system for cross-registering cars from state to state, and, a system in place in each state for applying for a title on a vehicle with missing title. I know, I know, the same twenty guys are gonna call me wrong, but I say try it in Florida or Ohio and let me know how you did it. Better yet, post the clerk’s name who did the paperwork.

    • Jeffro

      I totally agree

    • CaptainAwesome

      Granted it’s a TV show, but “The Count” couldn’t even get a title for that Satellite/RR he bought and gave up on it. He has warehouses full of money and is a somebody and was SOL. So Joe Schmo that makes less than 5 million a year and nobody knows/cares you exist, is really out of luck.

    • Barzini

      It makes me wonder why we let 50 states handle the car registration and title process (as well as driver licensing) differently. It seems like a federal standard would be a more efficient way to go, particularly given how often people move from state to state.

      • JW

        That would be fine with me as long as they don’t use California’s as a model for the federal mandated smog BS.

      • Loco Mikado

        Because it states in the US Constitution that anything not spelled out in the Constitution as a federal jurisdiction or having power over is reserved for the states.I could name hundreds of things that are different between states or even counties or cities within a state. It divides things up so no one jurisdiction becomes dominate or at least that id the way it is supposed to work. Do you really want the federal government to have one more power to assert control over us? It already has more than I am comfortable with.

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    • Frank

      I have had difficulty in SC. Had to ask to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor listened to my explanation and honestly told me he didn’t know, so called HIS supervisor. He knew where to look for the info, and I got a “provisional” title. If someone showed up with an original title and complained it would be revoked and I’d have to deal with that person… possibly in court. No problem for me. Noting on the title stated it was “provisional” or anything that I could see. I drove the car for quite a few years, no issue when I sold it. I would probably have been a little leery if I wasn’t sure of the car’s origins or was planning on fixing and selling. Sometimes you just have to go higher up.

  11. JW

    I wouldn’t deal with this guy if his asking price was $100. He’s a JERK, end of story !!!

    • DAN

      & he goes on forever is biggest font he could find for a $6 car
      same for his other crappy ads.

  12. CaptainAwesome

    Another “professional” flipper. Buy a car for $1500, want $15,000 and needs $30,000 to restore! It’s not even an AMX or 401 z code 4spd car.

  13. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Thought RR just loved green money ?

    • Mike H. Mike H

      I doubt that old Dick cares what colour the money is, so long as it spends.

  14. G.P. Member

    After reading the comments, I had to go to ebay and read the ad. For some one who has sold 500 cars in 25 years( less then 2 a month) he comes across as a not so nice person to me. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s using numbers instead of words that’s irritating to try to read. I do like the car and the color on the outside, but not at all on the inside.

  15. Rjc

    Amc steve is right , Eddie stakes is a really good guy, he is an amc vender of after market and used amc parts, has a personal fleet of amc cars that are his families daily drivers. He has a vast knowledge of amc’s.
    I bought parts from him when i restored my 69 amx.
    I would love to restore this car, its my favorite year of the humpster javilin.

  16. Rjc

    Amc steve is right , Eddie stakes is a really good guy, he is an amc vender of after market and used amc parts, has a personal fleet of amc cars that are his families daily drivers. He has a vast knowledge of amc’s.
    I bought parts from him when i restored my 69 amx.
    I would love to restore this car, its my favorite year of the humpster javelin.

  17. Mike

    the seller said it is a SST car but i don’t see the SST badge on the pillar by the back side window or on the dash and then he doesn’t say what engine is in it only say’s V8

    • AMX Brian

      The pillar will only have Javelin emblem on it for Base models and SST’s. And AMX badge for the AMX’s. The SST badging is on the door panels in the middle of the faux wood grain and in front of the rear marker lights(One of which is shown in a one of the pictures.)

  18. Paul

    I owned one of these back in the early 90’s in the uk if I remember rightly the duck tail rear spoiler on the boot had been transplanted on to the front valance to give it a more aggressive stance. When I purchased it I was told it had appeared in a Sweeney movie ( uk cop show) nice bit of kit with fond memories the best of which was racing through the Dartford tunnel (under the river Thames) next to a Ferrari Testerosa, I think the fezza driver was a bit shocked by the noise created by the straight through pipes and my mate in the back even more shocked when I had to break a bit hard and he slid off the vinyl black seats at a high velocity and face planted the high back seat in front of him! I believe it was a 360 cui but I could be wrong.

    • eddie stakes

      Paul, I have a good number of UK customers, some cars right hand drive, others left hand drive. I just sent a mess of things to ,’new’ 68 AMX owner in Scotland. There are Ambassadors, AMXs, Javelins, Gremlins, Hornets, Matadors and Ramblers over there.

      My own Continental Airlines Gremlin was bought by Steven Speilberg’s Dreamworks for the movie The Haunting. Lili Taylor & Liam Neeson drove it movie, car still over there.

  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Or, you could just buy this one at twice the price and drive it off the lot.

    I submitted it here, but it was not featured.

  20. Sprite

    Here is a picture of my 72 Jolly Green SST back in 1982. Shade looks the same.

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  21. eddie stakes

    Hi everyone, this car has been listed on and off in Houston craigslist for awhile. And ebay. If you dig thru my facebook group AMC AMX Javelin 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 you will see thread about this car. Color does not mean crap. He also emailed a number of people on facebook some really nasty stuff when those people laughed at his constantly changing ebay auctions or craigslist ad. Bottom line is he is stuck with a dog. I had mentioned in facebook the 68 AMX sold at Houston Mecum auction for $7800 drive home, and the 70 big bad green AMX shadow car same auction $18,000 along with my OWN AMX & Javelin collection I sold for $1500-$3000 and the non amc guy with titleless car freaked out on my prices. Here, go take a look at what they sold for my-amcs-for-sale.htm 74 Javelin runs, drives, stops, $2500: 72 AMX 360/AT $3000; you get the point, sorry, none of them GREEN!!

    For the record, I am a jerk, well, according to my wife of almost 30 years. I have owned 392 AMXs, Javelins & AMC cars since 1976, and have driven nothing BUT the great cars of American Motors DAILY since getting drivers license in 1976. I just got in a running, driving, sometimes stopping 1971 Javelin with AMX stuff on it like spoiler, cowl hood, for $14,300 LESS that what the non AMC is asking.

    Sometimes non AMC people buy a AMC thinking they will turn and win jackpot. I have seen that before. I emailed the seller thru ebays messaging service telling him he should concentrate on positives on the car like options, accessories, and such, but seller ignored my offer of nothing more than assistance to help him sell his car. For those of you familiar with me last 33 years, I do this a LOT, a free courtesy to AMC owners. There is ZERO in it for me, from the old free Shut Up & Drive/100 AMCs For Sale lists, to my FREE AMC classifieds on my site that gets 500,000+ hits a month, to as many of you see on the various AMC facebook groups am in…just ‘spread the word’ (1-3-2016) with the Sc/401 Hornet for sale, $10.5k; and Alabama Highway Patrol Police Javelin $6500: (a real one!) and my former 401V8 powered 78 Pacer panel wagon for sale. $5000 drive home.

    Anyways, bottom line is I hope this 72 whatever it might be, finds a good AMC home, and at the end of the day, that is all one could ask. And if you want to LEARN about these great cars, stop by my site as have thousands of files to help AMC fans & non AMC fans alike, might help you from making huge financial mistake, or guide you to findingbyour AMC dream car! Eddie Stakes’ Planet Houston AMX

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    • Harold


  22. eddie stakes

    One more thing, here is a ‘green’ AMC Javelin you could drive to show & trophy for $9600.00. no drama, no houston texas jerks! 64,000 miles! Beautiful, and uh, has title! Also the link to my cars for sale in above post, with prices, did not link so see here

    The facebook group correct link is for AMC AMX Javelin 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 where youncan see original post about this thing & the sellers comments to potential buyers
    Happy hunting

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