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Junior Workhourse: 1967 Toyota T100 Stout


These days, consumers can find a variety of options across the pickup truck segment. However, if you’re looking for a light-duty alternative to extra cabs and extended beds, you have limited options (though the new Chevy Colorado could be a sign of things to come!) But it wasn’t always that way, especially if you were hankering for an economical foreign-built hauler. While we may be accustomed to brands like Toyota churning out full-size trucks with V8s and impressive towing capacity as of late, this 1967 T100 Stout found here on eBay reminds us just how far they’ve come!


I have distinct memories of the janitor in my elementary school driving a battered yellow Datsun King Cab 4×4 pickup. It was rusty and looked like it had been left outside in a hail storm multiple times, but that truck started every day and never left him stranded. Rumor has it most of these older Japanese trucks share that reputation for cockroach-like levels of durability and longevity, even though the bodies may rust away around the drivetrain. It’s great to see the vintage Toyota featured here has escaped the wrath of the tin worm.


This 1967 Stout, located in Pennsylvania, is from an era of Toyotas featuring quirky designs and sheetmetal that was anything but vanilla – a complaint often hurled at the company’s modern day lineup. Turquoise paint, wood-paneled cargo bed, wraparound windshield glass – like any design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but with pickup trucks becoming such a mass-produced commodity, it’s easy to forget that a once small-market player like Toyota managed to make even a bare-bones workhorse into something memorable.


While choices abound for a project pickup, I’ve always found the lighter-duty classics to be intriguing projects. The Chevy Luv, Ford Courier, and original Toyota and Nissan trucks all offer an affordable entry into classic ownership with the added bonus of usefulness for weekend house projects. While some top-flight examples have climbed to a price point that makes them far more valuable as garage art than daily-duty classics (I’m thinking of the Toyota 4×4 pickups with mint-condition body-side graphics and zero rust), there are still fun projects like this Stout available to choose from. Heck, Mazda made the first-ever Rotary-powered pickup in the same era – an RX-7 with room for mulch runs! So if you were adding a vintage pickup to your stable, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Alan (Michigan)

    Front end designed by a little kid?

    Seriously, looks like something found on one of the tin toys from long ago.

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    • Will

      Your right about the toy resemblance. I also see a lot of 59 ford in the design. The toy link is probably because toy manufacturers tend to copy the styles of the day. I think it looks great.

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    • Joe Howell

      After all it is a “Toy”ota :)

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  2. Rob

    These were GREAT trucks.. we had 2 of them back in 60’s in our construction business; they were built on the Land Cruiser chassis, ‘n although they were considered a 1/2 Ton, they in reality had no problem carrying almost 1 ton of weight.. :)

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  3. Mark E

    It makes me want to cry when I see a beautiful original vehicle like this with a pep boys air cleaner, steering wheel, portholes and…what’s up with the dashboard?? If I was buying this truck I’d want a $1500 discount to find and ship the correct stock parts (including wheels & hubcaps) from Japan. :(

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    • Steve

      I know that this comment was made four years ago, but I wonder if you are aware that this isn’t a “Pep Boys” air cleaner. This engine was upgraded to a Weber carburetor and its’ related unique air cleaner.

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  4. Jeff Lavery Staff

    Mark, those little details drive me nuts too – but in the world of older vehicles that at one time were very cheap workhorses, I consider those sins minor on the grand scale!

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  5. jim s

    so what kind of vehicles are under all those covers? interesting truck with a no reserve auction means it will have a new owner. but for that kind of money i wonder how much hauling/work the truck will be doing in the future. great find.

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  6. Sid Member

    While in high school in the mid 60’s I worked at a gas station.
    One of our customers bought a similar Toyota pickup and I occasionally got to service it.
    It was really an oddity at the time.
    I remember the four speed on the column.
    A Japanese truck?
    Why would anyone buy such a thing.
    Sooooo unpatriotic and un-Detroit
    Too little to hold anything in the back
    A cheap tin box ready to fall apart.
    Who cares if it gets good gas mileage.
    My my my how things have changed.
    Now I drive one.

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  7. Charles

    Never seen one. It’s sorta cool, or at least different.

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    • Joe Howell

      I haven’t seen one in about 40 years. Interesting looks. Wrap around windshield looks like Chevy Apache series, the front end………Tonka.

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  8. William Henshaw

    Cool old truck. Friend of mine had one about 40 years ago, called it the zombie truck because you can beat it to death but it never dies. I used to borrow it often, even took it camping a few times. I don’t know what happened to that old truck, I do know that it was driven very hard and was tough as nails. I like it a lot, but don’t think I like where the price is headed, almost $7k now and days to go. I guess somebody out there loves it more than me.

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  9. Chris

    I remember these well, Dad would borrow one from the Watkins fleet.
    . My sister & I in Dec 1965, outside of Lae, New Guinea.
    The upholstery was in black vinyl- ideal for the tropics! And not all that durable.
    The hubcaps were plastic & equally short lived

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    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      Chris, wicked photo! Love the historical context for our profile of this little truck. Looks like you had a fascinating childhood! Did you spot any other unusual rides when you lived there? Thanks for sharing!

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  10. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking truck. I’d heard of the Toyota Stout, but I’d never seen one in person. I heard that it never sold well. Why the hell not? You have the Hilux, which I heard was smaller by comparison. You’d think that truck buyers who are used to Toyotas would be interested in such a vehicle.

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