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Junkyard Find: Low-Mile 1982 Honda Civic Hatchback

This generation of Honda Civic may have littered junkyards all across America two decades ago, but they are a rare sight today. Especially, clean low-mileage ones like this! It’s a shame that this car ended up here because once a vehicle enters this junkyard, it never sees the road again. Some may not consider this a collector car, but I’m sure there are plenty of people that would have loved to have saved this car, even if just for parts. So, let’s give this little Honda one last hurray before it’s off to the crusher!

You could get a 1300 or a 1500 four-cylinder in ’82, but I’m not 100% sure which engine is fitted in there. I’m guessing it’s a 1300 because the car doesn’t have the four-spoke steering wheel or side trim, but I could be wrong. Are there any Honda experts here who can clear this up for us? I don’t see an AC compressor, but that might have been a good thing because these little engines only put out between 55-67 horsepower depending on size.

Besides the dirt and torn driver’s seat, the interior of this Honda doesn’t look too bad – for a junkyard car. Looks like it’s equipped with an automatic transmission, so let’s hope that’s the larger engine out front. Otherwise, this thing wouldn’t have been much fun to drive. A four or five-speed would have made it possible to squeeze all the power of that little engine and would have kept the driver more entertained. Perhaps that’s the real reason this one is sitting in a junkyard?

This car stood out when I first spotted it because it looked surprisingly clean. So, imagine my surprise when I looked inside and saw that it has only covered 66,716 miles! Since it’s a Honda, I expected to see about four times that amount. Closer inspection leads me to believe that the odometer could be correct too. These cars were known for their fuel efficiency and reliability so most saw extended service until they finally died along the side of the road. So what could have caused this low mileage commuter to wind up here?

There’s the answer! Looks like an inattentive driver rammed into the back of this poor little guy! The damage doesn’t appear to be devastating, but I’m guessing it was cheaper to total out the car than have it repaired. The badges have all been removed so there’s isn’t an easy way to determine which model of Civic this really is. Either way, the hatchback body was the one to have because of the added utility and semi-good looks.

Besides a few random pieces that people have pulled off, this Honda will soon be no more. Apparently, it wasn’t special enough to buy back from the insurance, but it did serve someone well for around 37 years. It may not have provided many thrills during that time, but I’m guessing it was efficient and reliable for the most part. It also did its part at helping build Honda into the powerhouse it is today. So, we salute you, little Civic, for what you were and hope your metal will go on to create something a little more interesting!



    Poor little Civvie, It looks to be in good shape, no cracked dash or broken speaker grills. Hopefully she’s stripped clean before she’s made into a cube.

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  2. LR54


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  3. Billy1

    This is begging for a B16 swap. You didn’t say what city the junkyard was in so a local could save it.

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    • Jacket

      Yeah, let us know where it is! I could use a lot of those parts for my Civic.

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  4. Ralph

    “Where’s my Honda?”

    “Sorry baby but I had to crash that Honda…”

    “Whos’ motorcycle is this?”

    “Its a Chopper baby….”

    “Whos’ Chopper is this?”


    “Who’s Zed?”

    “Zed’s dead baby……Zed’s dead”

    And so’s this Honda……

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  5. Mike

    Bought an 83 s1500 red with black and red interior 5spd with only 68k in 2004 for 600 i was 18 in 2005 the oil pump went out with 71k on the clock and me being young and stupid i junked it….till this day i still kick myself hard

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  6. Steve R

    No hint of its location other than a junkyard, somewhere.

    Steve R

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  7. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    The yard is in Idaho, but as I mentioned, once a car enters it never leaves.

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    • Steve R

      Just like the most of the junkyards around here. It interesting to see what has survived and where.

      This Honda will leave at some point, after it’s stripped and crushed. Not like the hoarders with a couple of extra acres where the cars will sit until the end of time.

      Steve R

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    • Diane

      Would you PLEASE tell me the name of the junk yard and the city? I’m the original owner of a 1982 Honda Civic FE that I dearly love and can’t part with, but it’s becoming impossible to find parts.

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      • Awilda Colon

        I just purchased one my self planning on rebuilding everything. Good luck on your quest. I have been lucky in finding parts.

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      • Kay

        Are you still looking for parts?

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  8. Tony Primo

    The car is now exactly where it belongs.

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  9. Sam61

    ….oh the humanity! Too bad you can’t buy it as it could be the basis for an interesting track car.

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  10. Howard A Member

    Unless the speedo is broke, or it has 1,066,000 miles, it is a bit unusual someone would junk this. Something must have puked deeming the car unrepairable.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      In the 3rd paragraph, I mentioned that it looks like the car had been rear-ended. I’m guessing the insurance paid out instead of fixing it.

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  11. Stefe

    I love these old Honda’s. Feels funny saying that because i remember when they were new not so long ago. I had two of them when I was in college. I had a beautiful Chrysler Córdoba that was eating me out of house and home, I should say dorm, costing me nearly 30 dollars to fill that huge tank. Luckily, I found a Chrysler Dealer who happened to have a clean little 76 Civic on his lot, and, to his eye my Classic Cream with a medium gold Landau Top Córdoba fit in his lineup a lot better than that funny little Civic throwing his lineup out of balance. The Honda was a year newer and I had to throw in an extra 200 to make the deal. Loved that little car. Over thirty miles per gallon and in an ocean of big cars you could find a parking spot anywhere. The only thing besides the whack in the back that kills this car is that boring automatic transmission.

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  12. SWells679

    (sigh) glass headlights…these 2 headlights like 10x better than any of the 8 on my 4 mid ’00s vehicles.

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  13. angliagt angliagt

    Yea – it’s sad that vehicles like this can’t be sold complete,
    once they enter the wrecking yard.
    I found a Volvo 123 GT in the local wrecking yard.It was
    BRG,& the body was perfect,& seemed to be complete.I tried
    to find someone to at least save the parts,but this was before
    I was on the Internet.
    I was,however,able to save a Datsun 200 SX GT3 race car.

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  14. Gaspumpchas

    I had one of these and it sold me on Honda products forever. Reliable and sipped gas. Cant see anyone restoring one of these but its possible. Mine started burning oil– I was told to run the cyl hone up and down twice, then installed new rings. Didn’t use a drop after that, finally, daughter hit a guy head on with it and the transverse engine configuration saved her. Minor injuries. Speaks volumes on the quality of these. Good luck!

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  15. v

    id say a spoiled little stepchild junked this car. granny left them only the car and this could be how he showed his appreciation. granny is rolling over in her grave. we cant all have brains , or did someone say trains. could this be what its like.

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  16. Steven

    So is this buyable??? Any info on how to get in touch with the yard

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  17. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I loved these Honda cars when I was in the service/repair business replacing struts, brakes and rack and pinions. $$$

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  18. Mike R in De

    Only the 1500 came with the automatic transmission in the Civic. A coworker put the drive package and brakes from an early Accord in a similar wagon. It was just a bold in job, but what blast to drive!!

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  19. JimmyJ

    I love old American muscle but…
    Honda’s are a masterpiece of engineering and I believe they make the best internal combustion motor in the world. If u disagree let’s hear what u think is better.

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  20. Dennis R.

    I have an ’82 cvcc wagon, the turn signal assembly is starting to give me trouble. It has the lights and turn signal on the left, and the wiper switch on the right. Does this yard still have the car? Would be interested in getting in touch with them to see if the signal assembly is still available. Can you give me any information?

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  21. CARLOS BRAVO 714)278-5112

    Hello, I would like to purchase some parts from this civic. I will leave my information. I am in Orange County, Southern California. Thank You in advance.

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