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Junkyard Sighting: 1978 Dodge Shaggin’ Wagon

The ’70s brought about some really cool and interesting trends, especially in the automotive world. None are quite as unique or memorable as the Shaggin’ Wagon, although I’m sure there are a few Van owners out there that can’t actually remember any of the ’70s. Whether you love or hate these custom vans, you have to give the people behind them credit for creativity. Heck, just look at this van we recently spotted in the junkyard. It had a wild interior, custom paint job and was even given the name “Movin’ On”. Unfortunately for it, it’s Movin’ On to the crusher, but we thought this one deserved to be recorded so future generations can see just how crazy things got in the Vanning world.

The builder of this van started out with a 1978 Dodge B200 Ram Van. They gutted the interior, cut massive holes in the sides for windows, redid the entire interior and gave it a custom paint job. They even installed a coach that converted into a bed, a working sink, and a mini-fridge. It appears that they also installed ample amounts of crushed velvet and shag carpet. I’m sure when it was first finished, it was a sight to behold. And I’m sure a few months later it was already smelly and gross!

The paint job isn’t the most radical one we’ve ever seen on a Shaggin’ Wagon, but this one makes up for it with its massive windows and small details. If you take a closer look at the orange band that wraps around the van, you’ll notice that it was painted to look like wood grain and it’s actually quite detailed.

Sitting between the occupants is what appears to be a 318 V8, but it could also be a 360. I’ll let our local Mopar experts weigh in on that though. There’s no obvious signs of mechanical issues, but we didn’t attempt to turn the engine over. It looks like there are still lots of good parts here that could keep another Dodge on the road.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this van ended up here simply because no one wanted to clean the interior out, I know I wouldn’t want to clean out all that shag carpet and whatever is living in it. But it’s really a shame that it ended up in the scrapyard, I’m sure someone out there would have loved to bring it back to its former glory. So, do you think this one should have been saved or is the junkyard the right place for it to be?


  1. timothy herrod

    could this be one of the adult toys from Chrysler? I remember the van craze of the 70,s and I kinda remember something about the adult toys from Chrysler but it was so long ago

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  2. Ryan Hilkemann

    Nice project van, looks like a lot of fun for the right price.

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    • SteveTheD

      I don’t really see a lot of fun here, unless your fun is having a parts vehicle, then yes, way fun!

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  3. F Again

    I spent summer ’78 between junior and senior year in high school pinstriping new custom vans at Easy Livin’ Vans in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

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  4. David G

    Engine is a 360.

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    • Johnny

      Could be a 318. Have a 78 out back in better shape,but someone could make this one nice again . Clean it out would make a big improvement . It would make a nice vehicle for just about anything kind of use. If they didn,t ask a arm and a leg for it. If you asked about it. Seems like the price goes up when someone asks about something-they see dollar sign.

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      • Jack Lattie

        The Holley carb would tell me it is a 360, 318 engines had Carter or in later years a Rochester carb.

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  5. boxdin

    Same old tire lines about not remembering the 70s, along with lines about how dirty the interior is. With people rescuing vans every day now how about thinking up some new descriptive lines?

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  6. Del

    Junk yard dawg. All ready picked apart.

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  7. Jack Lattie

    Looks like a Holley 2 barrel carb & if so it would be a 360 engine.

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  8. nlpnt

    I wonder how many one-year-only parts this thing has. ’78 was a transitional year, with the body from the cowl back being the one Dodge would use into the ’90s and the original ’72-77 front clip.

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