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Just Not Enough Rust: 1974 Porsche 911

'74 911 Carrera Targa right front

The price points for “Swiss Cheese” wholly rusted out Porsches are through the barn roof these days! Just have a look at some of the examples we have posted here on BF in the past. This, according to the seller (doesn’t that now makes it two?), one owner barn find is listed here on eBay and is parked in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with a BIN of $49,900.

'74 911 Carrera Targa front

The owner says that this example is 1 of the 246 Carrera Targas that rolled out in 1974. This matching numbers car has 53,470 miles on the odometer, a 5 speed gearbox, factory A/C, an engine compartment light (that we don’t get to see with the ad), a radio antenna, tinted glass and intermittent wipers.

Porsche 911 Engine

The VIN is 9114110191 and the engine number is 6342076. They don’t provide any information about the condition of the motor or gearbox. Hopefully both are in good order.

'74 911 Carrera Targa rear

With over 30 images and a video provided with the ad there is not one image of the underside of the car, but given the rust everywhere else we would assume there will be plenty of rust underneath. There is an image of the tool set for your review, so at least we know that still with the car and rust free.

'74 911 Carrera Targa front left

According to the owner, this car will be sold with a Bill of Sale, you will receive books/spare tire/and 1 key. If one of you snatches this up, please share with us and also let us know if the engine turns over! SO would you give this Porsche a proper restoration or would you treat the rust and just leave it looking rough?



  1. Avatar photo Fred

    Doesn’t look like “swiss cheese” rust to me. Looks like mainly paint failure and subsequent surface rust.

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  2. Avatar photo DJ

    There’s just not enough rust to warrant that kind of money.

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  3. Avatar photo Don

    The Ebay listing says the car runs and drives…and I agree, looks more like paint failure to me…and the dash is badly cracked…looks more like a 153000 miles car to me…

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  4. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    Don’t you find it amazing that SO many Porsches were owned by people without garages and not enough sense to at least have them undercoated?

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  5. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    About 3 years ago this was a $7K – $9K car for someone who wanted an early 911 but couldn’t afford anything but a mid-year 2.7 version. Now sellers think it’s a $25K car if has to be duct taped together to make it onto a hauler, or a $50K car if it’s intact.

    If the stock market tanks again like it did in 1989, 2000, and 2008 it will go back to being a $7K – $9K car when brokers start making margin calls and they decline a rusty, clapped out old 911 in place of real money.

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  6. Avatar photo sir mike

    ”sold with bill of sale”?? where was car last registered?? in PA where this car is all cars are required to have titles.even if it’s a salvage title..something not right.

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    • Avatar photo Mark Russell

      So whats a 68 911s Chassis with no rust and a non-matching 68 2.0 engine and trans worth in todays market??? Old owner attempted a widebody look and never completed. It sat in dry garage for 20 years.

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  7. Avatar photo Adam Wright

    Say what you will, that price for a 74 Carrera is about market. I was offered a 74 that looked a lot like this one for $60,000 earlier this year, I passed, but it sold for full price to the next guy. Anytime you can hang your hat on something limited or rare with a Porsche, it means $$$.

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  8. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    f@#$ off – who buys these things?

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  9. Avatar photo Jasper

    I remember trying to use my 79 SC Targa as collateral about five years ago and the loan officer was like, right…so sure.

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  10. Avatar photo Thorsten Krüger

    That is a US Carrera 2.7 with k-jetronic injection and NOT the searched 2.7 with MFI-Bosch and 210hp european version!!!!!!!!!!!! A little bit expensive.

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  11. Avatar photo bcavileer

    Better than most of the Porsche crap i see. Sorry for the profanity. How about FRASS as the new term for sh*t. FRASS is the excrement of destructive insects, so I think it is a good new term for rusty, overpriced sucker bait like this.
    Try it, you’ll like it.

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  12. Avatar photo W Robert

    for that type of money, my moneys on my car LOL

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