Just Out of Storage! 1961 Chevrolet Corvette

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There’s no doubt that early Corvettes are amongst the most popular and valuable sports cars there are. Restored and survivor examples of first and second generation cars routinely sell for six-figures at auction. Even projects are commanding strong money and this 1961 is no exception. It can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $21,600 and a buy-it-now price of $29,000. Located in Bel Air, Maryland, the seller says the car “…has been stored many years.” It looks like a fairly clean example but is definitely a project for sure. Check it out and see if this might be the project for you!

There isn’t a ton of information in the ad. The engine measures 283 cubic inches, but the ad doesn’t mention whether it’s a numbers-matching engine or not. It does say the intake, heads, and exhaust is original. The first generation C1 Corvette (1953-1962) had engines that ranged from 235 to 327 but the 283 was the only engine available in 1961.

This photo shows the wide doorsills in these cars. The interiors are very classy with the bucket seats that flow with the body lines and center console that goes from the dash, between the seats, and up to the shoulders. Overall, the interior doesn’t look too bad, but it is a serious project. You can see the gauge pod and steering wheel better here.

There is some debate on which grille and headlight combination is the best. Some people like the early first generations with the single oval headlights and wire covers. Others like the later quad headlight C1’s like this car has. How about the hidden headlights on the C2’s? They give the front end of the Corvette a very sleek look. What’s your favorite Corvette front end?

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  1. bob

    61 should have the narrow moulding outlining the cove. 62 didn’t have it.

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  2. Ike Onick

    Seems like a high entry point for a car that the new owner could spend as much or as little as they want to on. You could spend a ton of time and money to go full NCRS or you could spend half a ton and drive it. I would not be interested in either option. Base C7’s with manual transmissions are the only Corvettes that hold any interest for me. (Just in case anyone cared)

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  3. ruxvette

    Yes, it’s missing the cove trim but that is the least of it’s problems. I expected a trunk load of parts to go with.
    Gee, buy it for $30k, put $40k in it, and have a $55k car. Sweet.

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  4. Max

    I am Not sports car fan but whenever I see early 60s Corvette I remember the 60s Tv show ” Route66″ starring Martin Milner & George Maharis I have complete series on dvd watch it every now and then !

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    • JD

      So do I. Used to watch it as a kid and knew that I’d get one one day. I’ve got a ’62 fuelie (and a ’65 roadster). Was probably the tv show that cemented my early love for these cars in my formative years. The Corvettes they drove were the real stars of the show.

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  5. OhU8one2

    Every time I see a Corvette like this it takes me back to 1981, my senior year in High School. My father had a friend/bank customer who owned a wheel and tire shop in Phoenix. Anyway the guy tells my father he is going to sell his 1958 Corvette. The car was about the same condition as this car. The price was $1500.00 firm. So my father,being the banker. Tosses around the idea of buying such a project. He finally asked my brother and I if we would help get it running and looking nice. I told Pop’s, I have to see it first. So all three of us pile into my Le Mans and head to the guy’s shop. As we are pulling in, two are loading the Vette onto a trailer. I believe I was almost in tears. It was light metallic blue with white coves. Also had hardtop,4speed, torque thrust D’s. I must have had a look on my face,because my father and I didnt speak for almost a month. I’m glad he’s still around today,and love him unconditionally. He finally said to me years later, I just wanted to make sure it was a good deal………remember life is too short.

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  6. Buick Lover

    A long time ago (1968 to be exact) I had the chance to buy a ’62 Vette for $900.00. It belonged to a buddy of mine. He let me and my brother take it out to the convalescent home my mom was recuperating at to show her. She took one look at the car and said “all see is you both dead in that car. Don’t buy it” so, I didn’t. She was probably right. My brother and I were a bit crazy those years. I highly doubt I’d still have it by now anyway, but it’s a good memory for me.

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  7. H5mind

    Whenever I grumble about “the cars that I could have bought cheaply”, my patient wife reminds me I wouldn’t have kept any of them anyway. I think the thrill is as much in the hunt as in the capture.

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  8. Jack Quantrill

    Gold, has to be the worst color choice on any car! He should have left it red.

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  9. Bodyman68

    If we all had room to put all the cheap cars from our younger years ,they would be just like most of these barn finds in rough shape needing a boat load of money to fix them up ! So the next time a collection goes up for sale just think that person did just that bought cheap with dreams to fixem up but life got in the way !

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  10. p t cheshire

    Notice the seller was very carefull to not show the hole cut in the hood for a scoop.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Pretty obvious in the first pic in the Ebay ad and a couple of the others.

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  11. Wayne

    Metallic Pumpkin is a bad color for this car. My favorite body style was the first C2. ( I had a centerfold picture of a black one on my wall in 1963). C6s and C7s are now my favorite. I was able to have the use of a Z06 for a week that I took on trade for. Denali. Lots of fun! I was never comfortable in a Corvette until the C4s came out. (Very familiar with C1s as Dad and I rebuilt 2) C1s have a very “agricultural style” chassis. No fun to drive for Amy length of time.

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