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Kitty Glimpses: 1967 Sunbeam Tiger Mk. II


While I would dearly love to show you better pictures of this 1967 Sunbeam Tiger II, the seller has decided to only include shots they could take without pulling the car out of wherever it’s stored. At least it’s inside and apparently under cover! It’s located in Carson, California and is up for sale here on Craigslist, with no price given. Special thanks to reader Gareth R. for this terrific find!


I’m sure most of you know the story of the Sunbeam Tiger, the other mainstream small British sports car with a Ford V8. The Tiger II is a even a little more special, with a 289 cubic inch replacing the previous 260 and somewhat more modern trim being added, including an attractive egg-crate grille. There were only 633 Mark II’s produced, so its quite rare! I wish I could show you the complete car, as the lines are really nice. From what we can see, this car looks pretty nice. The seller certainly thinks it is from the language in the ad, or maybe they just really don’t want to be bothered by tire-kickers.


We can tell something from this picture, though, with a little detective work. 1) The LAT (Los Angeles Tiger) 70 accessory wheels are pretty rare, and that leads me to hope this car has been enthusiast owned from day one (possible since this is listed in the ad as a one-owner car). 2)The Goodyear GT radials date (I think, based on this page) from 1979-1982, so it’s probably a good assumption that the car has been off the road for a while. The fact that the tires and wheels are reasonably-sized and the fender lip trim is intact give me hope that none of the wheel wells have been cut for larger wheels and tires (common on well-used Tigers). 3) I believe the stripe is factory, so that’s a good thing as well.


The “Sunbeam” script is only found on Mark II Tigers. I prefer it to the badge on the Mark I’s, but that’s just personal preference. The paint looks relatively shiny and I can only hope that continues down to the vulnerable sills. The only thing I can see that isn’t original are the mirrors (maybe Vitaloni Californians?), which I happen to like, although not on this car. The owner says they have all documentation and will be phone-interviewing (!) potential purchasers. Are you one?



  1. Avatar photo Dirty Dingus McGee

    “will be phone-interviewing (!) potential purchasers. Are you one?”

    As I would bet the owner will be looking for well north of $50K, no.

    But I would like to be.

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  2. Avatar photo Joe

    Like the car, don’t like the attitude as Dirty Dingus above mentions. A quote from the ad: “WILL BE GIVING PRIVATE VIEWINGS TO LIKELY BUYERS ONLY AFTER PHONE INTERVIEW…”

    Phone interview? Is this for safety reasons or attitude? He is the seller, unless he is giving the car away, buyer “interviews” the seller, not the other way around.

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  3. Avatar photo mark

    The seller of this car defines the word “lazy”.

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    • Avatar photo Ralph Terhune

      And a little arrogant.

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  4. Avatar photo Jamie P

    Just let me buy the freakin car…. My God…. I have cash, no interviews….. Sellers with attitude think they have power….. I’ll be moving on to the next one…..it’ll be worth the wait

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  5. Avatar photo Frank Opalka

    never had to do phone interview!!, used to race 1, was good car, better then Mk1, IDEA, let seller call me @ 773-719-5053 or email, xkssfrank1@comast.net, for my in interview.

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  6. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Frank, from the phone number looks like you’re in Chicago like me. You should set up an interview just for kicks as you are the expert here.
    This could be really fun!

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    • Avatar photo Frank Opalka

      would like to meet with u, will contact u soon, Frank

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      • Avatar photo AMC STEVE

        Ok I’m looking forward to it

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    • Avatar photo Frank Opalka

      Steve, will be glad to meet with u, will let u know when, I had the chance to test drive the 1st Tiger Mk 1 delivered into the midwest, Ran it at Wilmot, Wis race track and found rear end steer that had car all over the road, V8 was too much power for leaf spring axle to handle, Decided not to race it, the Mk2 had added Traction Masters on rear axle that solved that problem, didnt like engine shoved soo far back, changing rear spark and nasty job. But when Shelby showed up at Road America with Ken Miles, he gave the car a real ride,great driver, hanging in with the Cobras!! Car was well prepared by that time. Ended up to be a good race car.

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  7. Avatar photo junkman Member

    This car will most likely fetch high 90s to over 100k. Too bad we’ll never know. Just a quick glance in this months Hemmings will give you the idea what these are advertised for.

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  8. Avatar photo Dan h

    I never waste my time with folks who get all exclusive and pompous about what they are selling. It’s not a freakin Ferrari GTO.
    Bottom line, a seller wants cash, greenbacks, mullah, bennies. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be selling anything. So, it really about the buyer.

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  9. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one put off by the attitude in the ad. Not that it matters, it’s out of my collecting league!

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  10. Avatar photo krash

    Hi, I’m calling about the Tiger you have listed for sale on Craigslist…

    Well, there will be three parts to the aforementioned interview process. First, the question and answer segment, then the talent portion,..and of course, how do you look in a two piece bathing suit…

    Listen you nutcase…I have 100 grand to spend..

    errr….Congratulations, you have successfully completed the screening process…!!!

    ….bottom line…money talks…

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  11. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    It seems odd to be selling a rare & desirable car like this from a local CL ad, and giving “private viewings” after “choosing” the lucky ones “after phone interview”.

    Yes, it’s his car and he can pick and choose all he wants, but I don’t know that I could hack this approach. Even if you discount all the interviewing and picking – choosing you still wonder whether you will get to see the whole car without all the crap piled on it, or drive it to check out the claimed very low mile 289 engine. If not—and I’m guessing not—then you are buying on this guy’s say-so. No thanks. If he can’t even unearth it for a few decent photos…..

    I’m surprised to hear myself say this, but I think I would sooner view the car at a hoopla B-J auction and take my chances among other equal-footing bidders than deal with this control freak seller. I think if I bought this car it would keep reminding me of the odd personal competition and judging that went into buying it.

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  12. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    What a stroke job

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  13. Avatar photo Rufus

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the object of the exercise is to buy a correct and clean one owner Tiger, the seller’s attitude really doesn’t matter. I’ve bought lots of collectible cars through the years, and I’ve dealt with some real characters from both ends of the spectrum. If they are difficult to deal with, the job is simply a bit more complex. But, if its a car that I really want, it’s “yessir, nossir, I know you’re right!”. I had a sales manager who put it all in perspective on dealing with difficult personalities, “put your ego in the glove box, and go in and get the order”. This is the same thing,,, leave your ego in the rent car and go buy a Tiger.

    Have fun

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    • Avatar photo Wayne S.K.

      “Kiss no one’s ass will I. Keep your car you shall…”

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  14. Avatar photo jim s

    maybe the seller does not really want to sell the car, just listed it to keep some third party happy. interesting find.

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  15. Avatar photo Rick

    Great investment potential, even at $100K IMHO. Gotta spend money to make money, plus you can enjoy this investment along the way, car will sell itself, despite the unorthodox sales technique

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  16. Avatar photo Frank Opalka

    maybe seller is lonely and wants someone to talk to.

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  17. Avatar photo Doug M. (West Coast)

    Seems funny that the seller does the obligatory “cover the license plate” so no one can figure out where I live, -then lets his address get posted on the CL location map!

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  18. Avatar photo erikj

    this is funny in many aspects.Guy makes it sound like hes going to only let it go to the one that’s impresses him the most. Sounds very political. wonder if hes a politition.

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  19. Avatar photo jeff myers

    Appears the seller has previously dealt with parade of crackslist trolls.

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    • Avatar photo Rufus

      And he thinks saying “don’t mess with me” will make them leave him alone.

      Have fun

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  20. Avatar photo todd clark

    I’m just guessing here, but I believe this guy is a doctor or works in the medical profession, due to all the hospital rags lying around and/or used to cover the license plate. That would also explain the phone interviews and attitude.

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  21. Avatar photo OhU8one2

    After reading the ad seller has on CL, I am concerned that if indeed he or she sell’s the Tiger, they better buy another convertible. Why? With an ego like their’s,they will never get their big head inside a hardtop. Geez, and I thought I had seen just about everything. Lot’s of luck to the new buyer, my personal standards won’t allow me to put up with that BS!

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  22. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Sellers can be difficult to deal with, CL seems to bring out all the whack jobs so maybe this seller has had a bad experience with selling a car on CL before. It is a turn off for many folks for sure though.

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  23. Avatar photo Jim Norman

    Of course, I’m put off by this as well. But when you think about it, just about every transaction — other than from a showroom floor and some ebay purchases — begins with a telephone conversation. And as buyers, we really do “interview” the seller, to see if we’re even interested in taking the time to go and look. Sellers don’t generally get all bent out of shape when we do this. Here we have a seller who unabashedly announces his intent to interview potential buyers. It’s a reflection of good old supply and demand. It’s a seller’s market, and he knows it. If we’re the kinds of buyers who get our shorts snarled over this, we’re not the buyers he’s looking for. So what? Just my somewhat more tolerant two cents.

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  24. Avatar photo Larry

    My school house find 1922 franklin v-screen model 10a

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  25. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    I’ve owned three Tigers over the years. All gone

    Funny how much better people think they are today than how they were when new.

    Always reminds me of the old guys t shirts……….”the older I get the better I was”

    When there is no price, I never call. I’ve met to many pinheads in my life, I don’t need to meet more.

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