Koenig-Ferrari Inspired: 1988 Pontiac Fiero

The world of American fiberglass customs and kit cars is a special place, where creative vision and perseverance can produce results ranging from the sublime to the sub-par. The one thing all of these creations share is passion, and that passion is clearly evident in this 1988 Fiero, available here on Hemmings for $34,900, negotiable. Many thanks to Boot for the tip!

Let’s get one thing out of the way: this is not a Koenig product. Koenig tuned and modified Ferraris, with the aim of returning the luxury cars of the late 70’s and early 80’s to their roots as performance machines. They never, ever, made kits for Fieros. The little tag on the back (edited out in several of the photos– are these all of the same car?) is best read as “inspired by the Koenig 512bb Ferrari.” This could be a true statement: it is a long road from inspiration to realization. Although the Fiero is a popular platform for custom builds, this particular kit originated with the Aldino Car Company of Wisconsin. They still sell the kits today, as well as completed cars.

The rebuilt 2.8L V6 would have been a stock option on this Fiero, making 140 hp and 170 ft-lbs. of torque: this was a substantial improvement over the original inline-four. Unfortunately, this example is paired with a 3-speed automatic with overdrive, which, ironically, reduced both performance and miles-per-gallon. It does benefit from being the last year model for the Fiero, since in 1988 the suspension was revised to be more responsive. Plus, by 1988 GM had the whole catching-on-fire thing pretty much sorted out.

The seller reports that in this vehicle you can “attract attention and get noticed.” Of this I have no doubt– the eye is definitely drawn to the car, and the new owner will stand out in any crowd. One major appeal of the Fiero is its status as a low cost, rear-wheel-drive, mid-engine platform on which tuners and custom car aficionados can let their imaginations run wild. This car shows a lot of that imagination, but, as with all customs, it’s difficult to find a buyer whose idea of the perfect machine aligns with that of the original creator. I like to think, though, that there’s a driver out there for every car; it just takes finding the person whose sense of style, and size of wallet, meshes with this unique automobile.


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  1. GuernseyPagoda Member

    This has been listed on here within the last couple of months

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Yes, I remember it, how can you forget?

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  2. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    $35K for a 1988 Fiero, lol. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The nicest Fiero on the planet wouldn’t be worth $35K!

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    • Steve

      How can anyone justify a $35,000 price for a Fiero?? Even more laughable…. who would be dumb enough to pay that much for a Fiero!?!?! Oh, sorry. I meant “Ferrari Replica” LOLLOLLOLLOL

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    10K to maybe 15K max. Well said Bluetec320.

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    • stu

      It`s a Fiero too much!
      I remember someone buying a new motorcycle and spending $45,000. A month later he decided to customize it and spent another $40,000! How can a complete stranger buy this persons lack of common sense and expect to sell it at no loss financially!

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  4. Steve R

    Too much money for something I can never unsee, but wish I could.

    Steve R

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  5. Rbig18

    $35k? This is a joke right? This is literally a Fiero with stock engine and some fiberglass connected to it. Unless I am missing something this simy might be the biggest over ask in BF history in my time.

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  6. Skorzeny

    To the seller, what everyone said above, and it’s an automatic!!! Take the first offer for 12K you get, and run with it.

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  7. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    I sort of feel bad for sellers with a car like this. They likely have so much time, money, and emotion wrapped up into the car that they forget what it really is…a Fiero. The ad says recently appraised for $65k, but that doesn’t mean someone would pay that or even half of that. Maybe with an engine upgrade I could see it go $15-20k, But damn it’s still a Fiero.

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  8. Engident

    Anyone who pays 35k for an ’88 GM anything needs to come see me because I’ve got some other stuff they might like to buy.

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  9. TooManyCars Member

    So the Aldino Car Company states on their website that they will build you this car for $34,900, so it stands to reason they are selling this car.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I wonder if this is the only one they built and can’t find a buyer.
      I mean, really?
      I’m not usually negative about any automobile, but this one’s price just stretches the limit of what is reasonable.

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  10. Raymond

    Always wanted to drop a Cadillac 4.9 in one, or series 2 3800 SC…then maybe 12….maybe….

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  11. Chris M.

    Today’s vocabulary word: “aberration.”

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  12. Richard

    What a terrible waste of money.

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  13. ChingaTrailer

    Quick Mabel, call 911! There’s been an explosion over at Billy Bob’s Auto Accessory Emporium and you wouldn’t believe what’s happened to Wilbur’s old Pontiac!!!

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  14. Motorcityman Member

    😄 If u picture it without the whale tail it doesnt look that bad!

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    • stu

      Where do you see that it looks good?

  15. lbpa18

    If you picture it without anything Fiero in it, it doesnt look bad.

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  16. MarveH

    There’s a school of thought that says you can’t add too much to a car in pursuit of automotive beauty…then there’s another school of thought that’s called good taste.
    I really don’t get trying to make one car look like another. There’s nothing wrong with taking a Fiero and making go, stop, and handle better by why make it look like a Ferrari? Do you want people to think you’re rich, why, so they can treat you with contempt? Are you trying to impress the kids at the McDonald’s drive through? Do you want your shiftless brother-in-law to hit you up for a loan?
    Might as well put a mansion façade on your mobile home.

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  17. Howie Mueler

    And it is in Canada.

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  18. t-bone BOB

    Located in Beeton, Ontario, Canada

  19. Doc

    From the doors forward, it’s not horrible looking. From the pillars back, that this is a monstrosity.

    For the price, it better be paired to an LS1 crate motor.

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  20. Healeymonster

    I don’t own any gold chains or printed silk shirts. Qualifications that are needed to cruise this down the boulevard. Like my uncle use to say ” there’s a azz for every seat” Some clown will think this is the “sheet!”

    • Motorcityman Member

      That’s what they used to say about 70s Trans Ams, have u seen prices on clean ones now?

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  21. John Traylor

    Don’t think it would pass vehicle inspection in my state. How do you see out the back window?

    • Motorcityman Member

      Ever sit in a 71-73 Mustang Fastback?
      Can’t see out that back window either!

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      I own a Mini Cooper S Convertible, and with the roof up you can barley see anything out of the tiny rear window, and with roof down you can’t see anything because the folded roof blocks all visibility.

    • stu

      I think the back window is the least of your problems!

  22. lc

    Almost all on this sight gave me ” … ” when I had my 78 Mercury Bobcat with a rebuilt 2.3L at an up up price of $5,000. LOL. Finally, after a loooong time found a interested buyer willing to part 3K for it. But this price of 35K would be if it were a Boeing 737 MAX Fiero. It better fly at 35,000 feet too!!

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  23. chrlsful Member

    can’t squint my eyes enuff to make it look like a ferrari (“Oh, there ya go closed. That’s better.”). Nothing Mr. Aldion duz can make it either. Sad, gimmie the car as is, that’s fine, better than fine (in last yr anyway).
    Like the 914 or X 1/9 – have fun servicing it. The exotics? I think they’re so expensive it pays to pull the engine for an oil change…

  24. TA

    This thing sucks and blows at the same time.

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    • stu

      LOL…..Big time….

  25. JoeNYWF64

    Imagine bringing this into a Ferrari dealer for an oil change. Or as a trade in! lol

  26. Steveo

    Needs more wing. And more cowbell.

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  27. Melton Mooney

    First time I saw a fiero, my thoughts were of a Lotus Europa I could drive every day, so I busted ass down to the Pontiac dealer. Sooo disappointing. My 2 year old Datsun 200sx was much nicer and handled better.

  28. Mike Maue

    I couldn’t wait to read the comments here.

    • stu

      Keep reading, this is not done yet…LOL

  29. theGasHole

    I’m a Fiero guy. I’m a kit car guy. I’m not a whateverthehelllthisis guy.

    • stu

      Don’t take the comments personally. Alot of money was spent on this car. It would be hard to get back your investment on this car or most cars that are not a rarity or special editions.

  30. Jwaltb

    Hahaha. Grotesque!

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