Krate Included? 1970 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

In 1970, the Vista-Cruiser along with the Cutlass wagon was pulling duty for Oldsmobile as the only station wagons available. The full-size wagon would return in 1971. While the Cutlass wagon had a 116-inch wheelbase, the Vista-Cruiser used an extended 121-inch wheelbase and added the vista roofline. Here is a 1970 Oldsmobile Vista-Cruiser station wagon for sale here on eBay in Rockmart, Georgia.

This wagon was in the same family for 45 years. The previous owner was in the process of getting this car restored. Most of the cosmetics are still left to be done. There is some body rust in several areas, and the woodgrain paneling has also seen better days. It even appears to have been the recipient of some graffiti from maybe a child. The rear glass is working properly. It has received one painting in its 47 years, but will certainly need another one after the rust repairs are made.

This is most likely the original interior. Even though there are no rips or tears on the seat, the stitching on the driver’s side of the seat has separated. The carpeting in the cargo area looks pretty rough. The seller says the pans are good. However, it appears to be a hole in the rear storage area that may be rusted through.

The 350 cubic inch V-8 engine has received a rebuild. It has also received a new radiator and transmission rebuild, new exhaust, and the car has been undercoated. The car has been sitting a while but is started on a regular basis. This Vista-Cruiser needs a tune up and the brakes bled. It will also need another fuel tank since the one in the car now is leaking. The car has been driven 155,000 miles.

This is the view that really makes this a Vista-Cruiser. All the glass appears to be in good condition. The seller says he/she has a fair reserve price. As I write this the bidding is at $3,150 without reaching the reserve. Have you always wanted a Vista-Cruiser? Are you ready to do some further work to this station wagon?

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  1. Jferrelllancaster Member

    Buddy of mine had one. Drunk wagon! Stuff 9 drunks and have a mobile party with lotsa thumbs ups!

  2. David Mika

    Cool wagon. But about the bike: Looks like an Orange Krate – the first in the series of Schwinn Krate bikes. But this is a low-option, or cobbled together one, as the top dogs came with a 5-speed stick shifter, front drum brakes, and rear disc brakes. This one might be a mash-up or a parts-bin raid…

    • Saul

      I think you meant front disc brakes, rear coaster brake, and a stick shifter on the top bar (on the boys bike). Either way, that Krate is rough and rusty but the owner probably thinks it’s worth some coin too.

    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Talk about a time warp! In The family of a good friend had the identical car, and he got an Orange Krate-the original with the shifter and brakes that you mentioned (“springer” front end, rear dual spring banana seat). You could get an Apple Krate or Lemon Peeler too..
      Schwinn made a repro in 1999 tho no shifter or disc/drum brakes, according to

      • Ronnie Hunt

        I had that same bike in 1970 Schwinn Orange Krate.

      • Greg

        I have a very low serial number, I think #4 that was made that year. I used to have a real original Apple Crate, and Orange Peeler, that had the 5 speed shifter. They are cool looking next to muscle cars from that period. When I was growing up in the late 60’s, and early 70’s, a few of the kids had them.

      • Ken Member

        “You could get an Apple Krate or Lemon Peeler too”

        Or a Grape Krate, Blueberry Krate, Pea Picker, Cotton Picker, Grey Ghost. Pretty much any color you wanted.

    • Rob Rose

      The bike is a late model Chinese Krate. New they sold for about 300. One like this is worth about 75.00.a real crate has a frame that is brazed. All krates came with front drum. The rear could have been either a drum or a side pull caliper or a disc. I don’t recall a front disc as an option. A real crate in good condition goes for an easy grand and in great condition in a rare color(white or Grey) will take 4500.

  3. PatrickM

    Article says it has been undercoated. The pics I saw did not show evidence of such action. Other than that, from what I see, it is very well presented and story told is almost true. As good of a car as this might be, it is going to drink some gas. This could be a great date night car, road trip car, fun at cruise-ins, etc. I would not, however, use it as a daily driver. This is a somewhat special car, deserving of some special treatment. Take care of the old girl and she will be good to you, too. I just wish I could buy it.

    • Christian Martin

      Frame is in great condition and is indeed coated. I got the car today for 2,700. I’m into olds as I have a 70 cutlass s and a 71 cutlass s. Wanted a cruiser and saw this one posted so went and bought it. It’s got it’s spots like most classics do but it’s overall in great condition for it being original paint/interior.

  4. PatrickM

    Also, bidding is at $3,200.00. I think it is a fair price.

  5. Eric

    I thought it looked familiar. It popped up on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago for $4800. There’s also a ’69 for sale as well with a 400 in slightly better condition (at least the lister claims the engine runs),

    My parents bought me an Orange Krate for my birthday in 1968. I thought I was host stuff. All Krate bikes had rear disk and front drums except in 1972 when they made a cheaper rear coaster brake model, which is what I think this one it.

    • Dallas

      The rear disc was in 72… prior to that it was caliper brakes. The disc brake bikes command a premium. The basis models were offered so they could move more bikes. My base model… 1 speed, no fenders was $57.00 in 1969… a full dress Krate was $130.00… a real target for thieves.

    • Ronnie Hunt

      Your wrong no Schwinn Krate bike had disc brakes only spring suspension on front fork and rear seat post I had one also.

      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        You’re correct, Ronnie Hunt-I’d forgotten the front brake was actually a small drum brake on his Orange Krate! The reproductions that appeared in the late ‘90s were repros of the stripper model; I heard from my bicycle guys that they did another run of 500 Lemon Peelers for Amazon asking $350 apiece..
        The originals sell now for about the same price they got for this Olds!!!
        More I think for The Gray Ghost-don’t ever remember seeing one those but most of the ones Ken talks about were around.

  6. DVSCapri

    I’ve wanted one of these for years! While it’ll need some body work/panels & paint, I don’t feel the current bid is out of line ($3,200) for what is shown & that it’s a 350 & a 6 seater (as opposed to a 455 & a 8 seater (3rd row)).

  7. Miguel

    Keep in mind guys, the reserve has not been met, so we don’t know what he actually wants for the car.

  8. Kevin Baker

    No longer available. Looks like it sold.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Not sold. Didn’t meet reserve.

    • Wrong Way Member

      Didn’t sell, nobody met the reserve! I don’t know what his reserve was, but I thought 3250, was too much myself. It looks pretty ragged.

  9. On and On Member

    Even with a critical and discerning eye, the styling was spot on. Olds quality and mechanics made it a real winner. They were gas hogs though.

  10. Dallas

    The Orange Krate is a reissue from the early 2000’s … as noted previously it was a basic bike without the front drum brake and multi speed shifter… all reissues had a government “safety” sticker on the top car as this one does. From the owner of a 69 Survivor Pea Picker.

    • Dallas

      … should be top bar, not car

  11. Schweetcruisers

    Just an FYI the Krate is a 2000’s reproduction frame with some rusty parts stuck on it…a real Krate would have a stick shift shifter but the dead give away is the warning sticker on the top tube by the head tube…real Krates didn’t have these.

  12. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking Vista Cruiser. I’ve always loved the 1969-72 Olds Vista Cruiser. As long as the frame of the car is solid, and that any rust is merely superficial, then I’d buy it.

    • Christian Martin

      Car is actually in pretty good condition. The frame doesn’t even have surface rust. Only a few holes in the floor too. Literally just bought this car today😂

  13. Terry Bowman

    Not an bike expert, but I remember the top bar shifter,caliper brakes, but I thought they were called “Sting Rays”. The seat and gripes look correct. Have anyone noticed that the station wagons are just another variation of the current SUV’S. We always had one while our family grew, then went to a smaller auto as we all left the nest. I bought a full size Dodge Van to raise my family, then also downsized to a regular car after the kids were grown.

  14. Ken Member

    A kid who lived down the street from me in 1970-71 or so had a Blueberry Krate five-speed with a speedometer. My brother and I had to settle for Western Auto Buzz Bikes. Tough bikes, tho.

    • Greg

      Here is my reissue Apple Krate. Brings back good memories..

  15. Terry Bowman

    Had a 26′ I believe, Western Auto bike , had a light between the frame bars.65′ – 69′. These bikes were for us poor kids, the Schwinn’s for for the rich ones. Sorry for getting off topic, but this is bring back good memories.

  16. Bob Jungmann

    What about the CAR—the original intent of the ad was THE CAR—not a bike—those looking for bike discussions are on the wrong page

    • Ken Member

      The bike is more interesting than the car, to be honest with you. The Vista Cruiser is okay, but if I wanted a GM station wagon, I’d opt for a Buick Estate Wagon instead. They were much more luxurious than other GM wagons. I like Buicks, what can I say?

  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Did the Crate bikes have a split top bar and the 5 speed shifter was located in the middle? If not, that is a bike that I remember from my neighborhood, I was in awe of it.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      One kid had this:

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      And another kids had this:

      We had cool bikes in the early 70’s.

  18. The Going Thing

    I keep my 1968 Lemon Peeler in the house. My wife even likes it.

  19. Bruce Fischer

    With the price of station wagons going thru the ceiling I was going to sell my Buick wagon but now I think I will keep it. It would be too hard to find another one at a decent price. Bruce.

  20. Wrong Way Member

    I have to give my two cents worth about the wagons. I might have a ol’mans view? Anyway these wagons during these years are not classic car status, yet. I view cars like these as a solid gamble, that’s all. It remains to be seen if they reach a very high status on the ultimate list of cars. They are everywhere I look in this part of the country. On, the roads, grocery stores, church parking lot. That is why I won’t invest in these. People on here that have read previous posts from me have probably noticed that I am in it for the money. I do well, and have a pretty nice collection. I have trusted my feelings when I throw down green. These cars are bland, and I just can’t see a good return on one. However for a full time or part time flipper, yeah. You buyers set market Valu on these cars. Stop getting so excited, and just pay what that flipper wants, because when you pay too darn much for one your only hurting yourself. I am done, and I hope I didn’t make any typographical errors! Have a great day gals, and of course you boys. :-)

  21. Terry Bowman

    Wrong Way, you forgot a “e”, you asked. Wagons are Cool, most parts can be had from the body style of the wagon. Example: Many “B” body car parts would also fit a “B” body wagon(front seat forward) and other miss. items.

    • Wrong Way Member

      Here ya go “e” ,lol. Have a great day!

  22. Stevie G Member

    Now THIS is Clark Griswold’s car he traded in for the Truckster.

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