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L48 V8 Project: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350

The Ford Mustang had the pony car market almost all to itself until 1967. Then the parade began with the Chevy Camaro and others joining the party. In terms of sales, the Camaro was the only one to come close to the Mustang and that ratio would continue well into the 1970s. This second-year Camaro is a Super Sport with the 350 cubic inch V8, an exclusive to the Camaro when it began in 1967. The seller provides no history on the car, so we assume he/she found it in a barn to resell (which is okay). Located on the back of the trailer in Dobbins, California, this once proud SS is available here on craigslist for $20,000.

After a successful launch, the Camaro was little changed for 1968. The most noticeable differences were the absence of vent windows in the doors (thanks to flow-through ventilation) and the addition of small side marker lights. Production figures crept up by 6% to more than 235,000 units in ’68 of which 12,500 buyers opted for the L48 350 V8 as part of the SS package. That engine produced 295 hp with a 4-barrel carburetor and cost the buyer $211 extra. Since 30,700 Super Sports were sold that year, the 350 was the popular choice.

We wish we could tell you what this Camaro has been up to (or not) for the past 55 years, but we can’t – and the seller may not know. The indicated mileage is 1,212, but that implies the odometer has turned over. It’s said to be a factory A/C car with a 12-bolt rear end and an automatic transmission. The title is missing, so that implies the auto was in storage for a long time and the paperwork was misplaced.

The body may be fair as there is evidence of rust, particularly in the floorboards or trunk (we can’t quite tell which in one photo). And some looks to be brewing under the chrome molding around the rear window. The interior is going to need a makeover and the ability of the V8 to run again without serious help is a likely assumption. But a 1968 SS 350 Camaro would be a cool car once put right!


  1. Avatar photo George

    I don’t care what the market says that thing isn’t worth 20k.

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    • Avatar photo Gordon Hicks

      Mabey, 5-7k?

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  2. Avatar photo Cooter Member

    Actually the fenders and quarters don’t show any bad signs of rust through. But after looking at that rusty bottom I’d have to get this thing on a rack and inspect. If it’s numbers matching you’ll have a pretty desirable Camaro here but you’ll have upwards of $60K in it. Good luck to new owner!

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  3. Avatar photo TPK

    Looks to me to be a FLOOD car. Just say

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    • Avatar photo David Ulrey

      I hate to say this but darn near any time a car with rust comes up people think it’s probably a flood car. Honestly they all are not flood cars. In Arizona I’ve had a couple VERY rusty trucks but they came from Salt country. Not every rusty or crusty old car was in a flood.

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  4. Avatar photo TPK

    Looks to me to be a FLOOD car. Just saying.

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  5. Avatar photo mike small

    anyone gives em 20k needs cranium examined

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  6. Avatar photo steve

    I’d be willing to bet that the tulip panels, under the front fenders, both have rot.

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  7. Avatar photo randys

    The ’69-70 L48 was a super platform to build a street engine upon. Has 10.25:1 CR, good rods, good main caps and decent head flow. The only thing holding it back is the tiny camshaft lift of .390/410. A good cam, or even simple 1.6 rockers, really wake this engine up.

    Starting in ’71 the L48 got really low compression along with the small cam so got a bad street rap as a dog.

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  8. Avatar photo Mike

    Looks like there’s more rust there than car, good luck on that

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