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Lambrecht Remorse: 1968 Chevrolet C10

Lambrecht 1968 Chevrolet C10

Back in February Jim S. sent us a link to this 1968 Chevrolet C10. It was one of the stars of the famous Lambrecht Auction which took place almost two years ago. If you haven’t heard about that auction, then you need to read about it here. Anyway, a lot of people were excited about that sale and for good reason. It received a ton of media attention though, so thousands of people showed up waving their wallets around. Well, we have watched those same vehicles slowly return to market as the excitement wears off and most of the sellers have had a hard time recouping their money. Even the 5-mile truck had a hard time selling! This particular truck has been relisted a few times and bidding even got up to $2,900 once. It is for sale once again here on eBay with the option to buy it now for $1,968. Thanks for the tip Jim!

Lambrecht 1968 Chevrolet C10 rear

I’m sure more than a few people thought they were going to get deals at the auction only to turn around and resell them at a profit. Things didn’t work out that way though. Everyone was excited at the auction and that inflated prices a bit. This particular truck was lot #50L and it sold for $2,100 that day. Normally this sort of project wouldn’t go for anywhere near that. The seller has now realized that though and is starting to consider lower offers than their initial purchase price. They claim that they will probably regret selling it, but I doubt that. The restoration of this truck would be an expensive ordeal and the end result wouldn’t be much more valuable than any other C10. Still, I bet the memories of dragging this truck out of that field in Nebraska was worth every single penny spent!


  1. JW454

    He probably has half the price just in the cost of going to pick it up.This one doesn’t sound like it’s much of a “Good Deal”.

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  2. RollerD

    For anyone looking for a nice 67-72 long bed Chevrolet or GMC, Arizona is full of them. Prices are slowly rising, but still cheaper then short beds. Many have been worked hard but complete, running and usually rust free.

    The truck in the post I wouldn’t give $500 for. Buyer realizes he made a mistake and wants out. I do like the color, though.

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  3. Tirefriar

    You should change the title of this thread to Lambrecht Revenge – revenge for all those people breaking up his collection and then trying to profiteer by it. Nothing wrong with free enterprise, but it seems that most of the people who haven’t lost money are the ones who are keeping their Lambrecht acquisitions.

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  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The only ones who profit in this hobby are those either in the custom restoration business or the auction houses.

    I wanted to go to the Lambrecht auction; I was already packed and ready but a series of circumstances beyond my control curtailed any chances of attending that once in a lifetime event. I would have bought this truck, brought it home, and brought it back to life. And–driven it. Hell, if I had the money to throw around I’d have picked up that Cameo, cleaned it up, fixed the roof, AND driven it too. I’ve never been interested in what I could flip a vehicle for; I’m interested in enjoying them. My kids will have to worry about what they’re worth–AFTER the sod covers me up.

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  5. Leon

    What’s story behind this one ? Was it a never titled new truck low miles ? Or one of the used trade ins? Did it have any unique option pkg?

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    • PaulG

      If you read the E-bay ad, you’ll see it’s a 176K mile, four owner truck.

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  6. Kevin

    It seems too many have this flip it idea, like they see on TV. Not fully researching what it would take to make this old truck, just a daily runner. I can tell it will take a lot to get going. It’s been stored outside, and probably every rubber seal is cracked and dry rotted. Once up and running. It will last years.

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    • Horse Radish

      In response to your “flip it as seen on TV comment”
      as I said before : these flippers are the downfall of this hobby.
      My guess is today 3/4 of buyers are just looking to make money, don’t care the least bit about old cars and in the process are not improving the car/truck, but raising prices for those guys that would do good and preserve and improve.
      Not the case here. It looks like this seller tried to do good by the truck but couldn’t and wants to get his ‘investment’ back….

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  7. The Walrus

    It’s interesting the importance the seller is placing on it being a ‘Lambrecht Car’. I just don’t get it. This was not an historic event. So there’s a little back story because the guy was a dealer? Who cares. For the most part it was a hyped up junkyard auction, not a sale of prized collectables. In the 20 year window he offers, most people, even those who knew about the sale will be saying ‘Lam-what?’. In the annals of automotive history, that auction will be remembered as nothing more than a rotten old two wheel drive long bed ’68 Chevy pick up with 3 on the tree.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      You’ve got a good point there; in 20 years most will forget about that sale. However, some of us WILL still remember. Other than that, this truck is a ragged LWB pickup but in my mind, it’s still worth the effort to bring it back.

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  8. bigwhiteman

    Watching the televised live auction. From the first item sold to the very last item sold. I couldnt believe what people were willing to pay. No doubt there was some once in a lifetime finds.
    The only money that will be made on 99% of the vehicles, went into the pockets of Lambrecht family and the auctioneer. The auction will be remembered for many years for 2 things. The unbelievable cars and trucks at the auction, and the unbelievable prices some people were willing to pay. I really cant remember one thing that sold that I would consider a bargain.

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  9. Jason

    Whatta turd. Truck and seller, both.

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  10. Woodie Man

    Well……just pulled the six on my highly collectible ’72 C-10…rebuilt motor going in the weekend with a .040 over pistons. Going to get BIG MONEY when I sell it after I change my name to Lambrecht.

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